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Live Free


Buy Your Freedom; Rent the Rest

This week, we are doing a guest post with….the one, the only, “Godfather of the FI movement”…Jim. L. Collins! As you know, I’ve been obsessed with Jim’s blog and this whole notion of “F-U Money” ever since we first came across the concept of FI. So when The Godfather of FI himself reached out to us and ask us to guest post on his blog, of COURSE we had to do it. So here it is… Buy Your Freedom; Rent the Rest What’s the most dangerous thing on the road? A drag racer? A hummvee? An 18-wheel tractor-trailer? Nope, nope and nope. The […]

Take it from us - It is MUCH more fun to be one holding the axe. Photo by thefuturist @

Murdering Your Mortgage

Welcome back to our running series on how to deal with the biggest things holding you, our valiant Revolutionaries, back from Financial Freedom. In our third and final instalment on murdering your debt, we will be dealing with how to murder the most common type of debt for middle class households: Your Mortgage. See Part 1: Murdering Your Consumer Debt, and Part 2: Murdering Your Student Debt for the other articles we’ve written on this. Mortgages are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink. OK, not EVERYONE. There are still a weirdo minority of people who despise debt so much […]


Mission Impossible: Retiring Early and Travelling the World…with Kids?

Tired of my endless yapping about housing and early retirement? Well, today we’re going to get some fresh blood on this weird little blog of ours. Today, we’re going to talk to one of my favorite early retirement bloggers, someone who I actually got to meet in person last year in Thailand, after fan-girling over his blog for years…. Jeremy…from GoCurryCracker! GoCurryCracker is a travel/early retirement blog run by Jeremy and Winnie who retired in 2012 to travel the world. After retiring, they welcomed Julian, their awesome little dude into the world, and even though he’s only 18 months old, […]


Let’s Go Exploring! Oktoberfest in Munich

You know that point in the party where you’re just drinking with some friends and then WHAM you’re getting groped by some random guy? No? Well, that’s the type of party Oktoberfest is. We were sitting next to some middle-aged dude, who had been drinking long before we got there. His wife kept coming around with his daughters to angrily remind him that he had a family and could he stop drinking so they could finally go home. He responded by ignoring her and then proceeding to grope random strangers (and by random strangers, I mean Wanderer). If you’ve never been to […]


Murdering Your Student Debt

Continuing to deal with Part 1: the biggest things holding you back and as a follow up to our previous article Part 2: Murdering Your Consumer Debt, today we’ll talk about one of the most tricky and misunderstood types of debt that there is: Student Debt. Let’s not mince words: We have a SHITLOAD of student debt. Americans owe a combined $1.4 TRILLION of student debt, at an average of $30,000 per student. Canadians are not much better, owing $15 Billion, or an average of $28,000. Student debt is one of the most common types of debt there is, and is […]

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