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Frugal Hookups

Since FIRECracker talked about “Marrying a Frugal Freak” in her last Monday post, I thought I’d take a swing at it from a guy’s perspective. A few months ago, we asked our readers if they could tell us their number one obstacle to Financial Independence. What we got back was a fascinating breakdown of all the problems our Revolutionary Readers face day-to-day, and that post ended up shaping a lot of the content that we write on this site to this day. One answer, however, sticks out in my mind. To the question, What is the number one obstacle keeping you from […]

Reader Case: Starting Over at 35

Since the last Reader Case somehow generated over 11K views in one day and a front page feature on the RockStar Finance, it looks like these Reader Cases are kind of popular. So…back by popular demand, this Friday we’re doing another reader case! And to all the house-horny idiots who accuse me of being unfairly biased against housing, you’ll be happy to know that this reader asks whether he should buy a house. *sharpens claws* Here we go (email edited for brevity): “First and foremost, your blog is incredible and is inspiring me to invest in my knowledge about the […]

Investment Workshop 19: Inflation

Hello again and welcome back to the Millennial Revolution Investment Workshop! New readers, please click here to start from the beginning. Inflation. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot in the financial news, and when it does those financial talking heads just kind of smile and nod knowingly as if they know what the Hell it means and why it’s important. Here’s the truth. Almost nobody fully understands Inflation. Why? Inflation is fucking complicated. In fact, try reading through the Wikipedia article on Inflation and see how far you make it before your eyes glaze over and you start thinking […]

Why You Should Marry a Frugal Freak

Last Monday, on my “How to Get Your Spouse Aboard the FI Train” post, I polled readers on the type of spouses you have. Of the 369 people who responded, here are the results: What Type of Spouse Do You Have? Create your own infographics Summary: #1 Supportive: 42.3% #2 Spendy: 15.5% #3 Scaredy: 13% #4 FI Virgin: 11.9% #5 What About the Kids: 7.6% So despite complaints about “my spouse” being the reason people can’t become FI, most readers actually have supportive spouses. Bad news for relationship counsellors, great news for the FI community! With your spouse next to you […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Vietnam: The Country Travellers Love to Hate

Once we started travelling, we realized the best way to gather intel about places to visit is to simply ask other travellers. And 90% of the time, their recommendations are spot on. So you can imagine our disappointment when, over and over, after asking about Vietnam, we got these unanimous responses: 1) You will get ripped off 2) It’s dirty 3) The food isn’t as good as I thought it would be The biggest blow was this article, written by our budget travel hero, Nomadic Matt: Why I’ll Never Return to Vietnam We almost skipped Vietnam all together, but his wise […]

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