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Investment Workshop 24: Mortgage Backed Securities and Why They Cause Housing Crashes

Hello again and welcome back to the Millennial Revolution Investment Workshop! New readers, please click here to start from the beginning. The other day we received this question from a reader. I’ve been reading about these Mortgage Backed Securities that just became available in Canada. Should we invest in it? So as a result today I thought I’d switch gears a bit and talk about the Canadian Housing Market. You American readers pull up a chair and grab some popcorn because for once you get to feel smug about US. For about 10 years now, endless pundits and economists have […]

Should the Government Mess with the Housing Market?

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City once said: “Being beautiful is like having a rent-controlled apartment overlooking the park: completely unfair and usually bestowed upon those who deserve it least.” Well, clearly the Ontario Liberal government has been watching way too much of that particular 90’s trivia, and in a fit of jealous rage decided to announce this: Foreign buyers tax, expanded rent control coming to Ontario So for those who believe that bitching and whining to get the government to fix stuff is the best way to solve life’s problems, you win! The government FINALLY decided to take […]

Reader Case: Pay Off Debt or Invest

It’s Friday and you know what that means. Time for another reader case! And guess what? This time it’s NOT going to be about renting versus owning. Shocking, right? But hey, I gotta take a break every now and then. I might pull a ranting muscle and then where will we be? Now, the reason why this reader case caught my eye is because they’re dealing with an issue many Millennials face…so many, in fact, that collectively, Americans now own a combined $1.4 TRILLION in student debt, at an average of $30K per student. Yikes! So how do we tackle this common Millennial problem? […]

Investment Workshop 23: How Much Insurance Do I Need?

Hello again and welcome back to the Millennial Revolution Investment Workshop! New readers, please click here to start from the beginning. A reader recently asked us “Can you do a post on insurance? I have no idea how much insurance I need.” Which is a great question. Insurance is something we often don’t talk about in personal finance blogs, but is something everyone has to do deal with. In my experience, when it comes to how much/what types of insurance people own, they usually fall into two categories: Over optimistic idiot who doesn’t own ANY insurance even though they should […]

Why You Should Let Your Kids Fail

You should let your kids fail. OK let’s back up a bit. I know that’s a strange statement. But a reader sent me this article recently: 37% of young homeowners borrow from ‘bank of mom and dad For those of you who are too lazy to click the link, I’ll give you the gist of the story. Basically, an HSBC survey found out that as many as 37% of Millennials borrow from the “Bank of Mom and Dad” to buy a house in Canada. And get this: despite the fact that as many as 73% of buyers haven’t even STARTED […]

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