Reader Case: Trying to Swim with a Boulder Tied To Your Leg

Hey there readers! I’m writing to you from Berlin, Germany and one of the most surprising things here is how affordable everything is despite how many well-paying jobs there are! When it comes to expensive housing, everyone loves to say “yeah, but it’s a ‘World City’ and that’s why it’s expensive. You just have to deal with it”. Well, Berlin seems to buck this trend and we are taking advantage of it like crazy.  Cheers, Berlin, for being an awesome metropolitan “world city” without the “world city” price tag. Anyhoo, before we jet off to UK for Chautauqua, here’s our […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Chichen Itza: The Scariest Place in Mexico

Pop quiz: If you were captain of the basketball team and your team won the season, you should: a) Get a butt load of money because you kick ass. b) Get promoted because you kick ass. c) Get beheaded because you kick ass. If you picked C, you’ve clearly been to Chichen Itza. But for those who haven’t, let me give you some background. Long before basketball was invented, the ancient Mayans played a game called “Pok-A-Tok”. It’s kind of a cross between soccer and basketball, except much MUCH harder (and scarier). Instead of nets, you have rings–made of SOLID […]

The True Value of Money

“Wait, why are you taking a cab again when the subway’s right there?” My friend shrugs. “It’s faster. Time is money, right?” Sigh. OK, let me just stop right here. People LOVE throwing around the phrase “Time is money,” usually right before they make a stupid wasteful purchase because they mistakenly believe that phrase is something that gives them an excuse to spend on convenience. If a $20 cab ride saves me an hour on the subway, well my time is obviously worth $20, so go for it! But that’s not what “Time is money” means. Unless your last name […]

Reader Case: Do Higher Returns or Higher Savings Help You Retire Faster?

Hello from Poland! I gotta tell you, it’s pretty jarring to be back in Europe after hoping around in South East Asia, Mexico, and Central America. After being spoiled by ridiculously low prices and letting my budgeting muscles atrophy, I wasn’t sure I was ready to give them a work out again. As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Because as soon as I got off the plane, I was reminded of one of my favourite things about Europe. How fast, easy, and cheap it is to hop around countries! And as it turns out, I didn’t […]

How to Hack Your Brain for FIRE

“How do you stick with it?” Whenever I tell friends and family about our children’s novel, the non-profit app, or the blog, one of the questions we get asked the most is how the heck do we stick with these projects? Generally, they have no problem starting projects, but finishing them is the hard part. One friend wanted to lose 30 pounds and joined an expensive gym. Another wanted to start his own online business. A third wanted to publish a novel, like us. The first friend quit after just 2 months. Apparently, lifting weights and running on a treadmill […]

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