Chautauqua Ecuador: The Super-Villainy Continues…

Coming back from the Galapagos, it seemed that very little could top the sheer epicness of swimming with sharks, lounging on the beach with sea lions, and eating lunch with 150-year-old turtles. But of course Chautuaqua managed to, once again, quickly blow past my expectations–and the week has barely even started! The awesome surprises just kept coming, one after another. First, Paula Pant, from week 1 stayed over an extra night (or “crashed our party” as she put it), so we got to meet the one and only creator of our frequently mentioned 1% rule of thumb for real-estate. That, […]

Reader Case: Should I Take a Handout From My Parents?

Hello from the Galapagos! Where, apparently, I found it’s possible to get recognized by a reader in an island in the middle of nowhere, while waiting for boat, at 6 AM in the morning?! Mind blown. Now, before we fly off to Quito to speak at Chautauqua Ecuador, I’m going to get this one last reader case out, before I get too distracted from all the epic-ness that is Chautauqua. Are you ready? Here goes: “Hi Firecracker, Thanks for taking the time to read my case study. What I really want to ask doesn’t have much to do with my […]

How To Plan Your Nomadic Life

“How do you plan your nomadic lifestyle? When do you book flights and accommodations? What about Visas?” Whenever we tell people we live nomadically, people tend to assume we move around all the time, that we are CONSTANTLY on the go. How could we possibly have time to see everything, work on passion projects, and still enjoy ourselves? Wouldn’t all our time be spent on travel planning? I get it. Some people find travelling pretty hectic, and if you read this post from the MadFIentist, he actually mentions that he tried the travelling lifestyle after quitting his job recently, and […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Boquete, Panama: Coffee, Hot Springs, Lush Green Forests

When I think of Boquete, Panama, I think of 3 things: 1) Coffee 2) Hot Springs 3) Lush green forests Now, not being a huge coffee drinker, it never dawned on me, until I visited the place, that Boquete produced some of the best coffee in the world. The lush green mountainous setting makes this place the ideal setting to grow coffee beans (and apparently strawberries too), which is why I just HAD to try the Geisha coffee, one of the most expensive coffees in the world. What do I mean by expensive? $25 a cup. Eat your heart out, […]

Going Paleo: How to Get a Thin Waist and a Fat Wallet

For some reason, I keep getting emails and comments from people asking me what I eat. “What do you cook?” “How do you stay fit?” “Is there a special diet you use?” To which my response is: Who cares? I mean, how am I supposed to make that article interesting? Walking you through my shopping list and NOT yelling at old people or houses? That’s just crazy! But still people kept asking: “No, seriously, what do you eat? What’s your secret?” So FINE. I’ll talk about my stupid diet. You people are weird. Diets Suck Back when I was working, […]

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