Do You Have the Right Personality for FIRE (Part 2)?

Friend: “Why do I have to take this test? It’s so dumb.” Me: “Just do it. You know you want to.” Friend: “NO! I refuse! I REFUSE! ” Me: *Waits 24 hours. Cell phone pings* Friend: “Okay fine. I took your stupid test. Here’s what I got…” If you’re a horrible friend like me and love wasting other people’s time, you’ll get why I was so happy to get 568 Revolutionaries to fill out the quiz I wrote about last week . At around 2,000 unique visitors that day, that’s a participation rate of 28%! Based on the “1% rule of internet culture” (1% […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Singapore: All Food. All the Time.

As much as I love traveling, I don’t love airports. The busyness, the long lines, the airport security dude constantly directing me to the body scanner while letting Wanderer waltz on through—it’s just not my thing. But, as it turns out, I just hadn’t been to the right airport. As soon as we landed in Singapore, I had to double-check that were still in the airport and not Disneyland. Why? Because in addition to the normal stuff like a mall, food courts, and lounges, we also found this: An Orchid Garden A Sunflower Garden A Cactus Garden A Water lily Garden A Butterfly […]

Do You Have the Right Personality for FIRE?

“Why would I need a travel budget? I’ll just end up going over anyway. And besides, money isn’t the most important thing! Happiness is!” *starts flitting about the room like a butterfly* Comments like this from my friends used to drive me nuts! Here I am laying down a concrete, easy-to-follow plan for them to get rich but all they want to do is talk about their disgusting feelings until I want to puke all over them. And then one of our valiant Revolutionaries Eugene sent us to this “16 personalities” personality test in a comment. Now normally, I ignore these things […]

Chautauqua UK: A Cackling Good Time for All

ME: “So Chautauqua IS a super-villain plot-hatching retreat! Then I only have one last question: can I come next year?” JL Collins: “Oh, I have such plans for you My Pretty!” Since JL’s cryptic answer during our last interview, I’ve had a Skype call with The Godfather himself, where he finally clarified what he meant. You know that scene where Harry produces his very first Patronus during a Quiddich game? A feat he achieved only because he felt like he was on top of the world? Well, that was me during the call. If I was a magical, bespectacled English boy, […]

Happy New Year! Now Let’s Grab 2017 by the Balls!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! It’s a brand spanking new year and you know what that means. New Years Resolutions! But instead of the lame open-ended goals of “workout more”, “eat healthier”, “make more money” goals, we’re going to do something different. We’re going to focus on “The 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person”. Written by David Wong from, this is one of my favourite articles of all time. Why? Because of its no bullshit advice on how to become a better person: 1) The World Only Cares About What It Can Get […]

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