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Cost Of Travelling the World For 1 Year, Part 4: Travel Insurance

I know it’s taken me FOREVER to write this post, which is part 4 of the cost of travelling around the world but in my defence there were WAY too many beaches here and not enough time to sink my toes into all of them, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. To see the parts 1-3 of the cost of travelling the world, click here. “Massive heart attack”, “ICU”, “Might not make it”. These are words you never ever want to hear, especially when you’re half way across the world. We were in Thailand and Wanderer had just […]

Let’s Go Exploring! South Korea and Old Man Balls

Wanderer emerged from the men’s side of the Jjimjilbang in a giant cloud of steam. “Oh God,” he said, shuttering. “So many dongs. Why so many old man dongs?” Okay, let me back up a bit. Why so many old man dongs? And what exactly is a Jjimjilbang? Let me explain. To picture what a Jjimjilbang is, just close your eyes, and picture the most epic spa you can ever think of. Hot tubs galore, super jets, steam rooms, the works. Now, fill this amazing spa…with shrivelled, naked old men. I realize that’s not exactly the BEST pitch for Jjimjilbang, […]

Investment Workshop 30: What the F@#$ Is Opportunity Cost?

Hello again and welcome back to the Millennial Revolution Investment Workshop! New readers, please click here to start from the beginning. By now, we’ve done over a dozen Reader Cases on this weird little blog of ours, and contrary to popular belief, we don’t do them to make ourselves look smart (that’s just a happy side benefit). We do them to demonstrate how to a proper financial analysis of a person’s situation. The REAL hope is that by doing them over and over again for different people’s situation, our intrepid readers (you) will learn how to do it themselves and apply […]

Worldschooling: An Interview From a Kid’s Perspective (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of our interview with Hannah Miller, blogger and founder of the site Check out Part 1 here. OK so here we are again. Let me be clear: Our intention is and always has been to document the freak-show that is a World-schooled kid but our guest Hannah has NOT made it easy, what with her “articulate” and “well thought out” responses. Bah. By now I was hoping to at least get a shot of someone biting the head off a chicken, but so far nothing. Let’s all hope out luck takes a turn for the […]

Reader Case: Buying a House in La La Land

As I write this post, I’m hacking my lungs out and building an impressive tissue mountain. I was supposed to wake up at 8am for a hike, but instead spent the night drowning in mucus and getting zero minutes of sleep. This would’ve SUCKED back when we were working, but since we are now slow travelling, I just let myself sleep until noon, putter around our Airbnb, and watch a ton of Netflix.  Missing out on all the activities doesn’t matter because I can just postpone them for another day. Zero worries. Zero stress. Long-term travel rocks! AND, on the plus […]

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