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How The Hell Are We Going To Pay For All This Stimulus?

As we enter the seventh month dealing with this damned pandemic, governments around the world have unleashed unprecedented spending in order to prop up companies, provide wage subsidies for laid off or furloughed workers, or just straight-up handing over cash to its citizens. This has been, to put it mildly, HUGELY expensive. The US government is projecting a deficit of about $3.8 TRILLION dollars, and that’s just this year. In Canada, our deficit is projected to hit $343 billion, with COVID-related subsidy programs costing about $212 billion dollars. To put that in comparison, Canada’s budget for its entire military for […]

How Self-Isolation Taught Me About Happiness

At the beginning of this year, our calendar was packed. We were going to fly to Austin for a Google talk, go to L.A for a documentary, fly to St.Louis to speak at the Financial Freedom Summit, visit friends in Colorado, and somewhere along the way, fit in a talk at a female empowerment retreat, and a silent ten day meditation retreat/Vipassana. I never thought I’d get back on a treadmill after quitting work, but inadvertently that’s exactly what we did. By saying yes to everything, we had no time to think or reflect. That all changed with the pandemic. […]

Holy crap, there’s a FIRE dating app!

Dating inside the FIRE community has long been a problem we didn’t know how to solve. Traditional dating apps like Tinder weren’t a great fit, since they didn’t allow people to filter based on being part of the FIRE community. Plus the definition of who was or wasn’t part of the “FIRE community” was itself debatable. Was the solution to hold mixers as part of existing FIRE meetups? Did we want to piggyback off of existing communities like the Mustachians or the ChooseFI Facebook groups? Or did we want to create a new community entirely? All this was part of […]

How Has Covid-19 Affected Your FIRE Journey? Part 5

Does FIRE still work in a bear market? To find out, I’m interviewing people on different parts of their FIRE journey in our community.  Today, I want to introduce you to Julien and Kiersten from the “Rich and Regular” blog . Julien works in digital and brand marketing while Kiersten was in partnership marketing and business development before leaving to become an entrepreneur. For those of you who’ve seen the Playing with FIRE documentary, you’ll recognize them talking about how much consumerism hurts people. And they would know, having dug themselves out of $200K of debt to work towards financial […]

Investment Workshop 59: Are Robo-Advisors Compatible With FIRE?

If you’d like to follow along with our Workshop and you’re interested in trying out Robo-Advisors, please click the below banner to open an account. While our Workshop is free, we use affiliate links to support the site so that we can keep offering this for free. Plus, you’ll get your first $10,000 managed for free! Over the past few weeks, we’ve examined Robo-Advisors, what they are, how they work, and we even took one out for a test drive to see what the user experience was like. So today, as we wrap up our Robo-Advisor investigation, let’s try to […]

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