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Are You a Time Millionaire?

“Should time now be our greatest aspiration?” –The Guardian Warren Buffett is currently worth $100 Billion dollars. To put that in perspective, if you bought a Tesla Model S every day of your life, it would take you 2740 years to use up all his money. Given the average North American lifespan of 81 years, that would take you 34 lifetimes! But Buffett is 91 years old. And since we haven’t figured out immortality, it’s a safe beat that most of you reading this will likely outlive him. So, would you trade places with Warren Buffett? The correct answer is […]

Reader Case: ER nurse Wants To Escape

What’s this? Time for another reader case? Yes please! Hello! I first wanted to say I’ve both read and listened to your book Quit like a Millionaire a few years apart while in different parts of my journey and it’s one of my favorite books.  About me: Married with 1 kid. I’m 31 and my wife is 39. My son is 2 We are both ER nurses in california and make about $200,000 a year depending on how much overtime we’re working from year to year. Family spending is about 5000-6000 depending on miscellaneous expenses for the month. (2400 being […]

How to Travel the World with Pets

“How can I travel the world if I have pets?” When we get this question from readers, we honestly have no idea how to answer it. Luckily, earlier this year, we met a FIRE couple who did exactly that–travel the world with pets. Today, let me introduce you to Stephanie and Gillian, a couple who retired early from their corporate careers and have been traveling the world full time with their dogs ever since. 1) What were your jobs before FI? Before discovering the concept of financial independence, we were busy climbing the career ladder in the fields of marketing […]

Reader Case: Golden Handcuffs

I think it’s time for a reader case, so let’s dip into the ol’ mail bag and see what we find, shall we? Hi Millennial Revolution. Let me start by saying that I love your book! I discovered the idea of early retirement (and personal finance) about a year ago and I cant stop thinking about it. I took some days off of work so I have time to organize and plan how to get to early retirement – and got hooked reading your book. The section on taxes was amazing to me and something that I had not even considered. […]

What is Coast FIRE and is it right for you?

“Can you write an article about Coast FIRE?” When I first read this in my inbox, I thought Coast FIRE had something to do with moving to the west coast, sitting on a beach, and sipping Mai Tai’s. But after some research, it turns out Coast FIRE means “coasting to FIRE,” so basically the idea that if you save enough in your 20s or 30s, you can theoretically stop investing and let time and the stock market slowly reach FI for you. For example, instead of saving 50% of your income to reach FI in 10-15 years at any age, […]

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