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The “Keep Your Rent” Movement: Are The Rent Strikers Freeloaders?

As the conoravirus cases mount around the globe, world governments have struggled to manage not only their health care systems, but also the ballooning economic cost. The US government recently passed an historic $2 Trillion stimulus bill, and the Canadian government passed their version as well. But some have responded that the measures in those rescue bills still aren’t enough, and have decided to take matters into their own hands. Allow me to introduce you to the “Keep Your Rent” movement. What is the “Keep Your Rent” Movement What was started by a local tenant’s advocacy group in an obscure […]

In a Crisis, Cash Flow Is King

Hello again from the end of the world! Ha, just kidding. It is not the end of the world. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very, very serious health crisis the world is dealing with right now, and everyone should be practicing good hygiene, washing their hands, and practicing proper social distancing, unlike these idiots who are deliberately going around coughing on old people because they think it’s funny. Morons. I am continually amazed by how quickly the world can turn on a dime. Just a few months ago we were sitting on record stock market gains and debating […]

COVID-19: Geographic Arbitrage on Hard Mode

A 1 AM call is never followed by good news. This was the case five years ago. We’d just fallen asleep, but were jolted awake by the urgent ringing of Wanderer’s phone. As it turns out, Wanderer’s grandmother was in the ICU, and we had to fly home ASAP. When you live a nomadic lifestyle, you have to be prepared to fly home at the drop of a hat. When you live everywhere and nowhere, flexibility is key. Which is why we live out of two backpacks so we can pack everything in 15 mins and be out the door.  […]

Return of the Bear Market: Are You Ready?

On Thursday, March 12, the US stock market entered a bear market. US stocks enter bear market territory after Trump’s travel ban ~~CNN A bear market, which is defined as a 20% drop in the stock market, officially brings to an end the longest bull market the world has ever seen. And it was caused by this. President Donald Trump said Wednesday he was sharply restricting travel to the United States from more than two dozen European countries, a drastic step he framed as an attempt to contain a spreading public health crisis that has engulfed his presidency. ~~ Trump says he’s […]

Is the Coronavirus the next Black Swan Event?

The definition of a black swan event is an unexpected event with major negative consequences, and the key word in that description is “unexpected.” If you had asked me at the beginning of 2020 (and many people did) to guess what would cause the next stock market crash, I would have said the US-China trade war, or maybe Brexit, or at very least something to do with Trump and the upcoming US election. A coronavirus pandemic? No way in a million years would I have guessed that. The coronavirus known as COVID-19 has dominated the news coverage in a way […]

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