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Live Free

The Eight Stages of Early Retirement

When we first retired in 2015, I had a very different version of retirement in my head. The picture in my head looked something like this: Hand in notice Give my boss the finger Tap dance out of the office Travel the world. Be happy forever. Reality turned out a little differently. Instead of tap dancing out of the office, I hoofed it back to my desk worried that I’d made a huge mistake. All around my co-workers continued answering e-mails, rushing off to meetings, scurrying around doing “important things,” completely oblivious. Later that night, I woke up in a […]

Joe Biden Wants to Change 401(k) Plans

A little over two weeks ago, Joe Biden was projected by every major media outlet to become the 46th president of the United States. Predictably, the current occupant of the White House and his supporters took it super well, taking to the airwaves to claim he won the election and challenging the results in court, alleging massive voter fraud. All of that sound and fury, however, has so far resulted in nothing. Over thirty lawsuits filed by the Trump administration have been thrown out because they have not shown any evidence of voter fraud affecting enough votes to sway the […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Boston

People call it the Boston accent. It’s not an accent. It’s a whole city of people saying most words wrong. Louis C.K. When we landed in Boston Logan International Airport back in 2015, I was trying to mentally prepare myself for Boston and the weird way they mispronounce every second word, and admittedly at first we did find it kind of jarring, but after about five minutes our reaction to the Bostonian accent morphed from “annoyance” to “hilarious.” Notable examples: Lady walking around parking lot with her husband: “Where’s the caaahhh?” Twenty-year-old at a bar: “I go to Haaahhhvard.” Older […]

Why the FIRE Space is Full of Introverts

Do you hate phone calls? Does the idea of a party give you hives (even before the pandemic)? Do you equate small talk to being waterboarded? If you answered yes to these questions, you might be an introvert. Even though introverts only make up 33% of the general population, they are the overwhelming majority in the FIRE space. Why? Well, as someone who is both extroverted and introverted (also known as ambivert), I tapped into my introverted side during this lockdown (because what else is there to do?) to find out exactly why the FIRE space is packed with introverts. […]

Reader Case: Artist Family Striving for FIRE in L.A

Wow, what a week. Covid-19 wave 2, a nail-biting, anxiety-inducing election, and here we are, finally breathing a sigh of relief. Now that I’m no longer glued to CNN and can concentrate on day-to-day tasks without having to distract myself with deep meditation, let’s get back to our regular scheduled program. Today’s going to be reader case day, and I have to admit, this e-mail immediately caught my eye as soon as I read the words “post WW2 poverty” and “indebtedness to the Yakuza”. Geez, I thought growing up under a totalitarian government was hard. If you can survive the […]

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