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Reader Case: House Hacker Dreams of FIRE

Happy Monday everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve done a reader case, so I thought I’d dive into the ol’ mail bag and see what we can find. Today’s reader’s approach to FIRE is using a strategy called House Hacking, so this should be fun. Let’s dive in, shall we? Hey good afternoon, Hopefully you two are doing well and getting to enjoy your FIRE life.  First off, I wanted to say thanks for your book and blog, they have re-lite the FIRE for me.  I’ve read most of the common FIRE books and blogs over the past years, […]

How Much Will House Prices Fall?

Lately, my google newsfeed has been filled with scary headlines like Nearly 1 in 4 homeowners say they’d have to sell home if interest rates rise more, according to survey Canadian Real Estate Prices Expected To Drop 24%, Can Crash 40%: Oxford Economics B.C. home sales drop 35% as rising mortgage rates bite: ‘The housing correction has started But on the flip side, there are also articles saying the exact opposite, like: Home prices could rise 15% in 2022 despite efforts to cool market: Royal LePage Some experts say prices could fall as much as 40%, while others think it’s […]

Can Canada Escape a US-Style Housing Crash?

Canada: The land of hockey, socialized health care, and maple syrup. That’s the stereotype, anyways. But people who actually live in this country know that this gross over-simplification of our culture misses a very important piece: Complaining about real estate prices. Seriously. Canadians love complaining about real estate prices. It’s our national past-time. We’re somehow simultaneously obsessed with owning houses, while complaining bitterly about how much they cost. In fact, in the last federal election, the number one issue that mattered the most to Canadian voters was reining in housing prices. Not dealing with the pandemic that was still going, […]

Reader Case: Is FIRE Attainable for this VanLife Couple?

Since our inbox is filling up with lots of reader cases, it’s time for another one : Hey Kristy and Bryce! I just finished “Quit Like a Millionaire” for the second time in as many weeks, and just wanted to shoot you a thank you. While it’s certainly not the first book I’ve read on FIRE/related topics, it’s certainly one of the most updated, concise, and helpful! I’m at an impasse, hoping you can help. Here’s my situation: Married, in our late 30s We live in a converted van, work full time, and travel the US Income / Expenses: ~$114k […]

Does High Inflation Destroy the 4% Rule?

Move over, coronavirus. After dominating the news for 2 years straight, the buzzword that has now taken over the financial media is no longer the dreaded C-word, but the dreaded I-word: Inflation. Inflation used to be something we read about in the history books. Well, not anymore. With inflation hitting 20-year highs all around the world and everything from a tank of gas to a package of hot dogs becoming more expensive that it was even a few months ago, all of a sudden inflation is the issue that everyone’s talking about. So let’s talk about it here. Over the […]

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