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Live Free

Case Study: Travel Loving Teacher

What time is it? It’s Case Study time! Kristy & Bryce, First and foremost, I LOVED your book and continue to get so much from listening to it, as well as your blog posts and Podcast interviews.(point form $$ stats below). I am turning 31 in April and took a 6 month leave from my job as a high school teacher in 2022 to live a little. It was the best decision I could have made. Many said it was “once in a lifetime” and I knew that couldn’t be true. In my travels I met a 39 year old […]

How Raising a Kid is like Investing in the Stock Market

I never thought raising a kid is like investing in the stock market…until I had a kid. Someone once described parenting to me as “winning the lottery while losing a leg”, and I didn’t quite get it but now I know they were trying to convey the emotional rollercoaster ride of having a kid. Compared to being childfree, the emotional highs are breathtakingly higher, but the lows are also devastatingly lower. Just like investing in the stock market, which is also an emotional rollercoaster. Your heart rate is constantly soaring and crashing. For example: Companies releases higher than expected quarterly […]

Millennials Are Turning 40: Have Things Gotten Better Or Worse?

When we started this blog, we were 30-something millennials frustrated by Boomers talking down to us as if we were entitled whiny brats who never had to endure “real” hardship in our lives. FIRECracker starting ranting, as she does from time to time, and I decided to write down what she said and turned it into something that I could film, and that rant turned into this blog. Now, 10 years later, millennials are entering middle age. We’ve endured multiple market crashes, a Great Financial Crisis, a pandemic, and so many supposedly world-ending geopolitical events that I’ve lost count. Our […]

Reader Case: Teachers Fast Track FIRE with Flag Theory

Today’s reader case really caught my eye because not only are they not six-figure STEM people, they love traveling as much as we do. Plus, they are able to do this FIRE thing on a combined $145k teachers’ salary while paying NO TAX. Let’s read on, shall we? Dear Millennial Revolution, We’ve been avid followers of your blog, and your lifestyle resonates deeply with my wife and me, especially now that we are new parents. As US citizens, we’ve spent the past 13 years teaching abroad. We have a toddler and are expecting our second child in December 2024. Our […]

Interest Rates Are Dropping – Now What?

On Wednesday, Canada’s central bank officially ended the fastest and most dramatic interest rate-hiking cycle in our country’s history by dropping the benchmark interest rate by 0.25%. This brings our overnight lending rate from 5% to 4.75%, and our central bank governor Tiff Macklem has indicated that more rate drops are on their way. This news has been heralded by our media as welcome relief for everyone that’s been punished by high rates, meaning mortgage holders, but that relief is not going to be as dramatic as many hoped. The reason? Here’s Canada’s historical interest rate chart. Mortgages in Canada […]

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