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Let’s Go Exploring! Atlantic Provinces Part 1: Halifax

Our original plan was to follow the results of our reader poll, leave the country and go to Madeira, Portugal. But then this happened: Passengers left on planes, sometimes for hours, due to Pearson COVID capacity limits ~~Toronto Sun That’s when I realized that even though we are both fully vaccinated, travel is STILL on hard mode, and staffing shortages means that travelling internationally is a nightmare. So, we did the next best thing. We decided to travel domestically and visit the Atlantic provinces instead (after all, as one reader pointed out, if we don’t go during the warm months, […]

How to Get Free Bitcoin

I’m honestly not sure why so many people have such a hard-on for crypto. At this point, we now personally know nearly all the major FIRE bloggers out there and of the ones that successfully reached FIRE, most got there by investing their money in index funds, with some doing it through rental real estate. Nobody got there by investing in crypto. The biggest reason for this is that cryptocurrency is a speculative investment with no intrinsic value. Even if someone did make millions off Bitcoin, it would be completely unreproducible. “How did you become a millionaire?” “Oh, I bought […]

The Conundrum of Home Affordability

The world may be distracted by all sorts of geopolitical shenanigans right now (Afghanistan, the resurgence of COVID, etc.), but here in Canada you may be surprised to learn that we are going through something rather interesting right now: a federal election. While the last American election in 2020 was focused mainly on the government’s pandemic response, the Canadian one is focused on something entirely different: the housing market. This is not a uniquely Canadian issue, but up here in the frozen North the government reacted to the freefalling economy during the pandemic as many governments did: by dropping interest […]

Why Freedom Can Be Scary

I recently read a fascinating book called “In Order to Live” by North-Korean defector and survivor, Yeonmi Park. It’s an autobiography, telling the story of 13-years-old Yeonmi fleeing North Korea, becoming a victim of human trafficking in China, and eventually finding freedom in South Korea.  To say that she’s “had it bad” would be an understatement. She goes through so much that I wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy. I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say it was one of the most harrowing tales of escape I’ve ever read.  What struck me about this book was that, […]

Should You Buy a Co-op?

A few weeks ago a reader emailed us asking “I get that houses and condos are super pricey right now, but I just found this co-op in my neighbourhood that’s still reasonably priced. Is that a good idea?” To which my response was “What the Hell is a co-op?” Turns out, in the spectrum of home types you can buy that range from “detached single family mansion” to “tiny box in the sky,” there exists a weird and relatively obscure breed of housing called the co-op, or housing co-operative. They physically can look like anything from an apartment-style dwelling to […]

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