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How to Avoid Paying Bank Fees While Traveling

Have you ever come back from vacation, checked your bank accounts and credit card statements, only to cringe at how much you’ve forked over in foreign transaction and ATM fees? I mean, a $5 ATM charge here and there didn’t seem so bad when handing over your hard-earned money for that once-in-a-life-time gondola ride in Venice or that oh-so-divine meal in Paris, but man does it feel shitty to realize you’ve lost hundreds or thousands of dollars to bank fees afterwards. Is this you? If so, you’re not alone. One of our most frequently asked questions in our e-mail is […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Tenerife: The Volcanic Mountains of Doom

“Shitshitshit”, I thought, squeezing my eyes shut as my right foot slid out from under me. My hands broke my fall, landing hard on a bed of black volcanic rocks. But before I had time to let out a breath of relief, a gust of wind slammed into me, nearly pushing me off the 2-feet-wide gravel path, which inclined at a 45 degree angle down a steep mountain, with nothing but a sheer drop on my right side. This was supposed to be an easy hike around Mount Teide national park. Unlike the MadMax Botanical Garden in Las Palmas, this […]

Broke Ass Morons

On Friday’s round-up, we featured the inspiring stories of people who have written in, been featured on this blog in a Reader Case, and have actually followed that advice in real life. As a result, they are now kicking ass, taking names, and regularly coming to the end of every month wondering where all this extra money they’ve saved came from. So as a contrast to that, I thought it would be interesting to look at the stories of people who managed to do the exact opposite. In a segment I’d like to call: Broke Ass Morons. These days, travelling […]

Friday Reader Case: Where Are They Now?

Due to popular demand, we’ve having a “Where Are They Now” post today! We’ve reached out to Reader Case alumni to see what they’re up to. Did they do any of the things we suggested? Did their lives improve in any way? Did anything we say matter? Our goal, here at Millennial Revolution, is to build a community where we can inspire and cheer each other on towards financial independence. Let’s see if we’ve accomplished that: Reader Case #13: Big Earnings, Big Student Debt. Recap: After living in shelters and growing up poor in Chicago, MAS (Millennia Academic Scientist) claws her way […]

How to Motivate Yourself in Retirement

Every time we go back to visit family, I always find it fascinating to watch Wanderer’s 4 year old nephew play. Because when you get down to it, a child playing is the purest form of intrinsic motivation. When he gives me a picture, he holds his tiny crayon masterpiece in his sticky hands, beaming with pride. He doesn’t care that the stick figures are lopsided and doesn’t look anything like mom or dad. Nor does he care the grass is yellow instead of green. He’s ecstatic because he’s drawing. He doesn’t give one crap about how much he’s getting […]

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