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Live Free

The Power Of Forgiveness

I have to admit, this is not an easy post for me to write. I’ve stopped and started a dozen times and lost track of how many drafts I’ve gone through, but, as they say, writing is about “bleeding on to the page”, so here goes: I’ve always had a difficult relationship with my mother. It’s not a personality clash or the usual generation gap, it’s the fact that I’ve always wondered if she wanted to have me in the first place.  “I wish I’d never given birth to you,” is a phrase I’ve heard often. One time I thought […]

Reader Case: Lawyer in Pain

Today’s reader case comes from a pair of professionals that are high earning, but not high-happiness. Let’s dive into their story! Hello Kristy/Bryce Apology in advance for the long email. I am a huge fan of your book and was really inspired by your candid stories. I have been hearing about FIRE movement 5 years ago but I never felt it would be possible for us to achieve until I read your book, especially the FI journey you detailed at the back of your book. A little bit about us. My husband and I are both in our mid-30s. I […]

How Owning Individual Stocks Can Destroy Your Portfolio

A reader asked us the other day “Why are you so against owning individual stocks? If I want to directly own a few companies I follow alongside a balanced, diversified index ETF-based portfolio, what’s wrong with that?” This is actually a really important question, because it’s fairly common for people to set aside a portion of their portfolio and actively trade with it. Maybe it scratches their itch to “do” something, or maybe they think it’s fun to day-trade. I don’t personally find it fun, but some do, and I admit that while index investing is stastically the best and […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Ubud, Bali: An Instagrammer’s Paradise

Note: This post was written before the pandemic. We are still in Toronto and I put up this post for everyone who, like me, can’t wait to get out there and travel again Some places leave footprints in our hearts, transform our minds, and we are better for having visited it. They are so breathtakingly beautiful; we never ever want to leave. Bali…was not one of those places. Sorry to disappoint you, but my description was actually about Chiang Mai. I was hoping Bali would be another such place. But sadly, Bali did not live up to my expectations. So […]

How To Rewire Your Anxious Brain

As an anxious person, I don’t do well with lack of control. With seemingly no end to this pandemic and no idea when or if we’ll ever be able to travel again, I’ve had to develop a routine to save my sanity. I found out about this morning routine from Chautauquan friends back in October, last year, when we travelled with them to Ireland. “You’ve never heard of Miracle Morning?” Dan asked, incredulous. Ugh. It’s one of those woo-woo “think yourself happy” mantras, I thought to myself. No thanks. As a logical person, anything with the words “miracle”, “secret” and […]

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