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How Has Covid-19 Affected Your FIRE Journey? Part 3

Hello and welcome back to our FIRE series where we find out whether FIRE still works in a bear market by interviewing people in the community who are on different parts of the FIRE journey, Today, I want to introduce you to my friend, Patrick, whom we first met at London screening of Playing with FIRE. He also came to the London Chautauqua soon afterwards, so we’ve had a good amount of time to get to know him. Other than the fact that he’s a Canadian living in the UK and his fiance went to the same university as us, […]

Investment Workshop 58: Funding our Wealthsimple Accounts

If you’d like to follow along with our Workshop, please click the below banner to open an account with Wealthsimple. While our Workshop is free, we use affiliate links to support the site so that we can keep offering this for free. Plus, if you open an account with this link, your first $10,000 will be managed for free! OK so we’ve opened our accounts, we’ve set up (and tweaked) our portfolio allocations, and our ETF makeup has been picked out for us. So what’s our next step? Let’s get some money invested! Linking Your Bank Accounts with Wealthsimple The […]

How Has Covid-19 Affected Your FIRE Journey? Part 2

In my quest to find out if FIRE works during bear markets as well as be bull markets, I’m interviewing friends in the FIRE community, who are in different parts of the FIRE journey, to see how covid-19 has affected their financial plans. Last time, we featured Clover from SimplyCloverLiving, a flight attendant who is still saving 50% of a government subsidy despite being on a job hiatus due to the pandemic. Read her interview here. Today, we have Sandy and Belinda (note: names have been changed for anonymity), a pair of Chautauquans who are on different paths of the […]

All the Ways Travel Screws You Up

The biggest culture shock of my life happened when I was 8 years old. As far as experiences go, moving from the falling down shacks and hole-in-the-ground urinals of rural China to the skyscrapers and flushable toilets of Canada felt as alien to me as moving to the moon.  My brain nearly exploded from all the new discoveries. I touched snow for the first time. I tasted this smelly, bitter, yellow thing called “cheese”. I rode in a car with 4 wheels, no longer needing to be sandwiched between my cousin, my mom, and my aunt, while wobbling over the […]

Reader Case: House Horny in Florida

This morning I woke up and realized it’s been a long time since I did a rent-vs-buy reader case. So I thought I’d dust off the ol’ “Housing” Gmail folder and take one for a spin. I’m weird like that. It’s getting hot here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I don’t mean just the temperature. My wife and I are being tempted to buy a house (gasp!) due to rising rents and the fact that we have a little baby girl due in July 2020. We feel like we’ve been doing well in our financial situation but have gotten confused […]

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