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Does It Ever Make Sense to take the 10% Early Withdrawal Penalty?

Last Monday’s Reader Case sparked some discussion over whether it makes sense to take the 10% early withdrawal penalty that comes from making a 401(k)/Traditional IRA withdrawal before the age of 59.5 instead of doing the Roth Conversion Ladder. Why? Well, the counter argument referred to this very thorough and informative post from the MadFientist, who did a comparison of 5 ways of accessing your retirement funds. In that post, he claimed that in certain situations, deliberately taking the 10% Early Withdrawal Penalty actually beats the Roth Conversion Ladder strategy, which seems completely bonkers and counter-intuitive to me. So I […]

Reader Case: Can I Retire to Colombia in 5 Years?

When we started writing Quit Like a Millionaire, we never expected the sheer impact it would have on the lives of real people. It’s one thing to have blog readers write in and say “I love your blog! I sent it to my friend!” but a whole new level to get e-mails saying “your book changed my life.” And as wonderful as these e-mails are, I sometimes wonder if our message is received quite the way we intended, especially when we get e-mails like this: Dear Kristy and Bryce, I just finished reading “Quit Like a Millionaire“. And I feel […]

How To Travel The World Without Killing Your Spouse – Part 2

Continuing on from last week’s post, today we will be going over Part 2 of Millennial Revolution’s Guide to Travelling as a Couple And Not Killing Each Other! Rule #4: Don’t Obsess Over Things You Can’t Control Tell me if this sounds familiar: You go somewhere on vacation as a couple and one person just seems in a perpetually bad mood for seemingly no reason. The plane ride might have been uncomfortable, the taxi took too long or was too expensive, the coffee in the hotel room tastes like crap. Nothing in particular went catastrophically wrong, but the steady drip-drip-drip […]

How To Travel The World Without Killing Your Spouse

After Chautauqua Portugal, we ended up spending a few weeks meeting up with friends around Europe and catching up. One couple in particular was a previous attendee from Greece. Financially, they were in great shape, and on top of that, they had a super-stressful job (sound familiar?), wanted to get out there and start travelling, and basically live the awesome awesome life we live. So knowing all that, plus the fact that they had backpacked across SE Asia before when they were younger, we were comfortable giving them the thumbs-up to GO FOR IT! As it turns out, their experience […]

Reader Case: Take a Stressful Job to get to FI Faster?

One of our favourite things about writing a book and blog is getting reader e-mail. And one of our favourite type of reader mail is the reader cases. Sometimes I wish we could clone ourselves so we can answer each and every one of the reader cases, but between the book promotion, blog, and hanging out with our Chautauquan friends all over the world, we no longer have the time time to answer every single e-mail. We have to choose wisely. This latest one stood out to me because of a question that’s plagued many readers and Chautauquans, and after […]

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