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Live Free

The Cult of Breastfeeding

There’s a dirty, shameful word in the parenting community that, once uttered, condemns you into the annals of bad motherhood forever. The F word. That word is… Formula. If you choose to feed your child formula instead of breastmilk, be prepared to be shamed within an inch of your life. Ever since the World Health Organization declared breastmilk to be the gold standard, feeding your kid formula became seen as lazy or not caring enough about your progeny. Because apparently, only breastmilk can give them immunity. Formula just makes them fat. Before becoming a mom, I had naively thought breastfeeding […]

Does Gen Z Have it Harder Than Millennials?

“I am so sick of you people bashing Boomers…” I was going through the usual bag of hate mail our site attracts, and was about to hit delete on yet another angry ranting Boomer when something he said caught my eye. “Millennials won’t be young forever, you know. Enjoy getting old and becoming the butt of everyone’s jokes!” He does have a point. Time marches forward, and one day we would get older, and maybe then the next generation would see us as antiquated as Boomers do to us. I just didn’t expect it to start happening so soon. The […]

Having a Baby After FIRE

“Pitocin is basically a torture device. There’s a dial for them to turn it up to induce labour and it just keeps getting worse.” “Oh don’t worry about vaginal tearing. All the other stuff will be so blindingly painful, you won’t even notice the tearing.” “I was screaming so loud, the nurses down the hall thought I was being murdered.” These are just some of things other mothers have told me about labour a few days before I gave birth. To say that it scared the crap out of me, is an understatement. Little did I know, what they warned […]

When To Pay Off Your Low-Interest Mortgage

Note: Winners of last week’s book contest will be announced at the end of this post A few weeks ago, we posted a reader case Can’t Work Because of Health Issues and Worried, in which our reader had recently become disabled, unable to work, and was worried that their financial situation was going to go into the crapper. As it turns out, no, she was going to be fine, and one of the main reasons is because she made the conscious choice to pay down her debt, first her credit card, and then her mortgage. She wrote me back after […]

Pathfinders Book Review

One of the life-changing blogs that got us on this FIRE path is JL Collins’s blog. This is why we call him the “Godfather of FI” and he has also written a book called “the Simple Path to Wealth“, which has been an international bestseller ever since its release in 2016. I’m thrilled to announce that JL has authored another book which is coming out next week on Oct 31! “Pathfinders” tells the stories of those who’ve followed The Path to financial independence that the Godfather has laid out in the book and succeeded.  It also has the coolest foreword, […]

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