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Reader Case: Golden Handcuffs

  It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, and now that we’re in ANOTHER lockdown, it’s as good a time as any to open up another reader case.  Ready? Here we go: Hello Firecracker and Wanderer, Long time reader, first time writer. I need a sanity check about whether or not to leave my job.  I know this is a no-brainer for you but hear me out.  I am a U.S. special category federal employee, which means I get benefits that, from what I have heard/read, no longer exist.  My employment category receives an even better pension than most other […]

How Not To Lose Yourself in Retirement

“So, what do you do?” How many times have you been asked this question? If you live in North American, I’m willing to bet, a lot. Given that our society places so much emphasis on “live to work” instead of “work to live”, I’m not surprised we believe we are our jobs. So, what happens if we reach financial independence and quit said job? Who do we become? My answer to that question has changed from “software engineer” to “author”, but for the first few years in retirement, I had to no idea how to answer it. Not only that, […]

Finding Love During Covid

A few months ago, we wrote about a FIRE dating app that someone had made. Apparently, that post triggered a flood of traffic to the app, and people actually started hooking up on it! We got an email recently from the creator telling us that there was a couple, both of whom were readers of this blog, that learned about the app from that post, signed up, got matched, and were now dating. How cool is that? We were their matchmakers! So I reached out to them on Zoom to learn about their story. Meet FIRE dating couple Rebecca and […]

Is It Time To Ditch Bonds?

I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately asking this question. Basically, people (including myself) are looking at their portfolios and seeing everything going up except bonds. They’re reading the news about interest rates being in the crapper, and they’re asking themselves “Why are we owning these things? All they’ve done lately is go down.” Remember, the primary reason that bonds are used in an investment portfolio is that they act as stabilizers. They generally move in the opposite direction of the stock market, so when equities go up, bonds go down and when equities go down, bonds go up. […]

Are Most Degrees Useless?

Like most people, I thought most millionaires are CEOs or top corporate executives. Go big or go home, right? But then I read this article in the Wall Street Journal and found out I was wrong. Apparently, only a measly 6-7% of the world’s millionaires are CEOs or executives. Ok, I thought, so what degree is the most likely to get you into the millionaire club? Probably med school, right? Or maybe law? Or a business degree? Nope, nope, and Nope. Turns out, the most common degree amongst millionaires is… Engineering! Followed by…NO DEGREE AT ALL! *cue record scratch* Wait, […]

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