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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Target Date Funds

For some reason lately I’ve been getting a bunch of emails asking me what I think of a particular Target Date Fund, so I thought this would make a good article. But before we get into what I think of these things (hint: It’s in the title of this article), let’s first talk about what these things are. What is a Target Date Fund? Target Date funds are also known as Lifecycle Funds, Age-based Funds, or Dynamic Risk Funds. That last one sounds makes it sound pretty cool, but basically what Target Date funds do is adjust your asset allocation […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Bremen, Germany: Saunas, Secret Rooms, and Schnoor Quarter

  In the U.S and Canada, unless you’re trading sex for money, there’s no need to get naked in public. But in Germany, nudity doesn’t automatically illicit eroticism—it depends on the context. And in a sauna, it’s just practical. We were told that bathing suits are not allowed—for health reasons, believe it or not—so if you want to experience a German sauna, you’ll have to bare it all. Don’t worry though, despite being naked, you won’t be stared at or creeped out. Nor do you have to worry about having body issues. You’ll be around strangers of all different shapes, […]

How to Deal with Unsupportive Family and Friends on Your Way to FI

When I told my Mom I was a millionaire, her response was “So what? You don’t even have a house.” To most people, becoming a millionaire is a pipe dream. Especially if you had my kind of childhood—the kind where a can of coke was the most precious thing in the world. But when I announced to my parents we’d achieved said pipe dream and are retiring to travelling the world for a year, it didn’t go over well. My Dad said simply, “It’s not enough.” This surprised me, given that him and I are engineers. Engineers don’t rely on […]

Case Study: Boomer Asks Millennial For Retirement Advice

Hey all! It’s Friday, so you know what means: Reader Case time! This one was an interesting one. Most of our readers are Millennials or Gen X-ers, cause they, you know, understand how this newfangled “technology” works, but every so often I’ll get a *gasp* Baby Boomer asking us to do a reader case, which just confuses the hell out of me. Say what? Aren’t you twice my age? Why would a Boomer ask a lowly Millennial for retirement advice? Anyway, let the bloodbath–er I mean, reader case–begin. Dear Millennial-Revolution, I first became aware of your website via the “ChooseFI” […]

What We’ve Learned Doing Reader Cases

One of the most popular and widely-shared things we do on this blog are Reader Cases, and we totally get why. It’s hard to get unbiased advice on your finances. If you try to walk into a bank to talk to someone about money, all you’re going to get is an hour-long sales pitch on why you should put all your money in that bank’s mutual funds, or turn over your money to their advisors so they can just churn your account to generate commissions. We, on the other hand, don’t want anything from you. We don’t charge people for […]

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