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Live Free

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bond Bubble?

So today as I was sorting through the news and trying to find SOME topic that didn’t have the words “Trump” and “shithole” in it and I stumbled across this on CNN. A sell-off in bonds could be “the Armageddon event for this year,” Naeem Aslam, chief market analyst for Think Markets UK, wrote in a report Tuesday. A bond sell-off could be ‘Armageddon’ for the market, CNN. Did you hear that? Armageddon, people! Nothing good is associated with the word “Armageddon.” And as usual when something that alarming is in the news, my inbox starts getting blasted with people […]

Why Pride of Ownership is B.S.

It’s been awhile since I yelled at the Home Boners, mostly because I’ve just been so happy travelling around the world lately that I just have better things to do than argue with Internet trolls. But today I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and talk about something that has always irked me: So-called “Pride of Ownership.” Here’s how an argument about housing usually goes: I call them an idiot, they call me a cunt. I break down their “real estate math” showing how the real estate industry tricks them into thinking their house is a good investment […]

Friday Reader Case: Retire in our 40s with 3 kids to Travel the World?

Hey peeps,  it’s Friday again and time for another reader case! This intrepid reader wrote to us after listening to our interview on ChooseFi. Let’s all say hi and welcome them to the Millennial Revolution. And now take it away, Ann and David: “Hello, we heard you on the Choose FI podcast. We had a personal plan made with someone from Vanguard back in May 2017. He suggested 60-40 stocks/bonds with the 60% broken down as 60% US large, mid, and small cap, and 40% in international. Once we put my wife’s 401K money into the overall picture we are […]

How to Stay in Europe for More Than 90 days

A lot of people ask us how we deal with visas as we travel all over the world. But the truth is, for the most part, we don’t. Canada (along with most Western countries) can travel to many other countries visa-free. We just get our passports stamped in at the airport and this is enough to let us stay anywhere from 30 days to 6 months as tourists, depending on the country. And for the most part, this is more than enough since as soon as you cross into another country, you then get stamped into THAT country and your […]

How Do I Get Out Of Student Debt?!?

Dealing with crippling student debt is (thankfully) something I’ve never had to experience myself, since in Canada our universities aren’t nearly as expensive and we did a co-op program that allowed us to work while we were studying to pay for our education. But student debt is something that many of our readers have to deal with, especially our American readers who regularly write into us with a ball and chain worth over $100k hanging on their necks. So I thought I’d take today’s article to address those people. I first met Travis Hornsby at Fincon last year, and was […]

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