Should You Aspire to the “Soft Life”?

An article in the Guardian recently caught my eye. It’s called, “The soft life: why millennials are quitting the rat race“. This article features Rose Gardner, a millennial who did everything right in terms of following society’s rulebook for success: get a master’s degree, climb the corporate ladder, rise to a coveted high paying position, and then buy a house in expensive London, England. But despite checking off all the “adulting” boxes and becoming what society considers a success, she was not happy. “I remember walking into my flat, and this might make me sound so ungrateful, but I felt […]

Let’s Go Exploring (with a baby!): Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Life is a Beach and I’m a Beached Whale

The last time we visited Isla Mujeres was back in 2017 and we were on a scuba diving day trip to MUSA, the world-famous underwater museum, led by our Airbnb host, Diego, a scuba dive instructor. He’d always wanted to teach scuba driving in Thailand but was afraid that it was “dangerous”, which made me realize that non-travellers just think their own home is safe and everywhere else is a war zone. Now 7 years later, after the world was turned upside down by a pandemic and digital nomadism went from a fringe lifestyle choice into a mainstream one, it […]

Reader Case: Single Mom Wonders Whether Real Estate Beats Stocks

While going through my reader case queue, this one caught my attention. This reader about to give birth and it immediately took me back to my labour and first months with Little Matchstick. Wow, time flies. He’s already 6 months old but it somehow feels like it was just weeks ago that he was born, but also at the same time a whole decade. Time feels weird when you are a mom. Kind of like how time gets warped when you’re retired and travelling. Anyway, I digress. I’m really interested in this reader case because not only is this reader […]

How to Travel with a Baby

“Travelling with an infant is hell. You’d be crazy to do it. You’d just need a vacation from the vacation.” “Taking care of a baby is hard. Why make it harder by travelling?” “Oh, you’re having a baby? Guess you’ll finally have to be mature and settle down like the rest of us. Say goodbye to your travelling days!” Be mature?! HA! Having kids doesn’t make you more mature or classier. I’m the same piece of shit I was before popping out Little Matchstick and that’s not going to change any time soon. Long time readers know that I might […]

Reader Case: Same Sex Couple Wants to Retire Early Overseas

Guess what time it is? Reader case time! Hi! We are a same sex married couple currently in the US (S is in her mid 40s working here on 10 yr employer sponsored visa and T is in her 50s). We stumbled onto FIRE concept and your great book / blog a few years ago so we are late to the game, but since then we’ve slowly but certainly changed our spending and savings habits. Our current net worth (according to Empower) is around $1.1M, and our goal ·         Is to retire together in 5 years if possible (T has multiple […]

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