Let’s Go Exploring! Malta: An Undiscovered Paradise?

Why did we go to Malta? Well, ever since we got a visa to stay in Europe for a full year I’ve been obsessively trying to check off every country in the EU (as of the time of writing, we have just 5 countries left—Slovenia, Sweden, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg). Do I get an award for checking them off? Nope. Does that make me crazy? Probably. Anyway, for most people, Instagram pictures of an azure paradise is why they go to Malta. Pictures like this: And this: And this: In fact, on Instagram the #malta has 5.4 million posts! With […]

Behind the Scenes of an International Film Shoot

“I am with the production team at 60 Second Docs. We recently learned about your story of how you two were able to save and invest your money to the point where you could retire very early. We were absolutely amazed and know our audience would love to learn more about you, so we’d like to make you the subject of our next short documentary…if you are interested, let me know.” When this e-mail dropped into our inbox, our first thought was “Wait. We’re nomadic. How exactly are they going to film us?” Turns out, being nomadic turned out to […]

Book Review: Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier

I never expected to breeze through a 352-page Finance tome at 30,000 feet in the air, but two days ago, it happened. We were headed to Bangkok from Milan on a ten-hour flight, and despite the long list of free movies to choose from, I decided to read Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier—a book I’d been eagerly anticipating for months. Grant has been a friend of mine ever since we met at Fincon in back in 2017 and I was beyond excited to hear that he was writing a book that same year. I was even more excited when we […]

How Chautauqua Rewired my Brain

Tickets are being snatched up for Chautauqua in UK and Portugal this year, so if you already know what it’s about and want to sign up, click here. If not, continue reading below. UPDATE: As of Feb 4th, Portugal is sold out.  There are still a few spots left for the UK, but they too are going fast. If you want to come, don’t wait, they’re going fast! *** “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” –Jim Rohn   I’ve always been a pessimist. People like Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn were huge mysteries to me. Whenever […]

Let’s Go Exploring! How the Finns Beat Winter

“No f*cking way am I doing that,” I thought, watching a Finnish granny leap into the frigid Baltic sea, her shrieks piercing the air. “Well, she’s dead.” I concluded as I watched her grey locks slip beneath the surface. But then she bobbed up from the water, smiling and splashing around like a giddy seal, puffs of her breath steaming up the air. As I stood on the deck of the Löyly sauna, wrapping my towel tightly around myself, I decided, then and there, that when it comes to conquering winter, no one does it like the Finns. Long-time readers […]

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