Why Women Are Better At Investing

When I first started this blog, one of my mentors (a man) told me, “you’re going to have a huge disadvantage writing a finance blog as a woman. No man will ever read it.” (Millions of views and tens of thousands of subscribers later—half of which are men—he’s been proven wrong) In engineering school, I was outnumbered 8 to 100 as a woman by my male classmates. And finally, at work, there were two male bathrooms for every female bathroom to accommodate the high male-to-female ratio in my field. Women still earn 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. […]

Reaching Financial Independence in Poland

One of our favourite underrated places to travel to in Europe is Poland. Having explored nearly all of the European Schengen (World’s largest Visa-free zone) countries, Poland reigns supreme as the best value for money. Even Eastern European countries like Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania couldn’t beat it. And a big part of the reason is because, even though, Poland is part of the European Union, it hasn’t adopted the Euro. Instead, its currency is the Zloty, which is nearly on parity with the Malaysian ringgit. Not surprising then, that we when visited Poland, we felt like we were getting southeast […]

Where Should We Go Next?

For us, summer is the worst time to travel. It’s expensive, it’s crowded, and families take advantage of this time to go somewhere with their kids before school starts in September. Ever since we retired, our adventures are less about travelling like the masses for vacation and more about exploring a place’s culture and living like the locals. That’s why we tend to come back to Toronto to visit family for the summer. The weather is actually nice here, and we can avoid competing with vacationers for rentals and services abroad. This year, however, we’re going to break that rule. […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Victoria BC: The Warmest (-ish) Place in Canada

Even though our travelling days were cut short last year during the pandemic, one of the (very few) upsides of COVID-19 is that for the first time, we got to explore a slice of our own backyard. Originally, we were saving our travels in Canada for when we’re too old to traipse around the world. But with borders closed and nowhere to go, the pandemic pushed up that timeline. Surprisingly, our own backyard had more to offer than we expected. For example, having lived only in Ontario, I thought all of Canada was a frozen wasteland. Well, at least from […]

How to Evict Your Tenant

Last Monday, we talked about “renovictions” and how a tenant took her landlord to small claims court and won. But just as there are bad landlords, there are also bad tenants. Today, we’re going to hear the opposite side of the story—a landlord who had to evict a tenant who hadn’t paid rent for over 6 months! As you know, it’s already a pain the ass to evict a bad tenant, but during a pandemic? That sound you just heard is the sound of landlords collectively screaming and pulling their hair out. Let’s find out from “Big City Landlord” what […]

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