How to Get Free Food from Uber Eats

With covid-19 wave 2 upon us, I’m going a bit batty. The first wave was already cray cray but the second wave is so much worse. For example, here’s what happened the other day. One of my Chautauqua friends taught me how to properly maximize value out of Uber Eats and in true FIRECracker fashion, I drove that strategy straight into the ground, turning it so competitive, it was no longer fun. At 9:30pm, I realized I had a big, juicy $50 Uber Eats coupon I forgot about, and it was going to expire in precisely 30mins. Most people would […]

Reader Case: Single Mom in Debt

It’s time for another reader case! This one is from a reader who comes from an immigrant background and has been struggling with debt and a divorce. I think you’ll find it pretty compelling. Let’s get to it: [the following e-mail has been edited for brevity and to maintain anonymity] Hi FIRECracker & Wanderer: You guys are my idols! My path is different than yours since I’m a single mom in debt. I’m 70% through your book. I’ll have to read the more technical parts a couple times since I’m completely investment illiterate, but your personal story was moving. I […]

Reader Case: Choosing Between Health and FIRE

Guess what day it is? Friday! (And apparently there’s something called a “weekend” coming up? How do these things work again?) That means it’s time for another reader case!  This reader’s situation is tough and something that hits close to home. Remember how we said we came back to Canada due to a family emergency? Well, to date, said emergency is still ongoing, so I could immediately relate to this reader’s situation as soon as I read their e-mail. Without further do, here we go: Hello Firecracker/Wanderer, First, I’d like to say thank you for providing your investment advice for […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Singapore: Futuristic Foodie Paradise

Note: This was written before the pandemic. We are still in Canada, but I wanted to post this for everyone, who like us, can’t wait to travel again. “C’mon!” Wanderer’s said, tugging at my arm, while I tried to keep my heavy eyelids open. “I have to show you something!” We’d just gotten off a flight and I was crankier than a nap-deprived toddler. My back was killing me, my arms and legs ached, and my head was throbbing. “Can you just let me sit here for a second?” We’d just arrived on a flight into Changi Airport in Singapore, […]

Will COVID Change The Nature of Work Permanently?

“I’ve never been allowed to work from home, but with the pandemic, it’s now mandatory. For the first time ever, as graphic designer, I can work from home full-time! Maybe I’ll move to Barbados and work from there!” “I went to visit my parents in Nova Scotia before everything locked down.  After shit hit the fan and businesses started locking down, my Toronto employer told me to work from home. After spending several months here in nature, I’m not going back.” “I’m so glad we moved from Coronado to Bend, Oregon. Our housing costs are much lower and as a […]

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