Reading Your Own Book Is Harder Than You Think

Phew, what a week it’s been. A few days ago we flew into London from Thailand after a brief layover in Norway (a sentence I fully enjoy being able to write), and I hope you’ll forgive our lack of a post last week because I was in a studio recording the audiobook for Quit Like a Millionaire! This has been a bizarre experience to say the least. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be sitting in a recording studio reading my own book, about my own life knowing that it was going to turn into […]

Quit Like a Millionaire is Available for Pre-Order!

After almost 2 years in the writing trenches, we are beyond excited to announce that our book, Quit Like a Millionaire is ready for pre-orders! If you’re ready to get a copy and want the freebies that come with it, click here. Otherwise, read on.   Buy from Amazon   It’s being published by TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House, and will be coming to a bookstore near you on July 9, 2019! (As of right now, if you pre-order from Amazon and you’ll get a 31% discount!) Now, I know I don’t get emotional often on this blog […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Sintra: Fairy Tales and Farts

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but I wasn’t always a firecracker. In fact, there was a brief period in childhood (which I’m embarrassed now to admit) that I wanted to be a princess. And no, not a fearsome warrior princess who throws fireballs. A Disney princess who sings. I wanted to be the Little Mermaid, dress up in pink frilly dresses, and twirl around the room singing “Part of Your World.” These days, you’re more likely to find me hiking a mountain in cargo pants than twirling in ballgowns. But from time to time, those […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Lagos, Portgual: Are You a Mountain or a Beach Person?

I recently read a University of Virginia study that says introverts prefer mountains while extroverts prefer beaches. This got me thinking. As a kid, talking to a stranger made me break out in hives and going to a party was hell. I was painfully shy. If you’d given me the option of hibernating in the mountains or partying it up on a beach, I’d have gladly picked the former.  This changed as I got older. I’m no longer terrified by strangers and parties are actually fun! Coincidentally, I also learned how to scuba dive and I now love beaches as much […]

How to Travel the World Before Becoming FI

Today, I’m super excited to introduce y’all to my friend Clover, over at Clover and I met at last year’s Chautauqua, and we immediately clicked. Not only did we both grow up in Canada, we had to deal with the pressures of living in a high cost city with a crazy housing market, and both of us got bit with the travel bug! But while I slogged away at my engineering job for a decade, hit FI, and then started travelling the world, Clover had a much, much faster solution that let her do it even sooner than me, […]

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