How FIRE Changes Your Perception of Time

Back in 2014, the year before I quit my job to travel the world, there was only one picture on my phone I’d taken that whole year, and this was it: This was a bacon latte I had at a board game café in Toronto, on a rare weekend where I wasn’t working overtime or writing my first novel, finally spending time with friends. It wasn’t the best latte I’d ever had, but as far as interesting things happening in my life, this strange, confusing concoction (meat and coffee, together at last!) was it. Life was a blur back then, […]

Our 2021 Finances

After the terrible experience in 2020 of being holed up away from family and friends, Christmas and New Year’s 2021 was a significant improvement. I mean, sure, we had to do a bunch of rapid tests and sure, we had to intersperse going to COVID booster appointments in between unwrapping presents, but this year we were able to finally spend Christmas with our loved ones. And it was AWESOME. As the clock ticked down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, I reflected on the past year with a few close friends. Was the worst behind us? Do we dare hope […]

Reader Case: Teachers Dreaming of FIRE

Singing: “Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we’ve no place to go, time for a reader case, a reader case yo!” Hi Kristy and Bryce, I would like to first thank you for taking the “unbeaten path” and sharing your journey and knowledge with the world! We seem to have a lot in common 🙂 I also went to the University of Waterloo – but in the Arts and graduated with a degree in German History and Language. My husband and I both became teachers after the loss of our children’s fitness business and have spent […]

Are You a Time Millionaire?

“Should time now be our greatest aspiration?” –The Guardian Warren Buffett is currently worth $100 Billion dollars. To put that in perspective, if you bought a Tesla Model S every day of your life, it would take you 2740 years to use up all his money. Given the average North American lifespan of 81 years, that would take you 34 lifetimes! But Buffett is 91 years old. And since we haven’t figured out immortality, it’s a safe beat that most of you reading this will likely outlive him. So, would you trade places with Warren Buffett? The correct answer is […]

How to Travel the World with Pets

“How can I travel the world if I have pets?” When we get this question from readers, we honestly have no idea how to answer it. Luckily, earlier this year, we met a FIRE couple who did exactly that–travel the world with pets. Today, let me introduce you to Stephanie and Gillian, a couple who retired early from their corporate careers and have been traveling the world full time with their dogs ever since. 1) What were your jobs before FI? Before discovering the concept of financial independence, we were busy climbing the career ladder in the fields of marketing […]

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