Let’s Go Exploring! Hanover: Help, the Machines Have Taken Over!

We were sitting on the balcony of our friend’s apartment in Hanover, just chilling out and chatting when a massive ball of blinking lights appeared in the night sky. As the four of us watched, mesmerized, a mask appeared, which morphed into a skull, only to quickly dissolve and reform into a waving German flag. “What the Hell is that?” “Are those fireflies? Christmas lights? Shooting stars?” Personally, being the Harry Potter nerd that I am, I thought it was a Dark Mark and the Death Eaters had gotten another one. Finally, our friend Lena realized, “Hey! Those are drones!” […]

Birthing a Book Baby

“Writing this book almost killed me. It was like giving birth.” – Ramit Sethi “I’d cry. I’d whine to Mr. Frugalwoods… I re-wrote the first chapter no less than 17 times.” – FrugalWoods “Did I enjoy writing the book? Um, let’s just say, I’m happy to have written a book.”– JLCollins “Get ready for the roller-coaster ride of your life! Writing a blog is nothing like writing a book.” – Vicki Robin “I spent over 2,800 hours of my own life writing Financial Freedom…writing a book is no joke.”– Grant Sabatier from Millennial Money. When it comes to writing a […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Searching for Hamburgers in Hamburg

“Bring me your finest hamburger, my good sir!” Sitting in a Hamburg restaurant, we thought we’d order one of their specialties for lunch. But our waiter gave us a blank stare. “Ahh…” he stammers. “We don’t have…hamburgers.” Now it’s my turn to give a blank stare. “This IS Hamburg right?” “Yes.” “So, aren’t you famous for hamburgers?” His eyebrow is raised so high, I’m afraid it’s going to pop off his head. “No. That is American food. This is a German restaurant. American food is from America.” So, apparently, going to Hamburg to eat a hamburger isn’t a thing. The […]

How to Respond to Trolls

“Why are you still travelling? Isn’t it boring by now?” “Ditch your portfolio and become a real-estate investor like me! I own 3 condos and I’m buying another one.” “You’re missing out on all the housing gains! Everyone knows houses go up forever!” “Just wait until you have kids! You’ll never travel again and you’ll HAVE to buy a house.” “Why aren’t you having kids? Do you really want to be barren for the rest of your life?” Believe it or not, these are actual questions/comments my “friends” have asked me, over the years, whenever we return home to visit […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Bremen, Germany: Saunas, Secret Rooms, and Schnoor Quarter

  In the U.S and Canada, unless you’re trading sex for money, there’s no need to get naked in public. But in Germany, nudity doesn’t automatically illicit eroticism—it depends on the context. And in a sauna, it’s just practical. We were told that bathing suits are not allowed—for health reasons, believe it or not—so if you want to experience a German sauna, you’ll have to bare it all. Don’t worry though, despite being naked, you won’t be stared at or creeped out. Nor do you have to worry about having body issues. You’ll be around strangers of all different shapes, […]

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