Reader Case: New York Doctor Dreams of Nomadic FIRE

Hi friends, our inbox has been exploding with reader cases and since we’re in isolation anyway, I thought it would be a good time to pick one. This one comes to us from a New York primary care doctor, who, before we get started, I just want to extend my sincerest thanks. Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic on the front lines, coping with mask shortages, and a medical system stretched to the brink, they’re fighting this unrelenting virus day in and day out, We salute you, brave soldiers of medicine. Thank you for saving our lives. (note: e-mail has be edited […]

COVID-19: Geographic Arbitrage on Hard Mode

A 1 AM call is never followed by good news. This was the case five years ago. We’d just fallen asleep, but were jolted awake by the urgent ringing of Wanderer’s phone. As it turns out, Wanderer’s grandmother was in the ICU, and we had to fly home ASAP. When you live a nomadic lifestyle, you have to be prepared to fly home at the drop of a hat. When you live everywhere and nowhere, flexibility is key. Which is why we live out of two backpacks so we can pack everything in 15 mins and be out the door.  […]

Reader Case: Young and Worried About Finances

Hi y’all! It’s been a while since we wrote a reader case hasn’t it? Well, back by popular demand, here’s one from a 25-year-old who’s worried she’s behind the curve when it comes to her finances:   “I just finished reading Quit Like a Millionaire (in one day, couldn’t put it down!) and I am feeling very inspired. However, I am NOwhere near where I should be at age 25 with my finances. I’ve been putting off creating a budget, retirement plans, and saving since I graduated college and I’m not sure why. I feel like there are probably a […]

From Junkie to FIRE

I am continually inspired by people who take the time to write to us and share their story of how they overcame their own personal hang ups about money, life, or whatever to get on the path to FIRE. We’ve all been there. I myself grew up in abject poverty and suffered from a brief addiction to purses. But some people had it even worse. Some people were actual addicts. And that’s who we’re talking to today. Ryan, thank you talking to us. You have quite a unique journey in that you were homeless and a drug addict at one […]

Our 2019 Finances

    2019 marks the 4th year of our retirement. This means we’ve been out of the workforce for the same amount of time it took us to get our engineering degrees! And for the first time since we’ve been sans-paycheque, our net worth went up by 24% in just 1 year! We made MORE money this year than our highest combined income year as engineers. Say what? Did we go nuts and throw a buttload of money into bitcoin? Secretively buy a bunch of rental estate? Pimp Wanderer out as a man-whore? Nope, nope, and…well, that’s a story for […]

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