Let’s Go Exploring! Scared Shitless in Bocas Del Toro

  When I first came face to face with a shark, my immediate thought was “Oh shit, that’s a shark!” closely followed by “Um, I think I’ll just drift in the opposite direction now. Do-di-do.” Before coming to Bocas Town in Bocas Del Toro, I always thought sharks were something you see way out in the middle of the ocean, hidden far far away, along with those scary ass squid with the football sized eyes that terrorized my nightmares. So imagine my surprised when, on a crystal clear blue day, while snorkelling around nearly deserted beach, we came within an […]

Scaling the Wall of Fear

  On the flight here to Dallas from Quito, we ran into heavy turbulence. And by that I mean, me white-knuckling the hand rest thinking “why oh why did I get on this plane?” while staring out the window, willing the plane to stay up type of turbulence. Even though the experience was harrowing and extremely NOT fun, the second I walked off that aluminium tub, I promptly forgot about the whole thing. And then once FinCon started, I barely remembered how scared I was. Even though at the time, the terror of being shaken like a rag doll while […]

FinCon Madness!

Hey peeps! We’re spending this week at FinCon partying with our favourite bloggers and getting into all sorts of shenanigans. Lots of cool stuff happening, including hanging out with J.Money, J.D.Roth, the MadFientist, Katie from Popup Business School, Mrs.Frugalwoods, Brad and Jonathan from ChooseFI, Carl from 1500 days, Mr and Mrs. ONL, Gwen from Fiery Millennials, Grant from Millennial Money, and a whole lot more! The weird thing about FinCon is that you end up fan-girling over your favourite bloggers, while at the same time, somehow also being fan-girled over. I was waiting to chat with Pat Flynn from The Smart Passive […]

Chautauqua Ecuador Recap: Facing Your Fears

We just finished up our Chautauqua week at the beautiful El Encanto in Ecuador, and before flying out to Dallas to start FinCon, I thought I’d just give you a recap of our Chautauqua experience. Having been to Chautauqua UK, it was REALLY tempting to pit the two against each other…I mean, that’s just how our stupid competitive brains work. My brain kept wondering, what would the setting be like? How could anything top an 18th century manor and deer-covered countryside? Would my new Ecuador tribe live up to such high expectations from the besties we met in the UK? […]

Chautauqua Ecuador: The Super-Villainy Continues…

Coming back from the Galapagos, it seemed that very little could top the sheer epicness of swimming with sharks, lounging on the beach with sea lions, and eating lunch with 150-year-old turtles. But of course Chautuaqua managed to, once again, quickly blow past my expectations–and the week has barely even started! The awesome surprises just kept coming, one after another. First, Paula Pant, from week 1 stayed over an extra night (or “crashed our party” as she put it), so we got to meet the one and only creator of our frequently mentioned 1% rule of thumb for real-estate. That, […]

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