How To Invest in the U.A.E.

Today I’d like to introduce you all to a friend I met during this year’s Chautauqua in Greece. I’m endlessly fascinated by how people from other countries pull off FIRE, and Steve Cronin is an expert on how to invest towards Financial Independence while living as an expat in the United Arab Emirates. Not only that, he’s got his own blog where he writes about expat investing, and he regularly hosts workshops in Dubai about this stuff, so we’re super excited to have him come on and share some of his knowledge:  Steve, welcome! Thanks, I enjoyed being part […]

Reader Case Update: The South Korean English Teacher Returns

On this blog, we have a lot of fun. We make a bunch of dick jokes, we make fun of home boners, we do a WHOLE lot of MATHING SHIT UP, and, occasionally, we change people’s lives. Hopefully for the better. But as much as I’d like to take as much credit for these cases as I can, the truth is the only thing we can do here is trivially minor. We do some analysis, we provided a few insights, maybe suggest a few changes people could make, and that’s pretty much it. A blog post by itself does nothing. […]

The Hedonic Treadmill of Smart Phones

“Whoa, is that your phone?” We were at Chautauqua Greece and I had whipped out my smart phone to take out a picture. And as soon as I did, it was snatched out of my hands, passed around the group like an alien baby as a crowd of onlookers gawked at my trusty…iPhone 4S.   I remember when I first bought that, all the way back in 2011. Despite working in tech all my life, I had resisted the smart phone revolution for the longest time, instead relying on those quaint little “cell phone” devices that primarily, you know, made […]

Reader Case: Injured and can’t work, am I going be OK?

It’s Friday, and you know what that means. READER CASE TIME! Today’s case was especially difficult because it deals with something I have very little experience with: disability. I’ve (thankfully) never experienced it personally, nor has anyone in my immediate family. So I’m obviously not an expert at this at all, but at the past Chautauqua I had the privilege to meet several attendees who have struggled with this problem and how they navigated the system. I learned a lot from them, and as a result I have at least a base level knowledge in this, but again, I’m by […]

Technology is Making it Easier Than Ever to Become F.I.

Every so often, I wake up and there’s a brief moment of confusion where I have no idea where in the world I am. Wait, am I in Panama, or Greece, or Singapore? Oh wait, none of the above. I’m in Latvia. And that feeling is quickly followed by an overwhelming wave of happiness and wonder that this, travelling the world perpetually with my best friend and doing what we both love, is my reality now. When people remark about how lucky we are to become F.I. at such a young age, I make it a point to stop and […]

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