Reader Case: At the Starting Line to FIRE

Hey everyone! In our continuing struggle to get back to a somewhat normal posting schedule, today we decided to do a reader case! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? A recurring theme we’re getting from customer reviews of our book is that they “wish they knew all this 20 years ago!” To those people, I always respond that it’s never too late to get started, but to their point all this information we present does have the greatest impact on a person’s life if they receive it at the beginning of their working careers. Fortunately, today’s case comes from someone […]

Reader Case: Keep Calm and FIRE On

It’s Friday, and you know what that means: Reader Case Time! Today’s reader case comes from Jolly Old England. Well, it used to be Jolly. These days English politics is more about acrimious name-calling and people throwing milkshakes at each other if the news is to be believed, but regardless let’s get into it, shall we? Hello Guys, Firstly, thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge with us all; it’s greatly appreciated. Secondly, we would love your help on evaluating how quickly we could be financially free based on our current situation 😉 We live in UK; near London. […]

The US China Trade War

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed that the US and China have been getting…a little testy with each other. Dow Dives as Markets React to Trade War with China –CNN, May 13, 2019 Boston Fed President: Tarriffs Have The Potential To Slow Down Economy –CNN Business, May 22, 2019 Dow in Freefall as Terrifying 15 Year US China Trade War Looms Large –CCN, May 23, 2019 Yikes. OK so what’s going on here? Why are the US and China in a trade war? What does it mean for our investments? And what changes (if any) […]

Reader Case: Should I Buy a House as a Passive Investment?

It’s Friday, and you know what that means: Reader Case time! Today’s reader case comes from a familiar place: A Canadian wanting to buy a house because they want to use it as a “passive investment.” Hoo boy. Now I know that it may seem like we have a bit of an anti-housing bias on this site, but we’re not actually anti-housing as much as we are pro-math. We will go where the math takes us, and if it tells us that it’s OK to buy, we will say so. So with that in mind, let’s dive in, shall we? […]

FUD, FOMO and Bitcoin

After last week’s rather amusing debate about crypto-currencies, I thought it’d be interesting to keep the conversation going by examining two rather interesting reactions that came out of that in the comments: FUD and FOMO. What are FUD and FOMO? FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainity, and Doubt. I first heard this term from salespeople in the high tech sector, who used the strategy of spreading rumours about rival companies (“I heard their chips catch fire all the time”) in order to make their companies’ products look better by comparison, but it also applies in the investment world too. Basically, when […]

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