The Yield Shield: Taxes

I thought I was done talking about this, but due to the high level of interest in this series, I’m going to do one more article on this, as well as create a series that you can access from the menu bar. Just hover over “Series” and you’ll see a link to the Yield Shield articles. So to recap, we’ve covered the Four Pillars of the Yield Shield, which are: Preferred Shares Real Estate Investment Trusts Corporate/High Yield Bonds High-Dividend Stocks And we also talked about how to put these pillars together to boost the yield of your portfolio and […]

Reader Case: Laid Off With a Condo

Hey all! It’s Friday, so time for another reader case! “I’m 39 years old and I’m on the road to FI, or perhaps I have just reached it, thanks to your and Wanderer’s great help. I followed along on the Investment Workshop, and my Questrade account is humming along nicely, along with a recent rebalancing for the Yield Shield. I own a condo in downtown Toronto that I am considering selling, a bachelor suite that is 480 square feet (I guess that is considered a ‘closet’ for some high-rollers).  The condo market is still bonkers right now, although the housing […]

The Yield Shield: Putting it all Together

Today we will be concluding our multi-part series on the Yield Shield. Over the past few weeks we wrote about all the parts that make up the Yield Shield, namely: Preferred Shares Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Corporate/High Yield Bonds Dividend Stocks And throughout it all, people have been emailing me asking “Yeah that’s great, but how do I put it all together to assemble my own Yield Shield?” So today we’re going to be talking about exactly that. It’s All About Pivoting Building a Yield Shield isn’t hard. It’s simply a matter of taking your existing low-cost indexed portfolio […]

The Yield Shield: Dividend Stocks

This header image may be confusing to most of you when talking about dividends, but by the end of this article it will all make sense, I promise. Today we will be rounding out our article series on the Yield Shield. So far, we’ve discussed three pillars of the yield shield, which are: Preferred Shares Real Estate Investment Trusts Corporate Bonds Today we will be discussing the 4th and final pillar of the Yield Shield: High-Dividend Stocks. What is a Dividend? To give some background, as a company grows and makes money, they can basically choose to do two things […]

Friday Reader Case: How Should I Position My Portfolio For Retirement?

Hey hey hey! It’s Friday, so it’s time for a reader’s case! Hi FC! I’ve been studying FIRE seriously since 2014, and I was hoping to pull the plug next year, or at least seriously decrease my day job, so I can work on my side hustle and enjoy time with our kids. Most people our age are in the accumulation stage and think I’m nuts. My husband is willing to work for another year or so, but is increasingly interested in FIRE also. My gross income $182,995.66 + side hustle (haven’t calculated this past year, but usually <$10K) Husband […]

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