Why The Banks Are Out To Get You

So over the break we opened up our email and saw this: Hello and Happy New Year! I’m very much enjoying your book, Quit like a Millionaire, and have a question regarding Chapter 10, specifically on the ability to purchase index funds without a fund manager. Was this set up and purchase of the index fund referenced in Chapter 10 conducted within or outside of Canada (i.e. under “How to Steal from Wall Street” section pg 98 in my book copy)? I am in Canada and have been informed by my financial institution that I’m unable to purchase index funds […]

Our 2019 Finances Part 2

Continuing on from last week’s 2019 spending roundup, I thought I’d take today to give an update on the earnings side of our 2019. How did our Blog/Book Do? I’ve said this before, but I never expected to make any income once we retired. I’d used the POT score (for those of you with college-bound kids or are looking to switch careers, use this score to evaluate and compare degrees) in Quit Like a Millionaire to figure out which degree would increase my income the most per dollar spend on education, but who knew that you could actually make money […]

Why You Don’t Trade on the News: A 2019 Recap

As we come up to the end of the 2019 rolls to a close, it’s natural to get reflective this time of year about all the stuff that’s happened over the last twelve months. And as I do I realize HOLY CRAP has a lot of stuff happened! Let’s take a look back, shall we? The Longest-Ever Government Shutdown Last Christmas seems forever ago, but let’s not forget that 2019 started off with absolute anarchy in the Federal government. Trump was demanding money to build that wall of his (wasn’t Mexico supposed to pay for it or something?), the newly-Democratic […]

How To Travel The World Without Killing Your Spouse – Part 2

Continuing on from last week’s post, today we will be going over Part 2 of Millennial Revolution’s Guide to Travelling as a Couple And Not Killing Each Other! Rule #4: Don’t Obsess Over Things You Can’t Control Tell me if this sounds familiar: You go somewhere on vacation as a couple and one person just seems in a perpetually bad mood for seemingly no reason. The plane ride might have been uncomfortable, the taxi took too long or was too expensive, the coffee in the hotel room tastes like crap. Nothing in particular went catastrophically wrong, but the steady drip-drip-drip […]

How To Travel The World Without Killing Your Spouse

After Chautauqua Portugal, we ended up spending a few weeks meeting up with friends around Europe and catching up. One couple in particular was a previous attendee from Greece. Financially, they were in great shape, and on top of that, they had a super-stressful job (sound familiar?), wanted to get out there and start travelling, and basically live the awesome awesome life we live. So knowing all that, plus the fact that they had backpacked across SE Asia before when they were younger, we were comfortable giving them the thumbs-up to GO FOR IT! As it turns out, their experience […]

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