Reader Case: Producers Dreaming of Partial FIRE

Hey all! It’s Friday, so you know what that means…another Reader Case! Hi FIRECracker & Wanderer,  Thank you so much for all you’ve written. I read your book and then found my way to the blog, and have been learning so much! My fiance and I have been planning our future with all these long pandemic evenings at home, and we are so excited about the possibilities your writing has shown us!  I haven’t been able to find any writing on the blog about Partial FI, so I wanted to ask you about it. We both love the work we […]

Is Joe Biden coming for your Money?

US politics has been admittedly kind of boring lately, with the current US president just “going to work” and “doing his job” rather than “threatening to nuke a hurricane” on a daily basis, but I thought it was time to check in with what good ol’ J to the B was up to these days. Turns out, quite a bit! After passing a COVID stimulus bill back in March worth $1.9 trillion, Biden and the Democrats have been rolling out proposal after proposal, each with equally eye-popping price tags. The American Jobs Plan & the American Family Plan unveiled last […]

FIREDating App’s Creator Speaks Out

I’ve covered the FIREDating app a few times now, once when I discovered it back in the summer of 2020 and again when I learned that two of our readers actually learned about the app on this blog, and then ended up getting together. But whoever made it always remained a bit of a mystery. Why did they build it, and what were they hoping to accomplish with it? So I reached out to the site’s creator Viktor to ask a few questions. Surprisingly, he wrote back! This is what he said. Wanderer: Viktor, we first heard about your app […]

Reader Case: Golden Handcuffs

  It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, and now that we’re in ANOTHER lockdown, it’s as good a time as any to open up another reader case.  Ready? Here we go: Hello Firecracker and Wanderer, Long time reader, first time writer. I need a sanity check about whether or not to leave my job.  I know this is a no-brainer for you but hear me out.  I am a U.S. special category federal employee, which means I get benefits that, from what I have heard/read, no longer exist.  My employment category receives an even better pension than most other […]

Finding Love During Covid

A few months ago, we wrote about a FIRE dating app that someone had made. Apparently, that post triggered a flood of traffic to the app, and people actually started hooking up on it! We got an email recently from the creator telling us that there was a couple, both of whom were readers of this blog, that learned about the app from that post, signed up, got matched, and were now dating. How cool is that? We were their matchmakers! So I reached out to them on Zoom to learn about their story. Meet FIRE dating couple Rebecca and […]

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