Does Gen Z Have it Harder Than Millennials?

“I am so sick of you people bashing Boomers…” I was going through the usual bag of hate mail our site attracts, and was about to hit delete on yet another angry ranting Boomer when something he said caught my eye. “Millennials won’t be young forever, you know. Enjoy getting old and becoming the butt of everyone’s jokes!” He does have a point. Time marches forward, and one day we would get older, and maybe then the next generation would see us as antiquated as Boomers do to us. I just didn’t expect it to start happening so soon. The […]

When To Pay Off Your Low-Interest Mortgage

Note: Winners of last week’s book contest will be announced at the end of this post A few weeks ago, we posted a reader case Can’t Work Because of Health Issues and Worried, in which our reader had recently become disabled, unable to work, and was worried that their financial situation was going to go into the crapper. As it turns out, no, she was going to be fine, and one of the main reasons is because she made the conscious choice to pay down her debt, first her credit card, and then her mortgage. She wrote me back after […]

Reader Case: Can’t Work Because of Health Issues and Worried

Hi everyone! What day is it? It’s reader case day! Today’s reader case has been dealt a bad hand health-wise, and can no longer work. A bad situation, to be sure, but can mathing shit up give us a path forward? Read on and find out! Hello,  Like many of your readers, I think your story, book and blog might just changed our lives. I really would appreciate help in determining how to improve our financial situation. Quick Story I am married with a fabulous husband, a 13 year old son and we live in Edmonton Alberta. I collapsed at my job […]

A Flattening Yield Curve: What Does It Mean?

You know, prior to having a kid, I never understood parents’ burning desire to get out of the house and have adult conversations. But now that I have one, I totally get it. Your entire day just ends up revolving around the baby. What does it eat? Why is it crying? What consistency is its poop? Ugh. So thank God we have this blog and I get to write about topics that are the exact opposite of poopy diapers: bond yield curves. So buckle up everyone, it’s ADULT CONVERSATION TIME! WOOO! What have Bond Yields Been Up To? While pretty […]

Reader Case: Future Empty Nesters

Hello all! Well, it’s been a while since we took a look at our inbox, so let’s dive in there and see what interesting reader cases have been waiting for us! As busy, sleep-deprived parents of a newborn, today’s reader case deals with an issue near and dear to our hearts: What to do when the kids are out of the nest and you have all the time in the world again? Aah, such luxury. Such distant, distant luxury. Kristy, I read your book and thanks so much for potentially looking at our case and providing your advice! I remember […]

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