Why We Can’t Stop Travelling

Play for full effect. This year marks our third straight year of near-continuous world travel, and some of the most common questions we get when we come by home to see friends and family are “don’t you ever get tired of travelling?” or “don’t you miss having roots?” or my favorite “don’t you miss having stability?” And when we get those questions, the answer is always no, no, and a thousand times no. What people back home still fail to understand is that this whole travelling thing isn’t something we’re “getting out of our system.” This is our life now, […]

Reader Case: Locked-In Pension Holding Me Back!

Hey all, It’s Friday, so here we go again: another reader case! After Monday’s article on retiring with a locked-in pension, I thought it would be fun/instructive to show how to do an analysis with an actual reader having this exact problem. Hi Firecracker/Wanderer, Love you guys and are so inspired by what you’re doing! I would TOTALLY appreciate your advice regarding our financial situation so here goes… I’m currently 41 years old (husband 42), have two kids (12 and 10), live in Regina SK and would love to quit the rat race because my job is affecting my health. […]

How to Retire Early with a Locked-In Pension

For some odd reason, we’ve gotten a recent flood of emails asking us about how to pull off this whole FIRE thing if they have some kind of locked-in retirement account (eg. pension), so I thought I’d use today’s article to address this. What is a Locked-In Account? A Locked-In account is the catch-all term for any retirement account that has an age limit on when you can withdraw. Note that there is a distinction between an actual Locked-In Account versus a supposedly Locked-In Account that you can access using some form of loophole. The American 401(k)/403(b)/TSP is a good example of […]

Reader Case: Home Owner Can’t Stop Spending

Hey all! It’s Friday, and you know what that means: Reader Case time! But before we begin, if you’re going to write into us asking us to analyze your finances, please follow the guidelines here. It’s to ensure that when we get to your reader case, we have enough information to actually come up with a meaningful response. As much as we’d like to help everyone, the days where we had the time to correspond back-and-forth with people asking for missing information is long gone. If we get to your case and see any information missing, your reader case will not […]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Target Date Funds

For some reason lately I’ve been getting a bunch of emails asking me what I think of a particular Target Date Fund, so I thought this would make a good article. But before we get into what I think of these things (hint: It’s in the title of this article), let’s first talk about what these things are. What is a Target Date Fund? Target Date funds are also known as Lifecycle Funds, Age-based Funds, or Dynamic Risk Funds. That last one sounds makes it sound pretty cool, but basically what Target Date funds do is adjust your asset allocation […]

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