Reader Case: Should I Enter The Market?

It’s Friday, and you know what that means…Reader Study Time! Today’s reader has a few questions for us, but the main one is one that’s been asked a lot lately: When is a good time to enter the market? So without further ado, onto their email! I am single and in late twenties in Canada. I am wondering how I best allocate the $95k (and growing monthly) I have sitting in the chequing account & any additional suggestions. Based on what I have had read the stock market seems highly valuated (higher average PE ratio, with lower future projected returns) […]

How Does a Pension Affect My 401(k)/RRSP Withdrawal?

Pensions. Remember those things? No? Well then gather round, young Millennials. It’s Story Time! You see, back in the days of yore (i.e. the 60’s), companies had these magical things called “pensions” that they offered to their employees as part of this other magical thing called “benefits.” I know, I know, it sounds crazy but it was a different time. I also think cars worked by sticking your feet through the bottom and running on the pavement back then. ANYHOO, here’s how these things worked. The employer would automatically take a small contribution off their employee’s paycheck (pre-tax, of course). […]

Reader Case: Bay Area Conundrum

Another Friday, another Reader Case! Yaaaay! Today’s reader comes from the Bay Area. Home of Silicon Valley, the Golden Gate Bridge, and some of the most unaffordable housing in the country. Let’s dive in, shall we? F&W, Thanks for your work. My partner (26) and I (29) have been reading for months and appreciate your insight and blunt honesty! Hoping you can give us your opinion on our situation… thanks in advance! Your gross/net annual family income Me: $100K gross / almost 80K net (including 401K and HSA, mine and employer’s contributions). not counting those, it’d be 57K salary net […]

Norbert’s Gambit: How to Exchange Money Without Paying Fees

We frequently get questions from our readers about how we handle exchanging foreign currencies while living in so many countries. And our standard answer was: a combination of a credit card with no forex fees and a checking account that reimburses foreign ATM access fees. This way, you could simply hold most of your wealth in one currency, then spend it frictionlessly all around the world! And that system has worked out pretty well for us. Until. NOW! Why now? Well, while we were working the vast majority of our money was earned in Canadian dollars, so our portfolio was […]

Reader Case: Can this 24-year-old from DC Retire Early?

It’s Friday, and you know what that means: Reader Case time! And for the first Reader Case of 2019, we’re gonna pick a doozy. Income Gross Income: $95,000 (Combined) Myself: $50,500/year. My Husband: $60,000/year Net Income: $75,000 (Combined) Myself: $30,600 ( After tax, health insurance and 401k contributions) My Husband: $45,000 (we pay his taxes deductions at the end of the year) Monthly net income: Myself $2,550. Husband: $3,750 [Combined: $6,300/monthly] Monthly Spending: Transportation – $575 month (Ubers really add up quickly) [$6,900/year] Cable – $127 (he can’t seem to live without sports channels) [$1,524/year] Cellphones : $150 (both of […]

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