The Hedonic Treadmill of Smart Phones

“Whoa, is that your phone?” We were at Chautauqua Greece and I had whipped out my smart phone to take out a picture. And as soon as I did, it was snatched out of my hands, passed around the group like an alien baby as a crowd of onlookers gawked at my trusty…iPhone 4S.   I remember when I first bought that, all the way back in 2011. Despite working in tech all my life, I had resisted the smart phone revolution for the longest time, instead relying on those quaint little “cell phone” devices that primarily, you know, made […]

Reader Case: Injured and can’t work, am I going be OK?

It’s Friday, and you know what that means. READER CASE TIME! Today’s case was especially difficult because it deals with something I have very little experience with: disability. I’ve (thankfully) never experienced it personally, nor has anyone in my immediate family. So I’m obviously not an expert at this at all, but at the past Chautauqua I had the privilege to meet several attendees who have struggled with this problem and how they navigated the system. I learned a lot from them, and as a result I have at least a base level knowledge in this, but again, I’m by […]

Technology is Making it Easier Than Ever to Become F.I.

Every so often, I wake up and there’s a brief moment of confusion where I have no idea where in the world I am. Wait, am I in Panama, or Greece, or Singapore? Oh wait, none of the above. I’m in Latvia. And that feeling is quickly followed by an overwhelming wave of happiness and wonder that this, travelling the world perpetually with my best friend and doing what we both love, is my reality now. When people remark about how lucky we are to become F.I. at such a young age, I make it a point to stop and […]

Reader Case: Twenty Five To Life

It’s Friday, and you know what that means…another Reader Case! This one’s from someone who’s just starting off in their FI journey, which is always awesome since the earlier we reach people with our message of early retirement and infinite freedom, the sooner we can get people there! So without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we? Hi Firecracker & Wanderer, I’m a single 25 year old, living in one of the most expensive cities in Canada, and looking for some direction to be financially independent. While I’m not burnt out and planning to retire soon, I’d like the […]

Why You Should Be Happy The Markets Are Crashing

One of the nice things about being sequestered away in Greece for two weeks was our rather serene and much appreciated seperation from the daily news cycle. For two weeks, we were completely sheltered from the day-to-day shootings, terrorist attacks, and whatever the Hell Trump said/did/Twittered that day, and I gotta say, it was awesome. So it was a with a great deal of trepidition that I returned back to the real world last week and turned on my phone again. And as I feared, I got inundated with emails like this. “OMG, are you seeing what’s happening in the stock […]

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