Real Estate Agent Gets Crushed by Real Estate Math

Yikes, what a week it’s been in the news. It’s never a dull moment these days, is it? And this week is a real kicker. Just as the COVID pandemic made, and broke, the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths in the US, riots are breaking out around the world because of the long-simmering tensions between overly militarized police and Black Americans and people of colour. So I thought I’d give everyone a break from all the divisiveness and nastiness that we’re being bombarded with in the news and allow us all to focus on something that unites us all: Laughing […]

Investment Workshop 58: Funding our Wealthsimple Accounts

If you’d like to follow along with our Workshop, please click the below banner to open an account with Wealthsimple. While our Workshop is free, we use affiliate links to support the site so that we can keep offering this for free. Plus, if you open an account with this link, your first $10,000 will be managed for free! OK so we’ve opened our accounts, we’ve set up (and tweaked) our portfolio allocations, and our ETF makeup has been picked out for us. So what’s our next step? Let’s get some money invested! Linking Your Bank Accounts with Wealthsimple The […]

Reader Case: House Horny in Florida

This morning I woke up and realized it’s been a long time since I did a rent-vs-buy reader case. So I thought I’d dust off the ol’ “Housing” Gmail folder and take one for a spin. I’m weird like that. It’s getting hot here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I don’t mean just the temperature. My wife and I are being tempted to buy a house (gasp!) due to rising rents and the fact that we have a little baby girl due in July 2020. We feel like we’ve been doing well in our financial situation but have gotten confused […]

Our Pandemic Portfolio: How are our investments doing?

A reader recently asked us “how is your portfolio doing? Is the Yield Shield holding up?” And our reaction was “good question. We should probably take a look at that.” A side effect of not being terribly anxious during this crazy time is that we haven’t been checking our portfolio all that often, but now’s a good time as any to see how things are going in our retirement accounts. But before we dig into the numbers, just to recap our retirement income strategy, our ability to survive this recession is based on three things: The Yield Shield: Our portfolio […]

Reader Case: Investing for FIRE in Malaysia

I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little tired of the constant COVID-this and COVID-that coverage in the news, so just so I can remember what life used to be like before everything went all coo-coo-ca-ca, let’s do a reader case for old time’s sake! Hi Kristy, I have been reading your blog as well as that of your FIRE friends (RoG, GoCurryCracker etc). And I have done my calculations and projections for my retirement plan. But I need some advice because I think that we have some unique situations here in Malaysia that is affecting us […]

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