Reader Case: Retiring Early in Florida

Another Friday, another Reader Case! But before we start, we recently got this wonderful little note from a longtime reader who was featured in a previous Reader Case. I always enjoy these, if for no other reason than just to catch up and see how they’re doing. This reader’s story was first featured in the reader case “Reformed Debt-Junkie Wants To Retire With Kids” OH HEI!!! First up, congradjumafrickinlations on the book! I can’t get enough of yours and Bryce’s story as home-grown inspiration fodder, so it’s already on the to-read list! Major kudos on another book. You guys are […]

Does the Yield Curve Inverting Mean a Recession is Coming?

The past few days have been filled with breathless media reports, all of which admittedly sound scary. “Yield curve inversion: recession sign sparks panic” The panic over yield curve inversion, explained,   Now that one of the most reliable recession indicators in the market got triggered, investors across the globe are starting to worry if this could mean the U.S. economy is slowing down. The US bond yield curve has inverted. Here’s what it means, NBC That’s because on Friday, March 22, 2019, the US Treasury yield curve inverted. And because the yield curve inverting has historically signalled an […]

Reader Case: Is it EVER OK to Buy a House?

    It’s Friday, so you know what that means…Reader Case time! Today’s reader jumped out at me because of the provocative subject line: It is EVER OK to buy a house? Now, we here at have taken some strong positions on housing, but don’t get us wrong. We’re not against HOUSING, we’re against massive, unsustainable DEBT. After all, the decision to buy a house has to be weighed against the cost of rent. If it cost $1,000,000 to rent every month, yet buying cost $1, then obviously it would makes sense to buy. So there’s a balance point […]

Reader Case: Should I Enter The Market?

It’s Friday, and you know what that means…Reader Study Time! Today’s reader has a few questions for us, but the main one is one that’s been asked a lot lately: When is a good time to enter the market? So without further ado, onto their email! I am single and in late twenties in Canada. I am wondering how I best allocate the $95k (and growing monthly) I have sitting in the chequing account & any additional suggestions. Based on what I have had read the stock market seems highly valuated (higher average PE ratio, with lower future projected returns) […]

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