Do You Have the Right Personality for FIRE (Part 2)?

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Friend: “Why do I have to take this test? It’s so dumb.”

Me: “Just do it. You know you want to.”

Friend: “NO! I refuse! I REFUSE! ”

Me: *Waits 24 hours. Cell phone pings*

Friend: “Okay fine. I took your stupid test. Here’s what I got…”

If you’re a horrible friend like me and love wasting other people’s time, you’ll get why I was so happy to get 568 Revolutionaries to fill out the quiz I wrote about last week .

At around 2,000 unique visitors that day, that’s a participation rate of 28%! Based on the “1% rule of internet culture” (1% of the people participate, 99% of people read), that’s 28X the norm!

Take that, people on the internet! Resistance is futile!

And since I’ve wasted enough of your time, let’s at least make it worthwhile by diving into your results:

[totalpoll id=”4164″ fragment=”results”]

Total participants: 568


Most common types:

  • INTJ (Architect) – 24.3%
  • ISTJ (Logistician) – 17.6%
  • INTP (Logician) – 9%


Most unique types:

  • ISFP (Adventurer) – 1.23%
  • ESFP (Entertainer) – 1.4%
  • ESTP (Entrepreneur) – 1.58%


How You Interact:

Extroverts (E): 27.54%

Introverts (I): 72.46%



“Intellectuals” (NT traits) – 42.82%

  • Plans for big picture and the future
  • Takes calculated risks
  • Willing to trade off present happiness for long-term gain


“Protectors” (SJ traits) – 33%

  • Plans for emergencies and retirement
  • Protectors of the “Stash”
  • Willing to trade off some gains to mitigate risks


“Visionaries” (NF traits)- 17.03%

  • More emotional than pragmatic
  • Sees money as extension of themselves
  • Spending habits revolve around emotions, compassion, and relationships.


“Creators” (SP traits) – 7.51%

  • Work hard. Play Hard.
  • Live in the moment
  • Risk takers, entrepreneurial


So what can we conclude from all this?

Well, first of all, over 2/3 of Revolutionaries are Introverts (72%), double the amount of Extroverts (28%).

I guess that makes sense. Introverts like staying in and reading our lame-ass blog, whereas extroverts would rather go out, eat space cakes, and do jello shots off each other. (Not judging. We’ve all been there).

The most common type is INTJ (Architect). Not surprising since, within the FIRE bloggers, the 3 most common are INTJ, ENTJ, and ISTJ. What IS surprising is that INTJs make up only 2.1% of the general population!

Which makes sense. If you want to be exceptional, DON’T follow the herd.

The next 2 common types are ISTJ (17.6%) and INTP (9%), who fall under the “Protector” and “Intellectual” types.

Since we write about saving (Travel Hacking, Traveling the world for 40K/year) and investing (The Investment Workshop), I’m guessing the “Protectors” and “Intellectual” Revolutionaries are into it because, like us, they get a rush from budgets and projected future growth (*sexy growl*).

The 3 most unique Revolutionary types are ISFP (1.23%), ESFP (1.4%), ESTP (1.58%). Now, the downside of being a rare unicorn is that there are less people to relate to. BUT on the upside is that…you are a FUCKING UNICORN! YEAH BABY! There aren’t a lot of FIRE people like you, so now you can carve your own path and flip your sceptics off when you reach FIRE!

And now let’s move on to the categories.

When we split the Revolutionaries into 4 categories, Intellectuals, Protectors, Visionaries, and Creators, “Intellectuals” (NTs like Wanderer) made up the biggest slice at 42.82%. These are the people who, as kids, passed “The Marshmallow Test” with flying colours, and then hatched a diabolical plan to get a truckload of marshmallows because why the HELL not? This trait makes FIRE an ideal choice for Intellectuals. Why? Because it’s easy for them to justify trading off pain NOW, in order to be free FOREVER.

Next up are the “Protectors” (SJs like myself) at 33%. We are the weirdos who get off on optimizing budgets. Yup. That’s right. My Friday nights are spent fawning over my budgeting spreadsheets, printing them out, and then rolling around in a pile of them like a golden retriever. “Look at my spreadsheets, honey! Look at them! Look at them! Why aren’t you looking at them! WAHHHH! WAHHH!” Can you see why I don’t have a lot of friends?

And then we have the “Visionaries” (NFs) who make up 17.03% of the Revolutionaries. These are the kind and compassionate flower children who want to change the world. Spending extra money is okay as long as there’s a chance it’ll improve friendships and relationships. The upside is that once you become financial independent, you’ll have TONs of causes to work on and lots of time to make the world a better place. But pragmatic assholes will probably give you a run for your money (literally), since they are willing to trade up relationships for financial goals. So your path might end up being longer and more meandering, but that’s okay. The hordes of friends and family supporting you makes it all worth while.

And finally you have the “Creators” (SPs) who make up 7.51%. As people who live in the moment and love risk, you’ll likely have no problem cowboying it up with a portfolio with 90/10 allocation or even 100% equities! Which is fine for the accumulation phase, but could get shaky once you actually retire and need to rely on steady income. On the plus side, your work hard, play hard attitude will likely push you to build a side income (and probably also do A LOT of blow and hookers along the way). FUCK YEAH!

Now that you know more about your fellow Revolutionaries, what do you think of the results?

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48 thoughts on “Do You Have the Right Personality for FIRE (Part 2)?”

  1. Test is wrong, I am no i person, i am 100% e. Once someone described me as a creapy clown… Definitely not extroverted.

  2. The results of the test seem to make perfect sense to my eyes. Most FIRE bloggers tend to come from engineering backgrounds, and are somewhat introverted…I think FireCracker could be the exception here. 😉

    After reading this, I do have one question: WTF is a space cake?

    1. I used to be introverted but became more extroverted over time because I realized it would help me get further in my career and relationships 🙂

      Space cake is another word for “pot brownie”. We ate one between the 2 of us in Amsterdam, then tried to bike for 45mins back to our AirBnB. Worst. Idea. Ever.

        1. That might be a long and meandering post. I’ll think it over and if doesn’t sound boring as hell, I’ll write it.

          1. I read somewhere that extroverts can be shy as well and introverts can be outgoing. So there might not have been any change at all – just overcoming complexes.

            1. That’s true, but I used to get my energy from being by myself. As a child, I loved to read and make up stories in my head. I wasn’t a big fan of crowds or places with lots of people.

              But that changed after highschool. I started to like being around people and didn’t like being alone as much. And then after university and once I started to get my energy around being with others. Not all the time, of course, but generally being around people made me happy. Until work started getting crazy, then I got all protective of my time (because the only time I had to write was after work) and started to spend less and less time with people. But now that I have time again, I enjoy meeting new people on our travels. It’s one of the best parts of travelling.

              So maybe I’m borderline E and I. Can be happy alone or with others, and just swinging back and forth depending on where I was in life.

              1. oh yeah maybe an ambivert then- I heard most people are. Here’s a dilemma- I’m an INTJ and super introverted- so I get drained around people no matter what. But I also kind of like being around people and being in charge:) I think lots of INTJs can relate to that.

                1. Maybe you like the power? 🙂 Power overrides your introversion because logic (“T) is taking over.

                  Your feelings be like: “I feel tired, I wanna go home”, but your brain’s like “shut the fuck up, fool!” And then you chant “power power. power power” under your breath while moving your minions around like pawns and making them do your bidding.

                  *ahem* I think I’ve been watching too many super-villain movies…

                  1. More like – I don’t want anybody to mess up in a way that affects me- so I need to control others and things they do so that I can do what I want the way I want it without interference. Also I need to unload sarcasm on people from time to time.

                    Super villains are almost always INTJ or ENTJ 🙂

                    1. well, of course unloading sarcasm on people is of paramount importance. I mean, otherwise how will they know they suck?

                      I see the connection now. Super-villains = INTJ or ENTJ… most of this blog’s readers are INTJ. Hmmmm. I really hope Batman isn’t reading this right now…

    1. We’re about that rare in the wild too, so it means we’re balanced… We argue for all the perspectives equally.

      But you didn’t really choose a side so I don’t know how to tell you exactly why you’re wrong.

    2. Here too ENTP. Problem you’ll find is analysis paralysis. You’ll spend more time analyzing whether 40% or 30% bonds is better or whether XIU or VUN is better.

      Also you’ll tend to be that person no one likes to argue with because you’ll switch angles. And you’ll always play the devils advocate even if you don’t believe in it.

      For FI, it can be a challenge but having a blog like this really helps make the decisions easier.

      1. Interesting and good to know! I think this is why the online FIRE community is important. No one ever succeeded by working in a vacuum. Especially us. We would’ve never made it if weren’t for MMM, JLCollins, MadFientist, etc, showing us the way, so I’m glad we can pass our learnings along.

    1. Yeah, I guess you’re a strong ISTJ then. The test is good for picking out some types, but for others it swings a lot and isn’t accurate. Glad it’s working out for you!

    1. That’s okay. It’s not your thing. Normally, I HATE personality tests (I’m too logical for it), but I do like how this one makes me aware of motivates others. It’s not the most scientific test ever, but it does shed light on how some of my friends think.

  3. This is so funny that most of these people are introverts! Maybe the sample is a bit skewed since it’s taken via the internet? Not sure. But it’s funny because us introverts are seen as typically unsuccessful little shut-ins. Not the case! 🙂

    1. Yeah, it might be skewed because it’s a blog.

      And I don’t think the introverts are 100% introverts. The test has a range, so they could just be perfectly fine with networking and dealing with people, but just need their “me time” every now.

      In my case, I’m an extrovert and have no problems introducing myself to strangers, doing public speaking, but I also don’t mind staying in and reading either. Parties AND alone time are both fun.

  4. Some of the things mentioned in the article as a joke are funny but I’m glad it was written because it broaches what I thought might be a taboo topic here.

    I’m an introvert with a secret, who hates to work, and started my own company 17 years ago. The success of the company allowed me to to invest in real estate, and I plan to sell the business in the next month or two to reach FI.

    My secret? I love the simple things in life and nothing makes me happier than sex with hookers (or what we call “escorts” in Toronto), which I’ve been having religiously for the past 10 years. I’ve had sexual relations with over 600 different escorts (including massage parlor attendants) over that time, and my Early Retirement income (after TMI) has set aside $3000/month toward escorts. I want the freedom to have sexual relations with various women virtually every single day for the rest of my life – if I choose to. All other funds will go toward vacations (which will include a bounty of cheap hookers), food, clothes, and entertainment (I haven’t played video games in 20 years, maybe I should try the new game consoles that are out now).

    Some day I might settle down with a special woman (the obvious bonus of having companionship and splitting the cost of living), but I believe that hooker sex will always be part of my lifestyle. It’s like when you have a chocolate craving and you can just go into any store and buy whatever chocolate you want. When I have a craving for sex (daily), I can just go to an escort agency website, pick up the phone and book a girl I find attractive, and get exactly what I want. I also dabble a lot with backpage escorts, but I digress.

    Some people love bungee jumping and drag racing. I love no strings attached sex, reading, and chilling.

    1. So, did I guessed correctly that you are an”SP”?! 😉

      Oh and on a side note, you need to check out Pascha in Cologne, Germany. Or Pattaya, Thailand.

  5. What a bunch of bloody narcissists.

    Let me take this test and find out all about me

    Oooo! I’m a wonderful *whatever*

    look at ME!


    Makes me want to puke.




    I’m a ENTJ….

    …clearly the best category of all. 😉

    1. Narcissist? I can’t be a narcissist. I mean how could I be a narcissist if I clearly don’t–wait what were we talking about again? Sorry, I just got distracted by my own reflection.

      *takes selfies with 2 cellphones at once*

  6. Re: I versus E: don’t mistake introvert for shy, or say you can’t be introverted because you have a high-profile/social job.
    These qualities are about where you get your energy from. Extroverts get recharged from being around other people, whereas introverts can do the social thing but it drains their energy. There are tons of extroverts ‘on the internet’ and introverts who just plan needed breaks from highly social activities.
    Interesting application of Myers-Briggs!

    1. Yeah, that makes sense. But I think generally people are within a range. No one is 100% I or E. For example, I lean towards E because I don’t like being by myself for long periods of time, but I also get tired if I’m going out all the time and meeting new people.

      But unlike Jacob from ERE, the idea of the prison cafeteria feeling more like a punishment than the cell, THAT I can’t relate to. I’d much rather be in the cafeteria.

  7. I’m an INTJ and will be until the day I die. In the real world, I am a rare find. Funny, this community of FIRE weirdos is full of INTJs. It’s probably good the rest of the world is not like us.

  8. Loved this article. What a great way to start my Monday off. Thanks for the free laugh. I especially liked your description of the “SP” person burning the candle from both ends. Tommy’s comment is also quite the pearl… necklace.

  9. I got ENFP- The Campaigner

    This describes me well. I see myself as a modern romantic, living by powerful ideals that keep my head in the clouds but my feet firmly planted on the ground. I love to shout for the things I believe in and find myself often in positions of public address with a sort of following around me.

    My ideals brought me to the concept of FIRE. I aim to live multiple lives– to explore mountaintops, to become a medically competent healer, to study the arcane weirdness of biology, to become a vagabond-ish singer, to get children excited to learn about the huge world around them, to build socially conscious enterprises using the power of finance..

    I believe FIRE will give me the freedom to take an authentic, persistent struggle for all of that, rather than just talk about it between coffee breaks. So, now I’m shouting about Financial Independence from rooftops! I want to see if FIRE (or at least FI) can truly make my friends and I into the best versions of ourselves. The kind of people we dreamed of growing into as kids. I want to help carry this torch that the FIREstarters have lit, and see where we can run with it.

  10. MBTI is specious. The traits are on a spectrum but it gives you binary results. I’m an INTP or an INTJ depending on the wind that day as I always land close to the middle on the P/J axis. You’re too smart to read into this the way you are. At least stick with the Big 5 or HEXACO if you must which give more consistent results.

      1. Fun, yes, as long as you can take it with a huge grain of salt. But there’s a giant cult behind it and really just creates self-fulfilling prophecies. This just perpetuates it.

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