Can You Analyze My Personal Situation?

Want us to comment on your personal financial situation?

Well, before we do that, let’s once again reiterate that we are NOT licensed financial advisors, and as such anything we say or write must be taken as suggestions only, not financial advice. If you choose to implement any changes, you and you alone take on responsibility for the result of that decision.

That being said if you’d still like to write us, we’d be glad to hear from you. When you do though, please include the following information:

  • Your gross/net annual family income
  • Your monthly family spending
  • For any debts you have, please include:
    • The interest rate
    • Your minimum monthly payment
    • The outstanding balance
  • Any fixed assets you have (house, car, etc.)
  • And investments or savings you have (cash, bonds, stocks, etc.)

If your case would be interesting to our readers, we will turn it into a case study post. If we do, we will obscure your identity.

Email us at  Please put “CASE STUDY” in the subject, otherwise it won’t get filtered properly and we won’t see it. We get a LOT of email…

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the high volume of Case Studies we receive on a daily basis, if you would not like your situation published as a Reader Case even with your identity obscured, please do not write in . Thank you for your understanding.

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