Reader Case: Same Sex Couple Wants to Retire Early Overseas

Guess what time it is? Reader case time! Hi! We are a same sex married couple currently in the US (S is in her mid 40s working here on 10 yr employer sponsored visa and T is in her 50s). We stumbled onto FIRE concept and your great book / blog a few years ago so we are late to the game, but since then we’ve slowly but certainly changed our spending and savings habits. Our current net worth (according to Empower) is around $1.1M, and our goal ·         Is to retire together in 5 years if possible (T has multiple […]

Joe Biden: Good or Bad for the FIRE Movement?

As the US enters an election year, the news media has become filled with talking heads and opinion pieces either excoriating the President Biden as worse than Hitler, or the best president to have ever done the job. Both extremes are exaggerated to get clicks, of course, but whether Joe Biden’s been a good or bad president really depends on who you ask. Every president passes policies that benefit one group of people at the expense of others. That’s the nature of the game. Depending on which group you happen to be in, you’ve seen those policies benefit, or hurt, […]

Reader Case: Is Our Age Gap OK?

I recently got an email with the subject line “Is our age gap a blessing or a curse?” and I giggled a bit. Because that’s a question that if you have to ask it, the answer is almost always “Dude, I’m pretty sure that’s a felony.” So on that note, let’s see what kind of felony our reader is committing, shall we? Hello Firecracker and Wanderer, It was really nice that I come across your book in a Facebook group for FIRE and since I have read your book twice and the simple path to wealth once and now I […]

Reader Case: We have an Infant and are House Horny. Help!

Guess what? Today, we’re going to do a reader case because the title caught my eye, and it was simply too tempting to pass up. I saw this: “we had our first baby 8 months ago and now we’re house horny…help!” while breastfeeding my son and scrolling through my phone (story of my life these days) and just had to read the rest of the e-mail. I mean, how you could not? It’s basically entrapment. So, without further ado, let’s get to it! Hi Kristy and Bryce, Hope you’re well today in the life of being new parents and a […]

Reader Case: When Your Best Laid Plans are Derailed

It’s time for another reader case! This one is about how no matter how carefully you plan your path to FI, sometimes things come along unexpectedly and derail you. Kind of like parenting actually. No matter how carefully I plan my day, Little Matchstick has a knack for turning it all upside down and you just have no clue he’s going to do next. So, without further ado, (and before my baby boy wakes up and takes over my day), let’s get to it! Ok, first of all, given that we lost Wanderer’s dad to cancer less than 4 months […]

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