Reader Case: We have an Infant and are House Horny. Help!

Guess what? Today, we’re going to do a reader case because the title caught my eye, and it was simply too tempting to pass up. I saw this: “we had our first baby 8 months ago and now we’re house horny…help!” while breastfeeding my son and scrolling through my phone (story of my life these days) and just had to read the rest of the e-mail. I mean, how you could not? It’s basically entrapment. So, without further ado, let’s get to it! Hi Kristy and Bryce, Hope you’re well today in the life of being new parents and a […]

Reader Case: When Your Best Laid Plans are Derailed

It’s time for another reader case! This one is about how no matter how carefully you plan your path to FI, sometimes things come along unexpectedly and derail you. Kind of like parenting actually. No matter how carefully I plan my day, Little Matchstick has a knack for turning it all upside down and you just have no clue he’s going to do next. So, without further ado, (and before my baby boy wakes up and takes over my day), let’s get to it! Ok, first of all, given that we lost Wanderer’s dad to cancer less than 4 months […]

Does Gen Z Have it Harder Than Millennials?

“I am so sick of you people bashing Boomers…” I was going through the usual bag of hate mail our site attracts, and was about to hit delete on yet another angry ranting Boomer when something he said caught my eye. “Millennials won’t be young forever, you know. Enjoy getting old and becoming the butt of everyone’s jokes!” He does have a point. Time marches forward, and one day we would get older, and maybe then the next generation would see us as antiquated as Boomers do to us. I just didn’t expect it to start happening so soon. The […]

Pathfinders Book Review

One of the life-changing blogs that got us on this FIRE path is JL Collins’s blog. This is why we call him the “Godfather of FI” and he has also written a book called “the Simple Path to Wealth“, which has been an international bestseller ever since its release in 2016. I’m thrilled to announce that JL has authored another book which is coming out next week on Oct 31! “Pathfinders” tells the stories of those who’ve followed The Path to financial independence that the Godfather has laid out in the book and succeeded.  It also has the coolest foreword, […]

Reader Case: Can’t Work Because of Health Issues and Worried

Hi everyone! What day is it? It’s reader case day! Today’s reader case has been dealt a bad hand health-wise, and can no longer work. A bad situation, to be sure, but can mathing shit up give us a path forward? Read on and find out! Hello,  Like many of your readers, I think your story, book and blog might just changed our lives. I really would appreciate help in determining how to improve our financial situation. Quick Story I am married with a fabulous husband, a 13 year old son and we live in Edmonton Alberta. I collapsed at my job […]

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