Does Geographic Arbitrage Make the American Dream Irrelevant?

“The American dream is a sham. Because I had the house, the cars, the kids. I did all of that, but even achieving those things, it still seemed like it wasn’t enough,” Adalia Aborisade, a 48-years-old former teacher from Texas I recently watched a CNBC video called “Why Americans Are Relocating to Mexico for a Better Life” and it really resonated with me. The story that jumped out at me the most is of Adalia, a 48-year-old former teacher from Texas, who made a life-changing decision to move to Mexico City back in 2017. Even though she took a pay […]

Our 2023 Expenses

How much does it cost to raise a child? According to the USDA, it costs on average $310,000 USD (adjusted for inflation) to raise a child from birth to the age of 17. That’s $18,235 per year or an extra $1520/month to procreate. No wonder birth rates are plummeting. If you choose to have a mini-me, you can bet that you’ll lose not only your sleep and sanity, but a big chunk of your net worth too. So your Poopy McPooperPants better be adorable as hell or he’s out the door! Luckily our Little Matchstick has now progressed beyond the […]

Reflections from 10 Years of Financial Independence

Note: The winner of the book giveaway from last week will be announced at the end of this post Happy New Year! Hope you are all warm and comfy in your homes and celebrating with your families and friends. Guess what? 2024 is the 10-year anniversary of Financial Independence for us! It also means that from this point on, we’ll have been retired for longer than we’ve worked! Whoa. Mind blowing. So, I thought it would be fun to reflect on the last decade and tell you about the 10 things we learned after our permanent exit from our 9 […]

Your Journey to Financial Freedom Book Review

I met Jamila, founder of Journey to Launch at FinCon back in 2018. Back then, I was impressed that she was able to start her own business –the Journey to Launch podcast, which has had more than 3 million downloads to date— while raising 3 kids. Now that I have a 3-month-old, I’m even more in awe of her. I barely even have time to go the bathroom these days, never mind starting a whole business from scratch. So, I was beyond excited to hear that Jamila had written a book called “Your Journey to Financial Freedom” that came out […]

The Parenting Trenches: Newborn Edition

“Say goodbye to sleep.” “You won’t be able to travel anymore. You’ll definitely have to settle down then.” “It will stress your marriage to the breaking point.” For many years, I didn’t understand why parents have this need to complain incessantly to their child-free friends about how hard their lives are. Maybe they were bitter, or sleep-deprived, or jealous of our care-free nomadic lifestyle, but somewhere in between an ex-coworker describing his children as “endless agony” and another friend slipping me the business card of his divorce lawyer “just in case” when the topic of kids came up, FIRECracker and […]

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