Norbert’s Gambit vs. Wise for Currency Exchanges

We recently got a question in our inbox that goes like this: I have used Norbert’s Gambit before to exchange CAD to USD in my Questrade RRSP account. But I also read about your recent travels and how you use Wise to convert currencies. Which has a better conversion rate in your experience when converting CAD to USD? Because of how much we travel, we do a LOT of currency exchanges, so it’s important for us to reduce fees as much as we can. And those fees can add up, big time, if you’re not careful. If you naively use […]

Preferred Share vs. Stocks and Bonds

I recently got an email from a reader asking the following question. I’ve read that you guys have been investing in Preferred Stocks. I went down a rabbit hole trying to understand them further (particularly Preferred Stock ETFs for broader diversification), but am still a bit perplexed.  I’m wondering if Preferred Stocks could have a place in a portfolio of early retirees, since we’re trying to live off our $ in 1.5 years and do need safer income-producing assets. Right now our portfolio is 100% equities (stocks and ETFs), but that seems too risky, so I’m looking to get to 25% in bonds/similar assets. Would you be open […]

Investment Workshop 2.0

Back in 2016 when this blog was first starting to take off, I ran a weekly series of articles called the Investment Workshop, where I showed people step-by-step how to build and manage an ETF-based portfolio like the one we used to retire. The workshop ran for a year, with 52 articles, and after it was done, I figured we would move on to something else. Little did I know that the Investment Workshop would become the most popular part of our site, with literally thousands of people learning how to invest from it, and even after many years people […]

Our 2023 Portfolio

What a year 2023 has been! We started the year off with every economist out there predicting a terrible, horrible, no-good recession hitting the US as a result of all the interest rate hikes the Central Banks were doing. And then we got the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, followed by Signature Bank, followed by First Republic. The total value of assets that were lost in these mid-level bank failures was actually higher than the Lehman Brothers collapse that kicked off the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. And then, oh yeah, war broke out in Israel in October. Super. That’s all […]

Saving for Our Kid’s Education with the RESP

Because it’s us, the first thing I did after Little Matchstick was born was apply for his passport. The second thing I did was apply for his Social Insurance Number so I could start opening new trading accounts. They say that the joy of parenthood is its own reward, but you know what’s even better? The joy of parenthood PLUS sweet-ass tax breaks! Saving for your kids’ future education costs is like any other investment goal. The sooner you get started, the better, because then you’ll have time on your side to give your investments that sweet compounding effect that […]

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