How To Sue Your Landlord and Win

One of the biggest complains from tenants living in expensive cities is “renovictions.” To recap, this is when landlords evict their tenants under the guise of “renovation” so that they can raise rent above guidelines. I wrote about this in a previous post and today, we’re going to see a real-life example of someone who actually sued their landlord and won in small claims court! I’m sure the comments below will be full of thoughtful and civilized discussions. *slides sharpened knives onto table while whistling nonchalantly* So, without further ado, let’s hear it from “Mrs.I-Fought-My-Landlord-And-Won:” 1) How long have you […]

Should Governments Meddle with the Rental Market?

One of the most common arguments against renting over owning is the “renoviction” problem. Basically, this happens when a landlord uses the excuse of a “renovation” to kick out their existing tenants so they can raise rent above guidelines. This isn’t so much of a problem in small towns and suburbs but tends to happen in big cities where jobs are plentiful and, as a result, stiff competition and low vacancy drives everyone into a hunger games style fight for rentals.    Oddly enough, we’ve never run into this problem in the 9 years that we lived in Toronto, the […]

Is It Time To Buy a Condo?

This pandemic has really done a number on the housing market. Busy metropolitan cities like New York, London, and Madrid that were previously red-hot became radioactive as the pandemic shut downtown cores down. The closing of amenities like cafes, restaurants, and gyms and the shift to remote work made thousands of people look around and ask “Why am I paying so much to live here?” And it’s not just the pandemic messing things up. Here in Toronto, condo prices have historically been made artificially expensive by real estate speculator/investors who would snap up dozens of units at a time and […]

How to Negotiate Rent Part 2

Following my last post on negotiating rent on a new place, here’s how you negotiate rent on your existing place: Do you pay rent on time? Take good care of your rental? Don’t nitpick on every light bulb that needs to be changed and bombard your landlord with endless demands? Congrats! You’re a dream tenant.  Just like employers who value existing employees that they trust, rather than take on new, untested employees that they need to train, landlords value existing trustworthy tenants.  That’s why you’re more likely to get a discount from your existing landlord, who knows and trusts you, […]

How to Negotiate Rent

“Toronto Rents are Down a Whopping 20% Since Last Year”  “San Francisco’s 35% Plunge in Rents Shows Effects of Tech Fleeing City” “Manhattan Rents Drop To 10-Year Lows” One of the (very few) bright spots of the pandemic is the precipitous fall of rents in big cities—places where rents were once thought to be on a never-ending trajectory to the moon! But with tourism shut off, office workers logging in from home, and zero immigration, vacancies have skyrocketed, and rents have plummeted. Well, you know what that means. Time to take advantage! You may have noticed that we, at Millennial […]

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