At Chautauqua, Drinking Port.

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I must confess, sometimes retirement is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Today is not one of those days.

Most days I wake up and wonder out loud whether this awesome life we get to lead is actually real. I pinch myself to make sure it’s real. Every time, it is.

But today, it is my honour and privilege to share this life with 30 other people!

Because today, Chautauqua Portugal 2019 officially begins.

It’s no big deal. Just hanging out with J.L. “The Godfather” Collins, our good friends and frequent ChooseFI guest stars Alan & Katie Donegan, and the producers & stars of the FI documentary Playing With Fire, Scott & Taylor Rieckens.

JL Collins, Jane Collins, Katie Donegan, and 2 other idiots who managed to sneak into the frame…

Another epic week starting. Stay tuned, will keep you posted with pics!

Peace out! For now…

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6 thoughts on “At Chautauqua, Drinking Port.”

  1. What… you’re working AND having fun AND drinking port?? Quick, bring out the Retirement Police, this is entirely outrageous! 😉

  2. You guys are amazing at teasing us! I wanted to know more about your secret gathering and I manage to get top secret details about it thanks to the Internet (or Google should I say :D) that I must share with everyone:

    “[…] You will be meeting us in Porto where we will gather and then travel into THE DOURO VALLEY [emphasis is mine] to find the main hotel. We will enjoy traditional Portuguese food together, explore the countryside spend time together in an incredible venue!”

    The words “Douro Valley” got me stopped. We spent just a couple of day there and it was one of our highlight of the 2 months we spent in Portugal (for some drone footage and itinerary about this wonderful region, go here:

    If the main hotel is the one on the first picture of your post, you are definitely going to have a great time enjoying great drinks by the pool along with some pretty amazing sunset of the Douro! The retired life can definitely be tough!

    Please say Hello (or Bonjour) to Jim from the two of us. His “Guided Meditation for When the Stock Market Is Dropping” is such an amazing piece.

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    Follow this simple golden rule to a fulfill life and avoid the wrath of victimization.

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  4. Your post radiates pure joy and gratitude for the extraordinary life you are leading. Chautauqua Portugal 2019 seems like a gathering of like minded souls sharing in the richness of experience. Enjoy every moment and keep those updates coming.
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