Chautauqua 2022: Come Join Your FI Tribe!

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Chautauqua 2022 is sold out!

I can’t believe I am writing this just 18 hours after tickets went on sale to Chautauqua 2022 but the event is now sold out.  Thank you so much for your interest.  If you would like to join the wait list encase someone has to drop out you can or you can sign up to the mailing list to hear about the 2023 event before the general public. 

After a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we’re seeing a ton of interest for Chautauqua this year, so if you already know what it’s about and want to sign up, click here. If not, continue reading below:

Sometimes in life, an unexpected event comes and knocks you off course, bringing you to your knees.

For the world, that was the pandemic. For us, it was also Wanderer’s dad’s brain cancer diagnosis. They both happened in the same year.

At this moment, all our plans were derailed in one fell swoop, and our nomadic lifestyle was suddenly obliterated, as we were forced to return to Canada.

And it is in this moment of incredible darkness and despair, that you find the strength to persevere with the help of your tribe. Because not only did this FI tribe help us get through the pandemic & multiple family health emergencies, they helped us see that true happiness in life doesn’t come from money, achievement, or fame. It comes from deep social satisfaction, the kind you experience by having a close-knit group of “ride or die” friends.

Where did we meet this incredible group of friends? Friends whom we proudly refer to as our “chosen family”?

At Chautauqua.

I did not know, when I was asked to speak at this event back in 2017, that it was going to change our lives, and now, 5 years later, it continues to be one of our top life-changing experiences of all time.

For those of you who don’t know what Chautauqua is, Godfather of FI and Chautauqua creator JL Collins pithily refers to it as “cool conversations with cool people in cool locations.”

It spans one whole week, consists of 1-on-1 meetings with speakers, insightful talks about investing, financial independence, entrepreneurship, and takes place in incredible venues around the world. Best of all, it is a deep bonding experience with 30 exceptional attendees, who are there to find their FI tribe.

Now, you might think Chautauqua is just a fancy vacation or finance conference. It’s not.

I’ve been to many conferences in my life, and nothing else compares. At the end of other conferences, having seen hundreds of faces, I always go home, without experiencing the life altering bonding experience that comes from getting to know 30 people deeply for an entire week.

Capping the attendee group size and making the gathering a week long creates a unique experience where deep conversations flourish. That’s why it’s unlike any other FI event other out there. And that’s why the friendships you make at Chautauqua last—long after everyone’s gone home.

And after a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we are ecstatic to announce that Chautauqua is back on this year!


Week 1: Saturday 3rd to Saturday 10th September, 2022


  • JL Collins
  • Kristy – Millennial Revolution
  • Alan – Rebel Business School 
  • Jordan “DocG” – Earn & Invest podcast  

Week 2: Saturday 10th to Saturday 17th September, 2022 


  • JL Collins
  • Kristy – Millennial Revolution
  • Alan – Rebel Business School 
  • Ken – The Humble Penny  


Villa de Leyva (close to Bogota), Colombia



Vaccinations: For the safety of everyone there and to comply with Colombia covid-19 rules, you must be fully vaccinated to come to Chautauqua.


JLCollins, international bestselling author of the “Simple Path to Wealth”

Famous for his Stock series and internationally bestselling book Simple Path to Wealth book, The Godfather of FI is one of the first bloggers to write about FI and teach us how to invest and become financially independent. He is one of our inspirations for learning how to invest and retire at 31 and we would’ve never gotten this far if he hadn’t shown us the way.

Read his post about Chautauqua here.

Alan Donegan, co-founder of Rebel Business School

Alan Donegan is co-founder of the Rebel Business School, which has helped over 16,000 people in 10 countries start their own companies. Rebel won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2021 and has worked with organisations including Henley Business School, Westminster City Council and the Department for Work and Pensions. 

He works tirelessly to inspire people to take control of their own financial destiny, build business, invest their own money and build the life of their dreams. He does this through Rebel Business School, Rebel Entrepreneur the Podcast and his blog.

Alan will run a session on developing a side hustle doing what you love to help you get to FI sooner, so if you want to make money doing what you love, don’t miss this!

Jordan Grumet, MD (“DocG”), founder of the Invest and Earn podcast

Jordan Grumet was born in Evanston, Illinois in 1973. His interest in becoming a doctor was ignited when his father, an oncologist, died unexpectedly in the prime of life. This profound loss not only inspired him to practice medicine, it has given him a unique perspective as a financial expert, challenging him to think deeply and critically about concepts like wealth, abundance, and financial independence.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Jordan received his medical degree from Northwestern University, and began practicing Internal Medicine in Northbrook, Illinois. He currently is an associate medical director at Journeycare Hospice.

After years of blogging about financial independence and wellness, Jordan launched the Earn & Invest podcast in 2018. In 2019 he received the Plutus Award for Best New Personal Finance Podcast and was nominated in 2020 and 2021 for Best Personal Finance Podcast of the year. His book, Taking Stock: A Hospice Doctor’s Advice on Financial Independence, Building Wealth, and Living a Regret-Free Life is being published by Ulysses Press in August 2022.

Listen to his podcast episode about Chautauqua here.

Ken Okoroafor, The Humble Penny

Co-Founder of The Humble Penny (blog) and Financial Joy Academy, platforms with the core mission of helping at least 10,000 families to achieve Financial Independence this decade and ultimately create lives of Financial Joy.

Together with his wife (Mary), they also run a popular YouTube Channel with around 55,000 Subscribers over at The Humble Penny

He is a Chartered Accountant and holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge. He has over 12 years of experience as an executive Chief Financial Officer in the Investment Business in London (UK) and took the leap in April 2020 to begin running The Humble Penny full time together with his wife, as business partners.

He became Financially Independent aged 34 having started his journey as a first-generation immigrant to the UK aged 14. He has 2 children and loves exploring the outdoors, reading and travelling to explore new cultural adventures. 

Together with his wife, their work has helped millions of people change their relationship with money and has been featured across the BBC, ITV, Financial Times, British Vogue, The Sunday Times, iNews, Metro, Channel 5, The Guardian, etc.

Read his post about Chautauqua here.

And yours truly!

When you shouldn’t come to Chautauqua

Chautauqua is not right for everyone.  If people have credit card debt or this feels like a lot of money they should not be coming.  Everything we talk about is free on everyone’s blogs/platforms and this is to meet the community.    

Testimonials from previous attendees:

If you want to spend a blissful week with a group of exceptional people who get you, will be your ongoing cheerleaders, and have one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime, then Chautauqua is for you!

So what do you say? Sign-up for a once-in-a-lifetime experience here.

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18 thoughts on “Chautauqua 2022: Come Join Your FI Tribe!”

  1. Given all the free FI material available online, it’s there something new that can be learned by attending Chewbacqua? (Especially for $4800 + airfare . That’s steep . )

    1. “Everything we talk about is free on everyone’s blogs/platforms and this is to meet the community. ” If it feels like a lot of money, please don’t come. It’s not for everyone, it’s more for community because, like you said, you can get the FI material free online.

  2. The picture of you guys looks like a promo poster for a vampire sitcom where Bryce doesn’t realize Kristy is a vampire despite obvious clues like her owning a “decorative” coffin, while Kristy constantly wrestles with not biting him because she starts to have feelings for him. I would watch the hell out of that show.

    I should probably get out more.

  3. Super excited to be a first-timer at Chautauqua this year! So thrilled and grateful to meet you guys and everyone involved!

  4. I can definitely see the appeal to this event. I think for many FIRE people, their biggest frustration is that nobody within in their social circle is into FI, so it would be incredible to meet up with many likeminded people.

    1. That’s exactly it, Bill. Finding your tribe, getting a whole week to have deep conversations, and creating life-long friendships is the magic of Chautauqua.

  5. Sold out?
    Chautauquas became a luxury club for a few lucky bastards that got to know the ticket sales date ahead of time ! Good luck with your exclusive club memberships and don’t preach FIRE is for everyone then, because not even Chautauqua is !

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