Chautauqua Ecuador: The Super-Villainy Continues…

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Coming back from the Galapagos, it seemed that very little could top the sheer epicness of swimming with sharks, lounging on the beach with sea lions, and eating lunch with 150-year-old turtles.

But of course Chautuaqua managed to, once again, quickly blow past my expectations–and the week has barely even started!

The awesome surprises just kept coming, one after another. First, Paula Pant, from week 1 stayed over an extra night (or “crashed our party” as she put it), so we got to meet the one and only creator of our frequently mentioned 1% rule of thumb for real-estate.

That, coupled with meeting MMM and Jesse from YNABΒ while we greeted Chautaquans who flew from all over the world (even as far as Australia and South Africa) to attend this badass super-villain cult, got this week to start off with a bang:

MMM and Paula Pant.

Jesse and his lovely wife Julie

Vicki, author of “Your Money or Your Life” and the original “Adam and Eve” of the FI movement, also came to check out the Ecuadorian lawn mowers with us, pictured bleating in the background.

And most importantly, let’s not forget the Godfather of FI, JLCollins, without whom, our quest for world domination would never even be possible:


*Cue James Bond theme* Let the EPIC-ness begin!



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24 thoughts on “Chautauqua Ecuador: The Super-Villainy Continues…”

  1. Looks like you met lots of interesting people FireCracker! But it would be nice to get a summary of what actually goes on at chautauqua… I mean what exactly do you do at these things?

    From what I gather, either you’re planning world domination with these co-conspirators OR it’s some kind of weird financial orgy. I haven’t decided which yet.

    1. I guess that’s what happens when you have too many muscles. They tend to spasm out of control and rip your shirt πŸ˜€

  2. Hah, leave it to FI’ers to make the Galapagos only seem ‘really’ cool instead of AMAZINGLY cool! πŸ˜‰

    Have an awesome week! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for the offer and the place looks amazing! Unfortunately, I’m not the organizer so I don’t have a say in where we go, but I’ll pass it along!

      1. It would be great to hear how to do Ecuador and Galapagos on a budget. It’s on my wish-list of places to travel to! Enjoy!

  3. I plan to make it someday! It’s a goal of mine, along with creating a blog on lifestyle design and financial independence, so I can join in the super-villainy and assist more people like Millennial Academic Scientist.

  4. It is like I am still living in matrix while you guys took the “red pill” and are hanging out with morpheous and CHAUTAUQUA is the new ZION …. but would that make you NEO hmmmmm “wink wink” (You will make one badass neo) anyways i hope I can join you some day.

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