Chautauqua is Back, Baby!

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Hello there, internet!

We are writing this from Villa de Leyva in Colombia where, after an excruciatingly long involuntary hiatus caused by…you guessed it, COVID-19, Chautauqua has finally returned in 2022!

The pandemic disrupted all our lives in a profound way, and for two years it seemed like the long-promised return to normalcy was never going to happen. But pandemics don’t last forever, and as the world got vaccinated and the virus receded, the things that made life worth living have gradually returned.

Chautauqua is back, and FIRECracker and I are incredibly honoured to play our small part in bringing it back from the abyss.

Situated in the Andean mountains about 4 hours from the capital of Bogota, Villa de Leyva has turned out to be everything we hoped and more. The food is incredible, the view is amazing, and the attendees have all just arrived and are ready to party like it’s 2019!

But of course, we aren’t the only FIRE celebrities here. With us are Jordon “DocG” Grummet…

And of course, the iconic J.L. “The Godfather of FI” Collins and his incredible wife Jane:

However, I have to give a special shout out to Alan and Katie Donegan, who you might know from Rebel Finance School. Nobody has worked longer or harder, putting in countless hours in a constantly-shifting COVID landscape to bring Chautauqua back to the thousands of people who, like us, have been chomping at the bit to return to the premiere event of the FIRE world.

Look at us chomping, chomp chomp chomp!

In short, we are back. The travel, the food, the inspiring talks from FIRE luminaries. It’s all back, and personally, we couldn’t be more excited!

All delicious food, all the time, all over your faces.

If you couldn’t make it this year, be sure to sign up for the mailing list here. We’d love for you to come along!

Stay safe, and keep travelling, friends!

In other news: our book has been translated and released in Germany!

Our friend Alex from Finanzbiber is generously running a giveaway of the German edition today on Instagram

So if you speak German or known of anyone who would like a copy, click here to enter the giveaway!

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17 thoughts on “Chautauqua is Back, Baby!”

    1. Hence the use of the word “and”, I’m guessing, as opposed to “therefore”. I had fish and chips for dinner last night… fish and potatoes are in no logical way connected, given one comes from the earth and the other from the ocean, but it’s still an apt sentence for what happened.

  1. Tell us when in these Chautauquas you guys will start talk about the elephant in the FIRE room. The psychology of FIRE and the ever growing sub-group of FIRE called the Sad-FIRE of people sacrificing way too much in the name of FIRE. No friends, no house, unsafe old car, no relationship, living with parents miserably all in the name of FI. Totally unhealth but for many of us it’s a binary choice, sacrificing everything or spending everything, the most natural way for people is to go one way or another, no middle ground. Thoughts?

  2. Look at them…they LOOK so happy. I wonder if they just hide the FIRE problems and pretend everything is fine ? It’s like another keeping up with the joneses thing, just that is to show who is “doing” better, happier, traveling more …idk, it seems fake

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  5. I assume this is why “and” rather than “therefore” was used. Last night for dinner I had fish and chips… Despite the fact that fish and potatoes are both marine products, the analogy captures the essence of the situation well.

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