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Hey y’all!

We are in the UK this week at Chautauqua! Woo woo!

So as we’ll be busy all week interacting with our kickass readers and fellow blogger heavyweights JLCollins, MadFientist and Vicki Robins (author of Your Money or Your Life), we won’t be doing our regularly scheduled posts this week, but we will still be posting updates on what it’s like at Chautauqua for everyone who couldn’t get in this year.

And in the meantime, we recently appeared in a video segment for Britain’s Channel 4 documentary “How To Retire at 40.”

And BTW, we filmed the segment remotely while we were in Mexico, so that’s why there’s a pool and palm trees in the background. There are no palm trees in the UK.

Link to full episode here:

Update: Some readers have reported that the video doesn’t play for them, but it plays fine for us. Might be because we’re physically in the UK right now. Sorry bout that

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34 thoughts on “Chautauqua UK”

    1. Thanks, Mr. Tako!

      Odd that it works in the States…didn’t work for us back when we were in Canada. Good to know!

  1. The video works for me in the US as well. DID YOU TALK TO ANNA RICHARDSON?!?!? I watch too many UK Channel 4 shows and love her stuff.

    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to watch the whole episode now. Enjoy Chautauqua!

    1. We didn’t talk to Anna, just one of the show producers. I actually had never heard of her until I watched our segment. How did you get into watching UK Channel 4 as an American? I had never heard of it in Canada until they contacted us.

      1. My UK friends that I met when I studied abroad for 6 months in Italy showed me and I’ve been hooked ever since. They’ve visited me in the States fairly often and I’ve visited them in the UK and Scotland so we’ve been keeping a healthy discourse on UK TV. I have no idea why I can’t stand US reality TV, but British shows intrigue me (depending on the subject matter). Maybe it’s the accent :).

    1. Yes, we discovered a magical thing called “wordpress scheduler” 🙂

      Btw, remember when you said a previous Chautauqua attendee said “I haven’t had this much joy since the birth of my twins?” It all makes sense now. All expectations exceeded! Chautauqua = my green box

    1. My life feels complete now. Seriously. This has been the best week of my life (so far). Will post pictures soon…

  2. Nice to get some Canadian success stories attention overseas!

    However, there are palm trees in the UK. Off of northern Scotland no less. Check out the Isle of Skye. Well worth a trip even if they didn’t have palm trees!

  3. Retirement life looks rough; you guys look all sorts of stressed out and bored (lol)! Seeing that the UK Chautauqua is currently underway, means that the Ecuador ones are coming up soon. I can’t wait!

  4. Ask Vicky Robin when the newest, updated version of Your Money or Your Life is getting published! Would love to read her take on modern day asset allocation (given current interest rates, bond rates, etc…).

    Enjoy the meeting!

    1. She mentioned today that it would be coming out next March! I’m super excited as well! In fact, she gave us a sneak peak of her updates to the modern day asset allocation during her Chautauqua talk today. Lucky us! 🙂

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