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Today’s post will be our last of 2021, and as we all endure yet another pandemic holiday season, with a new variant threatening to put us back into lockdowns and potentially roll back all the progress and sacrifice we’ve made over the last 2 miserable years, it’s easy to get all gloomy and doomy whenever we turn on the TV or read the news.

So I thought I would take this opportunity to remind everyone of some of the good things that happened in 2021 as it draws to a close.

We Will Beat Omicron

First of all, let’s talk about the simultaneously giant and microscopic elephant in the room: the world is being walloped by a new variant of COVID.

It’s sometimes hard to sift through all the news that comes out about this as a) there’s just so much of it and b) they often report conflicting information. But if you filter out all the click-baiting headlines and scaremongering tactics, you can find some glimmers of hope that this latest variant might not cause the end of the world after all.

Silver Lining #1: Omicron Appears to be Less Deadly

The scientific community has been suspecting this for some time, and has been super cautious not to get everybody’s hopes up, but as times passes and Omicron spreads around the world, we’re getting more and more corroborating evidence of this from multiple, independent sources.

Here’s a study from South Africa…

The study…found that people diagnosed with Omicron in South Africa between Oct. 1 and Nov. 30 were 80% less likely to be admitted to hospital than those diagnosed with another variant in the same period.

South African study finds a lower risk of hospitalization with Omicron but there’s a catch,

Here’s one from the UK…

People catching Omicron are 50% to 70% less likely to need hospital care compared with previous variants, a major analysis says.

Omicron up to 70% less likely to need hospital care, BBC Health

And here’s one from Australia…

The early signs are very pleasing and the advice we received from the chief health officer this morning, [New South Wales chief medical officer] Dr. Kerry Chant, it looks like the Omicron will be five times less severe than Delta.

Omicron ‘five times less severe’ than Delta,

Even here, in Canada, we’re seeing this drastically lower severity on the ground.

Here are the new daily cases being reported in Ontario…

Notice the “cute” little first spike back in April 2020 of the original COVID strain, then the two subsequent waves caused by Alpha and Delta in the beginning half of the year, and then the giant scary spike up caused by Omicron now.

Now look at the ICU rates reported by Public Health.

The hospitalization rate of Spike #1 was shockingly high at the time given that it was ripping through nursing homes and infecting mostly older people. Then waves #2 and #3 also saw hospitalization peaks that surpassed the first wave as we collectively struggled to immunize our population. But now with the Omicron wave, that same shape on our ICU admittance isn’t happening. In isolation, this might not mean much because we’re still early on in Wave #4, but other countries who got hit with this before also saw something similar, which gives us quite a lot of hope that our experience will follow suit.

There are many competing theories for why this is happening. One suggests that the virus is evolving to be less deadly so it can more successfully reproduce (after all, a virus that kills its host doesn’t survive themselves). Another is that as our immune systems gain experience fighting this virus either via vaccination or infection, subsequent waves will naturally become less and less deadly over time.

Whatever the reason, what’s becoming clear is that while the Omicron variant does seem to escape vaccine protection from getting sick and testing positive, it’s also really important to note that fully-vaccinated people still enjoy 70% protection from hospitalization. With a booster, that figure jumps back up to pre-Omicron levels.

Which is great, because this thing spreads like nobody’s business. Real-world analysis is showing Omicron is 3-4x more transmissible than Delta, which basically means we’re all going to get exposed to it one way or another.

Silver Lining #2: Omicron Outbreaks are intense, but short

However, the fact that it’s fast-spreading may not be an entirely bad thing. Because an interesting thing about Omicron is being reported in the country where it all started: South Africa. And that interesting thing is…they’re already over the peak of their outbreak.

South Africa’s top infectious-disease scientist, who has been leading the country’s pandemic response, said Wednesday that the country had rapidly passed the peak of new omicron cases and, judging by preliminary evidence, he expected “every other country, or almost every other, to follow the same trajectory.”

South Africa’s huge omicron wave appears to be subsiding just as quickly as it grew, The Washington Post

Remember, the Delta outbreak is still going on, and we first heard about that one coming out of India in July. By comparison, the Omicron outbreak in South Africa went from nothing to a raging wildfire, and then started coming back down from that peak in a matter of weeks.

I guess it makes mathematical sense. The faster a virus spreads, the faster it runs out of easy targets to jump to.

And remember, after South Africa emerged from the worst of their outbreak, they realized that their hospitals never filled up, and morgues never overflowed. In a country without much vaccine coverage.

If that’s not a ray of hope, I don’t know what is.

Silver Lining #3: We Have Vaccines AND…a Cure!

And also, remember that this time last year, we were staring down a barrel of never-ending lockdowns with no idea if a vaccine or a cure would ever be discovered.

Today, we have both.

Not only do we have multiple really effective vaccines, Pfizer just applied for, and received, FDA approval for their drug that treats COVID.

“This authorization provides a new tool to combat COVID-19 at a crucial time in the pandemic as new variants emerge and promises to make antiviral treatment more accessible to patients who are at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19.”

The company reiterated Wednesday that it’s ready to start delivery in the U.S. immediately.

FDA authorizes Pfizer’s Covid treatment pill, the first oral antiviral drug cleared during the pandemic, CNBC

It’s called Paxlovid and is distributed as a pill rather than a difficult-to-administer IV. It doesn’t target the virus’ protein spike, so it works equally well on all variants. And it’s 90% effective if taken right after symptoms develop, which is awesome. It even gets around the anti-vaxxer issue, because even anti-vaxxers aren’t anti-cure.

Yes, we are exhausted and heading back into battle with a ferocious and tenacious enemy. BUT, we are heading into it this time with the kinds of weapons we would have sacrificed our firstborn to have a year ago.

The Stock Market Is Going Nuts

Alright, enough about the damned pandemic. Let’s look onto more positive things, like…the stock market!

Yowza. After Pfizer and Moderna announced their vaccines in January, the S&P 500 has been on a near-continuous tear. In 2021, the US stock market is up 24%! Traders bet hard on the economy reopening as people got vaccinated and boy has that bet turned out to be prescient. I’ve never seen a one-year performance like that in my entire investing career.

And it’s not just the US stock market. The Canadian stock market is also up a similar amount at 21%. The MSCI EAFE index is the laggard, “only” advancing a little under 10% for the year.

2021 was the year of the index investor, because no matter what index you put your money in, it went up. We’re still shell shocked by how much money we made this year in retirement, and we are currently putting together a detailed breakdown that we will post in the new year.

There’s Lots to Look Forward To

And above all, the biggest difference between the end of 2021 and the end of 2020 is that in 2020, all we could see on the horizon was…nothing. A raging pandemic with no cure, no vaccine, and no end in sight, we ended that year with very little to look forward to.

The end of 2021 is very different. We have a cure, we have multiple vaccines, and the end is clearly in sight. And beyond that elusive finish line, all the stuff we loved, and missed, and desperately want to get back to is waiting for us. Concerts. Weddings. Big family gatherings.

And TRAVEL. Oh dear Lord, how I miss travel.

This will mark the second straight year that we’ve been in Canada, the longest amount of time we’ve spent in any one country since we retired.

In 2020, we couldn’t travel because of border restrictions. In 2021, we stayed home out of an abundance of caution, and because our family needed us to be here. But in 2022, especially after we get boosted, we are planning on dusting off the ol’ backpacks and getting back on the road.

So stay tuned for more travel-related news in the new year.

Goodbye 2021

So you know what? Goodbye 2021.

You contained lots of surprises. Not all of them were good. Actually, scratch that. Most of them were NOT good.

But you know what? I’d take you over your nasty little brother 2020 any day of the week.

Because in 2020, we ended it with a big fight ahead and no idea how to beat it.

But in 2021, we end it with an equally big fight ahead. But this time, we have exactly the right weapons we need to kill this thing once and for all.

Happy holidays, everyone. Stay safe, stay healthy, and never, ever, ever give up hope.

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55 thoughts on “Reflections on 2021”

  1. Great retrospective. I was curious about the idea we all benefitted from an up market this year but a little confused. We made money on paper. Unless we take profits its all on paper. We’ve watched our portfolios ride the roller coaster and when things went south they moved down big time. Fixed income doesn’t seem that much of a counter lever when that happens. Doesn’t seem like they do that well at all. Do you recommend taking profits but for no less than say a minimum percentage gain? Happy New Year.

  2. I’m a bit surprised about the statement of 24% increase over a one year period in the US market being something you’ve never seen before in your investing career.

    In 2019, it was even higher for the S&P 500 (over 30% with dividends being considered). Same with 2013 for the S&P 500. It’s definitely an unusually insane bull run since the GFC in 2008/2009
    , however, a one year increase of over 20% is not at all uncommon. In the last 41 years, a one year increase of over 20% in the S&P 500 has occurred in 18 different years – so it’s nothing really out of the ordinary. Of course, as an investor, you expect annualized returns over long periods of time to be a lot lower when you’re doing any sort of future projections.

    1. I think the 3 years in a row ­>20% is the outlier, which make us feel we had extraordinary gains.

      Couple that with compounding – 20% on top of 20% on top of 20% – then your 2021 gains really feel like a lot.

      But it’s just simple math at work…

      1. I don’t believe last year (2020) was over 20% for the S&P 500, so it hasn’t been over 20% for three years in a row. That would also apply to other major indices like MSCI EAFE, etc.

        In relatively recent history, there have been crazy returns. E.g. 1995 to 1999, all 5 years had over 20% gains (2 of those years were over 30%) for the S&P 500. Of course what followed was the dot com crash and 9/11. For investing analysis, 2 decades ago is not that long ago. For young investors (and really any investors), I think it’s a good idea to be familiar with at least 50 years of historical returns to get an idea of what is unusual and what is not. Again, I’m not suggesting you assume that investing in an S&P 500 index fund should give you a 20% annualized return for decades – that would be ludicrous. I just think it’s important to put one year’s return in the context of large historical periods before thinking “omg this is unprecedented”. Could the market crash 30% next year? Absolutely. Could the market rocket up another 20% next year? Absolutely. Both scenarios would be within the realm of reasonable expectations.

        1. S&P500 total return in 2020 was 18.4%. So not “mathematically” above 20%, but so close that it feel like a 20%+ year.

          I’ve studied 500 years of market history (since the inception of the stock market in Nertherland and through English stock market during the last 300 years).

          Three years of 20%+ return would be quite unusual in any period, except in the last 50 years. The difference is, since 1971, we’ve had devaluation of the US dollar at the same time we had regular income from operating companies. Those two elements combine to generate spectacular nominal returns from time to time.

          Since 1971, the US dollar has lost 98% of its value. This is when comparing the price of gold price between 1971 and 2021 (35$/1800$), but you can use any other items and it will give different but similar results (ex: house, car, oil, food, etc.). This is not that those items that are gaining more value in the eyes of consumers. This is simply the US dollar losing value.

          In March 2020, we had another great operation of devaluation of the US dollar, by at least 30%, though the final number will be known afterward.

          Regular business profit (of let say 7% annually) compounded in addition to this 30% devaluation. So, three years of 20%+ return in a row – in this context – is not surprising at all.

          Personally, I expect 2022 to be positive. But we should expect at least one -10% correction. They are very common and very healthy at the same time. They help keep the froth out the of market and give opportunities for long term investors to buy more shares at better prices. So I expect things should normalize somewhat in 2022 and moving forward.

          1. 100% agree with everything you’ve written Manuel. Not to mention the low interest rate environment definitely help fuel these gains. I’ve been expecting corrections for many years and have been wrong, so I no longer even attempt to make predictions. All I know, is I won’t be surprised with a long overdue correction, but at the same time I won’t complain if I’m wrong and my S&P 500 based index funds keep rising in value 🙂

  3. Sigh, here I am in Kitchener. I’d really rather not be here. One advantage of FIRE is that one is not beholden to an employer and, for instance, wouldn’t been to return to Canada for that reason. There might be other reasons, though, like family.

    Not so sure about travel quite yet. Had a trip to Manitoba in January (yeah) which got canned. I’m just hoping to get back to New Zealand as soon as I finish with teaching terms.

    Severity: there’s always the small number times big number math problem, so that uncontrolled spread is still sort of bad, but yes, we should take the silver lining that the cases we observe are less severe. I don’t think it has to do with evolving to be less severe; I’m guessing it’s about as severe as the original strain (Delta was really bad) but less severe in reinfections and vaccinated people.

    Length of the peak: S Africa turned the corner in a month. We’ll see what happens elsewhere. Hope it does too.

    Drug supply is going to take a while but will eventually get there. It’s funny because drugs have more side effects than vaccines but here we are.

    I largely agree that the end is in sight. There might be a few more fun twists but there is very much good reason to try to avoid getting it as long as possible, because things only get better for this problem.

  4. Hi Wanderer and Firecracker,
    Thanks again for an awesome post. Love your work and perspective. I was feeling a little bit gloomy about 2021 and the future, but your post gave me renewed hope. Thanks for reminding us of all the amazing, wonderful things that have come to pass in 2021. It was a trying year, but with lots of growth and wins as well.

  5. This pandemic is rather mild, relatively speaking.

    And the world has failed spectacularly in its response, especially U.S.A., unfortunately.

    Now imagine something more diabolically than Covid.
    What will happen to the world, in particular to U.S.A.?

  6. I also had my best year ever as an investor (in $, not percentagewise). I hope we can retain most of these gains in the future.

    I’m very happy this year is ending. The pandemic is almost over. We will finally slowly come back to our normal life during 2022. I miss travel a lot. I think it’s probably the best time to buy airline tickets is right now – they are sooo cheap. When the pandemic will officially be ending, pent-up demand for travel will be so huge, I think it will not be possible to get airline tickets anymore.

    For me, I wanted to wait after the “after-pandemic rush” to travel again. Maybe 2023 or even 2024. I try to let my investments grow as much as possible during that time, so the withdrawal % are as small as possible. Then, I will splurge as much as I want.

    Anyway, wish you all a very good year 2022 !

    Note : the S&P return for 2021 is 28% YTD 2021, not 24% (and 29% as of Dec 27). I think your number does not include dividends, which is an important part of an investor total return. Here is a link if you want to have this information in the future :

  7. of course we will beat omicron, cmon now. Its symptoms r similar to the flu. its flu season folks.

    frightened politicians and health officials acting radically, this ain’t april 2020

    need to inflate further, buckle up. Kudos to those that bought real estate yrs ago, lucky timing . Ship has sailed

    1. Yes. It will be comparison time (because of course nobody is comparing 😂). 21.76% ytd for mine. Who knows what the last few days of 2021 will do with that return however it’s been a pretty sweet year for the investment portfolio.

  8. The market has been RIDICULOUS! We had to sink a ton of money this year on home maintenance and a car, but even in the face of that we’re still closing the year up $190k in net worth. And I’m cautious but it sure is nice to see that the Omicron variant is less virulent, even if it’s wicked transmissible. We’ve got tickets to a hockey game next month for the first time in two years and are kind of psyched.

    Now if this country could just get its testing capacity ramped up… a nurse practitioner friend works at an urgent care center and it is really not going well. I wish they’d roll out the National Guard and Americorps and FEMA for PCR testing now like they did with vaccination eight months ago.

  9. Thank you so much for this post! It really means a lot. It feels so good to read a well supported and positive article 😊

  10. The elites never got a chance to use this recent variant to control us once again. This is herd immunity. Omicron is harmless as a common cold. Lets just hope Biden doesn’t destroy the stock markets while he’s swinging wildly in all directions with his destructo-idiot policy hammer.

      1. Labeling people as troll can deceive those that are naive and uninformed.
        But to those that are smart and deeply informed, your labeling is virtually ineffective.
        Just because you casually label someone as troll does not mean everyone would think you are right or smart.

  11. I don’t really care much about covid nor omicron at all throughout the years.

    I am unvaccinated.

    This is because I know:
    1. Covid is lab-made in China.
    2. All covid deaths are deaths with covid (not of covid) tested with faulty test kits that give a lot of false positives.
    3. Most actual covid deaths are caused by the drug Remdesivir and ventilator prescribed to patients that are deliberately put into coma, and eventual death.
    4. Covid death numbers are overinflated to push for fake vaccine agenda.
    5. Fake covid vaccine can alter your DNA (regardless of anyone’s denial) and reduces your white blood cell production and thus your immune deficiency.
    6. Many experts revealed vaccines containing graphene hydroxide that causes blood clot, heart attacks, etc.
    7. And many many more…

    I am dumbfounded many people remain subscribed to the official narrative, as if politicians and drug companies have their best interest at heart.

    Covid and omicron aside (they mean nothing anyway), year 2021 is about making around 400% investment return in cryptocurrency.

    1. Please remember a health care worker will try to save you despite this thoughtlessness. I hope you are not one of the protestors outside the doors of hospitals.

      I can’t accept your remarks when I have family members working hospitals..2 of them are physicians, another is hospital pharmacist and still another works at patient in-take for pediatric cancer ward in Toronto. These are the people serving yourself and putting others in danger.

      1. There are doctors, nurses, and specialists that spoke up about the virus and the vaccines that lead to deaths. If you truly admire and respect the health care workers, then you should at least seriously consider their other side of the struggle that the government and media have been vehemently ban, silence, and block.

        If you think the anti-vaxxers are dumb and irresponsible people that put everyone’s life in reckless danger, then I say you are truly ignorant and gullible.

    2. You think a lot about the virus. But the virus think nothing about you.

      This is why the law of evolution works so well.

      You decide on which side of evolution you want to be. Hahaha ! 😀

      1. You the people that took the vaccines, at first 2 doses, now 3rd dose, later 4th dose, and yet still do not realize you are being taken for a ride, are the ones that not only think a lot about the virus, but also live in constant worries and fear too.

        While I do occasionally think about the virus, I do not think a lot about it, and much less worry or fear it.

        1. 10 doses, 20 doses, I don’t care, I’ll take them all, I’m very strong. I don’t know why you are so scared about a vaccine. That’s really not that bad.

          Anyway, you are lucky this virus is not too virulent. Next time, people like you may well go … extinct. Hahaha. 😀

          (Note : I’m just kidding, not wishing harm to anyone – just pointing out how ridiculous your logic is)

          1. If you are truly strong, you wouldn’t be taking any vaccine at all.

            Strong people take the full version of the virus head on.

            Weak people take the weak version of the virus through vaccines.

            And you don’t even know what’s contained inside those so-called vaccines.

            Wise words can be considered ridiculous to foolish people.

    3. I don’t subscribe to the various non-conventional theories, but I’m also a very cynical person. One can’t help but find it odd how a vaccine, something we’ve been told takes years/decades to develop, suddenly appears in less than a year after the onset of the virus… Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s legit, but it is awfully suspicious..

      ..I can’t help but wonder that if some terrifying form of incurable cancer somehow mutated in a bizarre way and start rampaging through the population, taking out the political/wealthy class at the same rate as the working classes (just like corona)… I’ve got a strong feeling that we’d see a cancer cure in under a year as well….

      1. Of course. Exactly!

        They say we can’t find the cure for the common cold for some hundred years and out of a sudden 4 companies managed to find the “cure” for covid in a year. And half the population doesn’t find that suspicious.

        Many people are dropping dead post-fake vaccination. Children that never got heart attacks now they do. Artists, athletes, and many others are dropping dead. Those that survived like Eric Clapton and that diver (forgotten his name, Florin or something) that can no longer hold his breath post-fake vaccination (he even gave warning and regret about taking the vaccine). Such news are very plentiful and if the vaccine has no problem then why are the medias censoring all of them?

  12. I’m not nearly as optimistic, but I’m also not pessimistic. As of this writing, we have vaccines that greatly attenuate the severity of the virus, but they’re definitely not the hoped for “covid kill shot”. Fortunately the much anticipated anti-virals (Paxlovid, etc) seem promising. There were more deaths in 2021 than in 2020. The deaths seem to be on a downward trajectory, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that reverses. Going forward, the big economic risks seem to be issues with labor shortage, materials shortages, and possible geo-political risk (Russia/China invading Ukraine/Taiwan, etc)… If I had to bet, I would bet that stocks end 2022 higher.

    1. ….also US politics. The close margins in the senate means a government mired in hopeless paralysis (good for stock market). Election season begins in one week, which means you can take that “hopeless” and multiply it by infinity as far as the government doing anything (even better for stocks ?). Also, there’s speculation that Republicans will take the house/senate in 2022 elections which means totally split government. which means the hopelessness gets multiplied by infinity raised to the infinity power (ultimate best case scenario for stocks going into 2023 ?? … S&P at 10K on Jan 1 2024 ??).

    2. Ivermectin never has any serious issue unless the recipient deliberately take overdose. It has been the safest drug with the inventor winning the Nobel Prize for it. Cured a lot of people with countless testimonials. Cheap and widely available before the fake pandemic. And yet governments around the world fervently ban it.

      I don’t give a shit about Paxlovid. If they truly care about saving lives, they would make Ivermectin available for all. It is approved by NIH but all the hospitals are mandated not to prescribe Ivermectin nor allow any patient to take Ivermectin.

        1. When I see a person that is smart, but differ in opinion, I always share what I know intellectually.

          However, when I see a person of your kind, I know even insults can be a waste of time.

          Your worth is less than zero.

          People that truly care, would go out and seek further info and knowledge from both sides of every argument.

          You, on the other hand, go around trying to act cute by hurling name-calling, calling people crazy, etc, like some mad dog barking at people for no good reason.

          I bet if people of your kind encounter a person that suffer seizure, convulsion, blood clotting, or heart attack after vaccination, you would laugh at them and calling them mad/crazy/etc.

          I bet people of your kind have absolutely fucking zero empathy and care towards others.

          Wicked. Selfish, Inconsiderate. Uncaring.

          1. “mad dog barking at people for no good reason”

            That’s pretty much it. The best we can do about a mad dog if we truly care is put them in a cage. At least, they won’t hurt anybody…

            1. If you refer to those unvaccinated as mad dog, or people like me speaking up against vaccination as mad dog, then you are brain dead.

              The vaccine makers themselves admitted in their product disclaimer that even those vaccinated can get infected and spread the virus. The only thing vaccine does is reduce the symptoms so if you get infected, you wouldn’t know it to seek treatment and end up crowding the hospital.

              A lot of brain dead people keep thinking that vaccination will somehow boost your immunity to superhuman level.

              Nobody actually claim that is true.

              Even research shows that natural immunity (i.e. no vaccination) confer far better protection than those that receive double dose.

              Link here

              And this is just a small start.

              There are plenty of materials out there for you to learn more, get smarter, and make better life decisions.

              But brain dead people are just brain dead.

              Worse of them become like Dave and call people crazy like some mad dog.

              Is the inventor of Ivermectin that won the Nobel Prize crazy?

              Is the institution that grants him the Noble Prize crazy?

              Are the people that use Ivermectin and recover substantially from sickness crazy?

              It is very easy for some mad dog to casually call people crazy.

                1. If you mean natural immunity always win, then I totally agree.
                  But if you mean natural immunity is not nature nor part of nature, then something is truly wrong with your statement.

                  Most people here believe that an artificial “vaccine” shot that is not approved by FDA but force-used under emergency pretense that is made by mRNA tech (in which even the inventor of such tech speak out against mRNA vaccination) that causes many serious side effects, as nature.

                  I am completely dumbfounded in these people. Like what in the hell is wrong with these people. As if these people are not humans at all. Or humans without brains.

                  1. Yes I was in part referring to natural immunity, but also to the fact that viruses evolve rapidly and that they have different ways to get around vaccine protection.

                    On the other end, the hosts (“humans”) are also at risk of dying as long as the virus is circulating. The two main ways to protect yourself is to avoid the virus (isolation, mask, hygiene) or to increase artificially your immunity (vaccine).

                    If you choose neither of those and end up dying (very few cases but it can happen), then nature won again in eliminating weeker individuals in the human population. This is sad to put it in this way, but it’s how nature works.

                    We can fight as much as we want against nature. Some actions, like getting a vaccine, can help. But nothing is perfect. It’s up to you to choose what you think is best. But make sure you understand the full impact of your decisions.

                    As for myself, like I said, I’m strong enough, I’m not scared about the vaccine and I’m ready to face the virus if I need to, but I will try to avoid it as much as I can.

                    In the end, no matter what you decide to do, nature always win.

                    1. Do you not know nor believe that covid is a man-made virus in China in which its gain-of-function research and development was actually funded by the criminal Anthony Fauci? This is documented with proof.

                      If you research deep enough into vaccination, you may actually learn that almost all outbreak was caused by mass vaccination. Polio was caused by a chemical called DDT when it was widely used in agriculture. When the usage stopped, so too polio. Their correlations lag but if you adjust for the time lag the correlation was actually extremely positive. Of course those in power deny it has to do with DDT. Now they have polio vaccine that can directly cause polio.

                      Similarly with spanish flu whereby it was neither from Spain nor was it a flu. It was at first a bioweapon outbreak and later mass vaccination that caused the spanish flu outbreak.

                      Almost all the major outbreaks in the past declined at least 80% to over 90% before there was any vaccine available. You can check this out yourself as the historical data is available online.

                      Truthfully, we don’t really need any vaccine. Unbeknownst to many, vaccine is actually still a medical concept that remain unproven. People in the medical field don’t wish to admit this because vaccine brings big money.

                      There are only 2 things that can kill us biologically; chemicals and bioweapons. You can say venom is a chemical concoction. Everything else like diseases, parasites, and viruses are manageable throughout human evolution.

                      Everything that is being told to you about getting vaccinated or else suffer is nothing but lies.

                      Your knowledge about natural immunity and vaccination is just skin deep. A lot of things you know are nothing but misinformation by those in top power.

                      Have you read that research link I gave you? About natural immunity being multiple times (13x if I remember correctly) better than double dose vaccination? Surely the researchers that did the study can’t be crazy people, no? Really? Seriously?

                      I sincerely believe that if you live long enough, you may someday come to believe in what I write here to be the truth.

                      For one, I am not a dumbass. Neither am I a stubborn person merely for the heck of being mindlessly stubborn. Everything I put forth is with good reasoning and sufficient knowledge. Who wouldn’t want a better life? Would you think I want a stupid, rebellious, and stubborn life? Absolutely not. When I see people believing in the wrong and harmful things, I tend to get provoked and speak up. It’s not because I am stupid. It’s because I know far more.

  13. Happy 2022 from Brazil !!! It’s very hard to travel right now but I made it here and it’s beautiful! Hope 2022 is the year the pandemic will be over
    best wishes

  14. Thank you so much for this upbeat post.

    If you haven’t already seen it, for a few giggles, I recommend watching “Death to 2021” on Netflix.

  15. Well the gains were good, however the inflation likely isn’t fully tallied yet and will chip away a good few percentage points off that gain. Printing money is NOT a good thing. Explains all those “apparent” real estate gains as well. Granted, if your money wasn’t invested you really did lose big time!

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