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I get requests to blurb/promote books often, but now that I have an energetic 8-month-old who just started crawling (I’m both in awe and horrified), I don’t have much time to read books. When this Singaporean reader contacted me about their book, my initial thought was “no thanks” but its comic book style intrigued me and the first chapter entitled “Accept that Life is Unfair” really spoke to me. Plus, it was short. Little did I know I was going to breeze through this book in just two days, devouring the pages during the only time I had for reading—nap and breastfeeding sessions.

The book is called “The Woke Salaryman: Crash Course On Capitalism and Money” and to say this book impressed me is an understatement (and knowing me, I’m rarely impressed by anything)

I found myself re-reading it when I was up at night during my son’s 2 AM nursing sessions and it felt familiar like talking to an old friend. It also helps that the book has lots of adorable cartoons to explain complex financial topics, making it a joy to read. It’s hard to find a practical financial guide to living your life that’s also empathetic, and this book strikes the perfect balance. And the fact that the lessons come from Singapore, one of the most expensive cities in the world, and the biggest success story of the 20th century gives it that much more clout.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Singapore, it wasn’t always the shiny metropolis that you see now. In fact, back in 1965, Singapore was plagued by poverty and organized crime. It also didn’t have any natural resources to rely on. So the fact that it transformed into one of the wealthiest place in the world in just one generation is astonishing.

This book gives some insights as to how this happened and one of the lessons that jumped out at me is this quote by the former prime minister of Singapore, the man credited with Singapore’s success, Lee Kuan Yew:

“Equality is an aspiration, it is not reality, it is not practical.”

I’m not going give away the rest of the chapter on why this quote has so much truth behind it. You will have to read the book to understand it.

But after discovering this gold nugget, I went down the rabbit hole researching Lee Kuan Yew, and discovered this other insightful quote about the need to balance between competitiveness and equality:

“To be successful, society must maintain a balance between nurturing excellence and encouraging the average to improve. There must be both cooperation and competition between people in the same society.

If everybody gets the same rewards, as they do under communism with their iron rice bowl, nobody strives to excel; society will not prosper, and progress will be minimal. That led to the collapse of the communist system.

On the other hand, in a highly competitive society where winners get big prizes and losers paltry ones, there will be a great disparity between the top and the bottom layers of society, as in America. …

At the end of the day, the basic problem of fairness in society will need to be solved. But first, we have to create the wealth. To do that, we must be competitive and have a good dose of the “yang.” If we have too much of the “yin” and over- redistribute the incomes of the successful, then we will blunt their drive to excel and succeed, and may lose too many of our able, who will move to other countries where they are not so heavily taxed. On the other hand, if too many at the lower end feel left out, then our society will become divisive and fractious, and cohesiveness will be lost. Communism has failed. The welfare state of Western democracies has also failed.

There is a continual need to balance between a successful, competitive society, and a cohesive, compassionate one. That requires judgment, to strike a bargain or social contract. Each society must arrive at that optimum point for itself. Between the two ends, the highly competitive and the excessively equal, lies a golden mean. This point will move with time and changing values.

I can best explain the need for balance between individual competition and group solidarity by using the metaphor of the oriental yin and yang symbol. … The more yang (male) competitiveness in society, the higher the total performance. If winner takes all, competition will be keen, but group solidarity will be weak. The more yin (female) solidarity, with rewards evenly distributed, the greater the group solidarity, but the weaker the total performance because of reduced competition…. We have arranged help, but in such a way that only those who have no other choice will seek it. This is the opposite of attitudes in the West, where liberals actively encourage people to demand entitlements with no sense of shame, causing an explosion of welfare costs.”

This book will help you understand capitalism and how to hack it to make it work in your favour.

If you have Asian parents or Tiger Parents, you will love this book because the “my generation had it worse” chapter has the best clapback to any parents calling us “soft and entitled” that I’ve ever seen. I’m not going to spoil it, but let’s just say whenever I get exasperated with my mom (which is 90% of the time), I read this chapter to feel better. I even printed out the cartoon on pg 181 and put it on my wall—that’s how relatable it is. If you read the book, you’ll know what I mean.

I enjoyed this book so much that I will be buying copies of it for my friends and family and reading it to my son when he’s old enough to not stuff dollar bills into his mouth like he does with everything else.

But today is your lucky day because you could be the winner of a FREE e-copy of this brilliant book (anyone can participate, no matter where you live)! To enter, simply answer this question in the comments and I will pick out random winner and announce it next Monday:

“If you had to spend $1000 in one day (and you can’t invest, donate, or save it), what would you spend it on?”

Go and get a copy of this book now! It’s so good I can honestly say it’s one of the best books that’s ever dropped into my e-mail. It’s in the same vein as the Psychology of Money, but in my opinion, it’s better. It does deep dives into why the capitalist system works and how to think about money, work, and life with thoughtful cartoons. The way it’s written/illustrated and the life sessions also remind me of the “wait but why” blog. I’m not getting paid anything to promote this book and I’ve never met the author. I just enjoyed it so much I had to tell you all about it.

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197 thoughts on “How to Hack Capitalism”

  1. If I had $1000 to spend today, I would look for sales on non-perishable grocery items and stockpile them to help reduce my bills in the upcoming months. I have a 6’4″ teen who eats everything in sight!

    1. 1000 bucks? Hmmm. My toddler, hubby, and I would eat our way through France! Beignets, Baguettes, Raspberry tartes, and allll the cheese you can give me s’il vous plait! 😋

    2. With $1000 I would spend half on clothes. Mine are a little older 🙂 and the wardrobe refresh would be amazing. I live in Ireland, where we have a couple of great outlet shopping centres and $500 would go a long way. I would spend the rest on dry goods for my store cupboard, as you never know when you’ll need them.

  2. I’d probably spend the $1,000 on a really nice spa day & overnight hotel stay for me and my Mom. She’s retiring later this year after working retail for 25yr+ and needs to have more Yang in her life (softness).

  3. If I had a surprise $1000 and couldn’t save or invest it, I would put the money on my car loan! 😊

    1. If i had $1000, i would spend it on a trip to Bali, Indonesia (where my wife and I got married 15 years ago and havent been back yet!)

    2. If I had $1000 to spend in a day, I would take my partner and friends to an outdoor spa day. Enjoy good company, relax, no phones, good food and also feel treated myself!

    3. If I had $1000 I start a free cooking and course for people. When they know how to feed themselves inexpensively, they will not be hungry and broke.

  4. I would buy a plane ticket to Samoa. That’s where my father is from, I’ve never been and am dying to go!

  5. If I found myself with an unexpected $1,000 that had to be spent in one day…I’d buy a return ticket from the Toronto Island Airport to visit my best friend in Ottawa. We would go out for lunch and visit Le Nordique Spa in Gatineau. We’d hike in the forests, drink good coffee, snack on healthy treats and talk, talk, talk, talk.

    1. If I got $1000 I would give half away to someone in need and use the balance to treat myself and a friend or family member to a nice day out, dinner and movie, spa day, buy the book your raving about lol

  6. Tough question for us FI people, as first instinct would be to invest, donate or save. But if not I think I would buy flights. Flights to Vietnam.

  7. If I had to spend $1000 in one day, I would be using it to help buy my next car. My 2009 Ford Focus is rusting out from underneath me. Hubby and I are having this conversation more and more often.

  8. My mom hasn’t traveled much as she has gotten older and walking is difficult, so I would probably take her and my older sister to a very nice hotel for a weekend and order in food and watch movies.

  9. Love this question! I’m divided between two options but knowing me I’d probably go with the second:
    – hire a cleaning company to come in and do a thorough spring clean of all the parts of my home I never get to.
    – invite a bunch of friends out to a restaurant

  10. If I had 1000 dollars to spend, I would buy new smiles for children. I recently went on a medical volunteer trip to give free cleft lip/palate surgeries to people without access to healthcare. The cost of each surgery is super cheap compared to USA, around $200 each. Seeing the smiles and tears on the parents is worth every penny of the 1000.

  11. Hi there, from France ! Many thanks for your introduction of this book, which makes me really eager to read it. I would spend the 1000$ on investing in a workshop to improve my knowledge on finance and then enhance my quality of life on the long term. Best wishes and take care.

  12. I would spend it (and more) on airline tickets to anywhere in Europe! If not that then on tickets to see the Kansas City Chiefs play.

  13. I would spend it on My & my families health with Spa Treatment, Book yoga sessions, Get Massage & Chiro treatment done, Buy New reading Glasses for all 3 of us. If anything is left Stocking up on Grocery deals & Gas.

  14. If I had $1000 I would spend it on a trip to Lisbon! I had a solo trip to Portugal booked two weeks ago but didn’t go because my whole family told me it was unsafe for a young woman to travel and that I would get trafficked.
    Looking back, I regret not packing my bags and running off into the sunset :/ but you live and learn!!!

    1. Am sure that comes froma place of love, but it also comes from a placw of fear. Knowledge is power and this information yoi were told, is ismply not true

  15. I’d spend the $1000 on an experience. Either a flight to an interesting place halfway across the globe. Or a night on the town with friend(s), seeking out the best in comedy, theatre, and/or live music, and of course food :p.

  16. It is soooo hard finding an answer other than investing the extra $1,000….. But here goes:

    I’d probably treat myself and the family to a spending spree at the mall, only because this goes totally against the grain of the frugal lifestyle we love and live each and every day. Everyone gets $250 to spend, including myself, dad!

    The kids and wife would be in paradise….

  17. If I had an extra thousand dollars, I would put it towards a massage and facial fund to get the services more frequently. Every time I go, I wonder why do I do this more often?

  18. Hmm, I think for a bonus $1000 with those restrictions, I would like to hire someone to redo some of the paint in our house. Especially the stairwell. It’s not large but it’s annoying and scary and I’d rather not do it myself. No idea how much that costs so maybe I need to do more or maybe that’s all we’d get done. But it would be nice to have someone else do it.

  19. I would splurge like I’ve never done before and get a stay at a really fancy resort hotel with all the amenities, pool, spa, activities for kids and have a wonderful time with my family.

  20. This book looks very interesting, thank you. With $1000, I’d definitely book a mini-trip or flight with my husband and kids. Maybe just a big day at a big waterpark then a fancy really good meal.

  21. $1000 to spend is an interesting topic. I loved some of the readers comments but I believe that I would spend it on my house. I would like concrete edging on my bush beds to save me time when I mow the yard. This would also increase the curb appeal and aid us in selling so we can downsize our expenses.

  22. If I had $1000 to spend today, I would let my kids have a yes day. They could do/spend it on anything they want (with age appropriate guidelines).

  23. I would spend the money on an impromptu family trip with a nice hotel, meals, and experiences. On one family trip, I took on being “Vacation Mom” and saying yes to more things. My kids would appreciate the return of Vacation Mom.

  24. I’d spend the day on a lavish day of fun with my family. Buy the kids new outfits and shoes, and go trip around the city. Buy new backpacks and hiking stuff and end with dinner whenever we wanted.

  25. If I had to spend $1000, I would build a cover for our backyard patio. We have a beautiful space but having a roof would make it so much more pleasant to use throughout the year!

  26. I have always dreamed of playing at the WSOP in Vegas…,

    I am NOT into gambling so I don’t play the slots or any of the table games where the odds are heavily skewed towards “the house”. I will however put up my skills against another player at the poker table. And just like the movie “Rounders”, if you are not able to spot a weak player within 30 mins of sitting down at the table, then maybe you are “the fish”.

    I’d bet on myself at the WSOP by buying into a $1k NLHE poker tournament just to check off one of my “bucket-list”. Win or Lose, I simply wanted to be able to say that “I was there, been there, done that”…


  27. If I had $1000 that I can save, donate or invest, I will use it to take a vacation alone and treat myself.

    I have never traveled on vacation alone. I married very young and had kids early and have spent close to half of my life tending to people. It would be a nice treat.

  28. If I had the thousand dollars, I would spend it on self care both in body and mind. As a senior now, all my life had been spent on taking care of others first and am slowly learning that it is ok to love myself. As the song goes, “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” Didn’t understand it’s true meaning until now. Cheers.

  29. Since donating is out I’d spend the thousand on books of all kinds. Physical limitations may prevent traveling but knowledge is priceless. Oh, since I already bought a copy of the book, I’d donate it to my local library if I win.

  30. If I had a grand I’d spend it on jazz vinyl records. Ain’t nothing like listening to miles Davis on vinyl! Lol

  31. WATERCOLOR PAINTING: I’d buy supplies/classes to help me continue this newly discovered, simple, relaxing, mindless (or mindful?) way of taking a break from from the capitalist grind, need to produce, and hustle/FI culture.

  32. If I had spare $1000 to spend, I would spend it prebooking a long weekend trip with our kids (ages 5, 2, and 2) that isn’t camping! We’d take the train from Ottawa to Montreal, book a suite or BNB, tickets to the biodome and go out to eat (a treat we NEVER get the opportunity to do with 3 kids under 5!). And maybe mom would go and get a pedicure during afternoon nap time too!

  33. Guess I couldn’t figure out the comment editing thing. I was trying to add that, if I win I’d donate the copy of the book to my local library–since I already bought one for myself.

  34. If I have 1000 I will use it to partially offset the cost to travel to African Safari with my family.

  35. This question is such a funny coincidence! I just paid 1.000$ for an AirBnB big enough to host all of our family for my grandma’s 80th birthday. She’s really looking forward to this little travel. It will be fun having four generations under one roof and discovering a new city. She’s a great-grandma now since we got a baby girl in summer 2023 =)

  36. If I had $1000 to spend in one day, I’d hire out all the small house projects that I want to get done – replacing the pipe from my downspout and all the updates for my family room

  37. If I had a grand to spend in a day, I’d embark on a culinary adventure around the world right in my city! I’d start with a lavish breakfast at a French patisserie, savor an exquisite sushi lunch, and dine at an Italian trattoria for dinner. In between, I’d indulge in treats from local bakeries and international food stalls.

  38. If I had to spend $1000 in a day, I would buy a course or mentorship to learn a new skill I could use to make more money.

  39. $1000 to spend, not save or invest? I’d buy a good pair of shoes, an airplane ticket somewhere cool, and a hostel stay, and I’d explore somewhere new!

  40. If I have $1000 to spend , I will spend it on cosmetic blepharoplasty to refresh my droopy eyelid .

  41. That covers a month or 2 for a beach hut in southern Thailand and a supply of cold Leo’s lol

    1. I’d probably spend on a trip to visit a friends who lives in another country and whom I don’t get to see often enough.

  42. Home repairs! I need a plumber and a drywall guy. And if I had any money leftover I’d get my washing machine fixed. And if I got real lucky and still had some money left, then it’d be my treat at the margarita happy hour!

  43. If I had to spent 1000 in a day, I would buy 700 worth of groceries and the rest I would spend on good books which my kids could also read when they grow up.

  44. I’d spend 1000$ on an annual membership to sailing club where I live (NYC) – the club, a nonprofit, is Hudson River Community Sailing – it’s just a little bit more than 1k annually, so I’d cover the rest, but it’s the best membership money I’ve ever spent (I’ve done 80 sails last year right here in NYC!) – gets me to learn to sail, improve my skills, and to keep sailing as much as I want, get’s me out of the apt and on a bike to get there on time, instant socializing and friends with other members of the NYC sailing community. Seriously the best 1000$ annual membership in NYC that keeps on giving.

  45. I’d spend it on excursions for our upcoming cruise in Greece and Turkey! 🙂 Either that or pay back half to my partner and half to my parents since I owe them money!

  46. If I had to spend $1000 in one day, I would spend it on chiropractic, massage, hammer & gommage and other spa treatments 🙂

  47. With $1k, I’m taking my wife and kids out for a day of fun on the water tix create some core memories and catch some dinner.

    That’ll allow us to charter a boat so we can see different fish than from the shore while basking in the sunlight surrounded by fresh sea air!

    We’d also have plenty left over to get SNACKS!!

  48. I would have a BBQ/party for my closet friends and family. And they would insist on bringing food and drinks too I would still have more ney to buy something practical. Gotta have balance in your life.

  49. I would go to a Korean spa (NY) and fly my mother and 2 friends to join – and then go to dinner at a nice restaurant.

  50. Screw it, I’ll throw my hat into the ring.

    If I had $1000, there are a handful of ways I could spend it. I’m not sure if I can mix and match, but in order of what I would spend them on:

    Beekeeping: It’s a hobby I plan to try out at some point anyway. So I could use $1000 on this. Google search results put the cost at around $400-$600. But I haven’t priced out all of the equipment right now. Maybe with the rest I can get some nice to have equipment.

    Glassblowing: Another one that doesn’t quite hit $1000 on one purchase but another hobby I’d like to learn. Google again puts it at $750. I’d probably use the rest for classes.

    Blacksmithing: I can always use more steel, specialty equipment (specialty hammers), and other blacksmithing stuff. I could spend $1000s to get all the stuff I need for this hobby.

    Books: This is the bulk of my discretionary spending at the moment. I read about one book. At the moment I have a list of ~100 books coming in at about $400. I could probably get ahead on some of the other stuff too.

    If we exclude hobby stuff I could probably find $1000 worth of non perishables to buy at the grocery store.

    Most if not all of this is stuff I already plan to buy. It was more just a question of when I would purchase them rather than if.

  51. Go to my local high school and give it to a graduating senior to help pay for the university education. Some might consider this investing – in society’s future, the next generation.

  52. I would use the $1000 to host a fancy dinner for my family and friends. We gather a lot less than we used to and it would be nice to catch up, see all their faces and take photos.

  53. Am sure that comes from a place of love, but it also comes from a place of fear. Knowledge is power and this information you were told, is simply not true

  54. I would spend $1000 getting tickets to as many Broadway plays for my family of 3 as I could. We would have such great memories of all the shows.

  55. If I had a $1000 to spend in one day, I would buy signed copies of your books and give to as many people as I could. I know this sounds like I’m sucking up but to be honest, no book has influenced me more about getting my act together w my finances like your book. Why wouldn’t I want to share that with everyone!

  56. Need to get a bike trailer to carry my kids around on the bike so that I don’t need to take the car around as much! $1000 would go a long way!

  57. If I had $1000 today, I would buy a pretty gold necklace for my wife. It’s been her dream for so many years, but remains unfulfilled to this day.

    Pleasing my wife with this precious gift gets No 1 spot on my bucket list.

  58. I would use the $1,000 to buy a personalized Welcome to Hogwarts letter for my daughter on her 11th birthday and then take her to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

  59. Thank you for posing the question “what would I spend $1000 on in one day without saving, donating, or investing it?”

    I can’t remember the last time I tried to dream like this. It’s a muscle that’s been dormant for quite some time. I can feel neural pathways reawakening and starting to form just by trying to answer your question.

    I would want to maximize my time so as much as I’d like to fly from Toronto to Halifax with my loved ones for a lobster lunch at Peggy’s cove,

    I would instead:
    1. Take a day off of work and invite family members to do the same
    2. Hang out at the dog park with our 11 year old poodle/terrier mix
    3. Take our 2 year old cats for a walk in their cat stroller
    4. Put the money towards a private consultation with FIRECracker and Wanderer – what would they do given my circumstances?

  60. If I had 1000 to spend, I would probably think about it few hours without doing anything and at the end of the day, I would buy something useful. Probably a new phone.

  61. If I had $1000 I would buy a stand-up paddleboard for me, hire someone to clean our house and go out to dinner with the rest.

  62. $1000 to spend quickly- I’d buy some board games and dinner for everyone. This sounds really fun!

  63. I would spend the $1000 on an unforgettable feast to remember at a restaurant in Brisbane Australia creating the most memorable gathering possible (Champaign included) for my 4 closest friends because good food brings us together while money comes and goes.

  64. I would divide the $1000 into two $500 piles. I’d buy high quality non – GMO seeds , top soil, compost and vermiculite to gift to a ( or 2) non- profit groups who are attempting to create community gardens – it’s time for people to learn to be more self- sufficient- recent inflation has taught us this . I’ll be happy to donate some of my time for planting- spent the afternoon in my garden dirt – you can’t pay enough for that experience.
    With the other $500 I would invite the same 8 friends I just spent a girls night get away with. One night in same BnB -$500 would cover this , same dinner out ( we pay) and then a fabulous post dinner evening more snacks, refreshments, playing games ,and telling stories – that is worth way more than$500 😍

  65. We are heading to Japan. I would spend $1,000 for a stay at a ryokan in the countryside with all meals included.

  66. With $1000 I would host a get together with all my family (and it Is big!) on a charter boat for a day trip off the coast). Family time is priceless.

  67. If I have $1,000, I would drive to Las Vegas and stay at one of the resorts and spend it on the best Las Vegas buffets until the money is all spent.

  68. If buying a course to learn about stock market or FX is not considered investment (in myself) I would do that.
    Otherwise, a good holiday or down payment towards a visit to Egypt or Petra!!!!

  69. I would spend it on tax deductible software to open up new business opportunities to create an additional income stream.

  70. Hi – Thanks for running this contest. The book looks great. I would take my extended family out for a nice dinner. There are 11 of us in total and my elderly parents love nothing more than spending time with all of us.

  71. I know it sounds lame… well, maybe not really, but it def feels lame… if I had a sudden $1000 I’d spend it on a crown for my tooth which has been broken for a long time. Crowns are so expensive (all dental work is now) and I realize how spoiled I was when working corporate and taking all those amazing healthcare benefits for granted.

  72. I would buy a medical grade air purifier for my bedroom. The unit I have my eye on is $995 before tax!

  73. I would pay for my sons soccer club dues so they can play the entire summer and go to the best sushi place in town with my husband

  74. If I had $1000 I need to spend, I would buy my parents a spa getaway in their own town. They have never tried one out and I think they would love it. However, they would be angry if I spent my money on it. (And they certainly wouldn’t spend theirs!)

  75. If I have to spend $1000 in a day, I would buy gold jewels for my wife to make her happy and the value can be mostly recoverable if need be in future.

  76. If I had $1000 to spend today, I would go and buy a bunch of great presents for people – we have several family members and close friends who have birthdays coming up over the next two months.

  77. I don’t even have to hesitate to think of the answer. That additional $1,000 will go straight to Air Canada for my wife to visit her family and friends back in Melbourne, whom she hasn’t seen for ages! She had to leave the city during one of the longest and toughest lockdowns in the world for a dream job, which required her to leave everyone she loves behind 🙁 I cannot wait for the day they all unite over tears of joy!

  78. Book massage therapy appointments for the next 7 weeks in a row, without thinking and calculating about the insurance coverage!

  79. If I had a $1000 to spend, I would spend it on a weekend getaway. I’m not the type to be spontaneous and do a last minute weekend getaway.
    So, if I had a $1000, I would use the money to be spontaneous and see how that would make me feel.

    I probably would feel rich and all that.

    I would fly down to LA and do a spa treatment with my husband and have some nice korean bbq, stay at a moderate affordable hotel and then fly back Sunday afternoon.

    Ahhh…I sure can dream…

  80. With $1000, host an event for friends that either I haven’t seen in a while

    It’s a great reason to try to reconnect and share a fun experience with people who I haven’t seen in a while

  81. Interesting question…..I would give you guys the money, I’m satisfied with my F.I.R.E life and you guys with a new(ish) baby would probably appreciate it and enjoy using it more. Since (I don’t think) you are a registered charity, I don’t think this breaks the “can’t donate it” rule.

  82. If I had new $1000 and couldn’t save or invest it, I would buy plane tickets to Fiji for my hubby and myself. If only…

  83. If I can’t donate, I would spend it on means to great experiences.
    500 dollars on food and toys for shelter dogs or abused dogs that need medical helps.
    500 on a new camera kit so I can start back my creative endeavors. Go out and shoot.

    Actually, whether or not I win, I will now go out there and actually put this money to good use. Thanks for the prompt.

  84. I would spend it on a communications course. I was saving up for it, but this would help speed up the timing.

  85. It would be perfect timing for me actually because I’m getting married in June and even though it’s not a large production there are still things I need to purchase for it like food and drinks and permits to hold it in the park and stuff like that

  86. If I have $1000 I would spend it all on a trip to France to immerse myself in the language of French and improve!

  87. If I had an extra $1000, I’d buy my wife a greenhouse set-up (loves gardening these days) and wants us to grow more of our own food!

  88. If I had a $1000 I would pay two people (they run this blog I think ;)) to consult and design my Withdrawal strategy with my unique situation. I’m ready to quit and know we can but can’t get confident it will work.

  89. $1000? Microphones (or, more accurately, a fraction of one microphone). (I’m a recording engineer – does it show?)

  90. I would buy two plane tickets to New Zealand! I think that’s our next trip, and buying tickets would be one step closer to making it happen. Thanks for this book review- I’m going to have to check it out 🙂

  91. With $1000, I’d buy my parents a new couch. They’ve had their current couch for over 20 years, and they’re in the “run it to the ground” camp, it’s just hard to sit by and watch that for me.

  92. If I had an extra $1000 I would spend in on a trip to Door County Wisconsin with my wife on our anniversary day. I would take her to the hotel she has always wanted to go and to to several of the many wonderful restaurants they have throughout the peninsula. With any extra we would go pic out a piece of art at one of the galleries be it a formal one or one of the many starving artists that inhabit Door County.

  93. I would spend it on applying for credit cards that has great bonus for signups and reward benefits on the cards. Most probably Amex Platinum, Bonvoy Amex, and Amex Gold and go crazy on a well deserve trip. The $1000 will turn into at least $10,ooo value trip. Maximum profit 🙂

  94. $1000 that has to be spent! Hmm, my pre-teen son takes after me and is a saver, not a spender. I’m working on helping him have a better relationship with money than I do. I saved for so long that it’s hard sometimes to spend, even though I’m in a different place now. I’d take a long weekend and let him go a bit nuts with it. Visit a new place, do the touristy things, order room service!

  95. Ooh the book looks great! I would use the thousand bucks to buy some flying lessons. Since I can’t be an astronaut, it’ll be the next best thing I imagine!

  96. I’d use $1,000 towards part of the cost a local illustrator for my next self-published Filipino-English children’s book.

  97. I’ll spend it all on good quality tools to build, fix and grow things, and some good coffee with a bunch of friends!

  98. I have a big backyard that i plan to make a big fruit and vege garden in spring. I am mostly using recycled wood but would use the $1000 on seeds, plants, compost, irrigation, path lights, gravel, weedmat and a greenhouse.

  99. I will use the $1000 to stock up one round of groceries for my family, and spend the rest to top up the nearest food bank 🙂

  100. I would take some Vietnamese and south east Asian cooking classes via Air B&B online experiences to help express to my mother that while I appreciate and understand why she assimilated me to my western, caucasian culture that her asian culture is important to me too.

  101. If I had $1000 I’d spend it on vacation for my girlfriend because she’s had a really rough month at work.

  102. I would have loved to donate it to an animal rescue, a cause that I’m passionate about, since they are overwhelmed so bad right now, so if I have to spend it, I’d buy loads of pet food and then donate the food 🙂

  103. I simply couldn’t just spend $1,000 on something that wasn’t in my plan. If I wanted it, I would have planned for it! So, I guess I would spend the $1,000 on whatever I’d already intended to buy, and just draw less from my investments. Super unexciting for sure.

  104. Seems like a cool book, want to check out that chapter on “my generation had it worse!”

    If I had to spend $1,000 today it would probably go to backyard furniture so I can host friends and not sit on hard surface, flimsy furniture. I would also buy a firepit if the budget allowed for it, a used-one if available.

  105. I would take three of my girlfriends out for a spa day and fancy dinner. Build some great fun memories!

  106. I’d take my parents to Ireland. My Mom hasn’t been back (she was born there) for 60 years. And I haven’t been yet.

  107. Such a tough question because my inclination is to invest or donate it (food banks in Toronto).
    If I had to spend it, I would probably help pay for a stairlift for my 93 year old mom who can’t leave the house independently.

  108. If I had to spend $1,000 today, I would spend it on updating the plumbing in my 59 year old house.

  109. I would spend the thousand dollars on buying enough sustainable trees/ plants/ seeds/ saplings and plant them around my community with my five year old (and invite his buddies too), because I’m worried he won’t have the environment that even we have been lucky to have by my age and this experience will imprint that in him and others for life to pursue.

  110. If I had $1,000 to spend, I’d buy the workout equipment I need to complete my home gym that I am to cheap to buy because I always reason that I could use this or that, or combine these 2 to get the same workout, when in reality, I do need more plates, bigger barbell bar, etc.

  111. By coincidence, I would use the amount on solar-cells which we are going to instal next week… but as it is also a kind of investment, the next choice would be groceries. 1000 dollars is about what food for a month for our family of four costs here in Sweden, so we would have to spend it anyway. Of course, it would be stockpiling of non-perishables what we usually use, but also cat-food and more special stuff which we buy in e-shops, such as organic dried-fruits, nuts, spices…

  112. I would have a little getaway to spend extra $1000 in a day: going to visit my university and staying in the best hotel in town for a night, watching the Broadway show at school with the best seats, eating a fine meal with friends under my treat, and purchasing a bunch of school spirit items too expensive to buy normally, and the memory would last!

  113. I would spend the $1,000 on landscaping around my house. I want more garden beds filled with beautiful perennials that will bring me years and years of joy as I watch plants and flowers return year after year.

  114. As the book is about hacking capitalism, I would read the book for ideas on how to do this. The only thing that comes to mind is using it to build a board for outside my dress shop, so that people can put their head in the cutout hole and see how they look in the clothes (on a hook in front). People are often too lazy to try things and it would create a novelty attraction. I need to make a bit more money from capitalism, so that I can escape it.

  115. I’ll spend a whole day with my son being a kid again. I’ll take him to a children’s museum, then have lunch at a diner. This would probably cost me $100. The rest? I’ll ask my son what he wants to do with the money. It’ll be up to him! 😆😆😆

  116. Ich würde für 1000$ Exemplare ihres Buchs “Quit Like a Millionaire” kaufen und es an interessierte zu verschenke um noch mehr Menschen den Weg zur finanziellen Freiheit zu ermöglichen! Für mich war es ein gamechanger 🙏🏻

  117. Hello, I would like to create as many memories as possible during this day. Thinking of a day trip (somewhat long drive) to next province, water park and zoo so that toddler is happy, costco, some shopping so that teenage daughter is happy, all meals out so wife is happy. I would definitely talk about how we got this trip 🙂 Hope it’ll be remembered !

  118. If I had to spend $1000 in one day (and you can’t invest, donate, or save it), I’d spend it on wakeboarding lessons for my husband and I. I recently added wakeboarding to my bucket list 🙂

  119. Thanks for the enjoyable introduction!
    I would spend 1000$ by taking my wife and kids on a road trip to Switzerland, sit on a mountain and zip a coffee while enjoying the kids play in the sun.

  120. I love so many of these!

    I’m also going to go with a fancy spa weekend with my wife. Sauna and dining!

  121. I’d would love (the husband, myself and the other son) to fly down to see the first born son who is at Uni in Dunedin. Although I don’t think $1K would be enough to do that. It would however cover a day at the Mountain Skiing so let’s go with that instead.

  122. Ooh, that’s a hard one when donate, invest, & save aren’t on the table. I think I would spend it on decent quality camping gear; I could probably get some pretty nice stuff for $1000.

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