Week 2 at Chautauqua Greece!

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Hey all,

Still at Greece this week. As one awesome week ends, another begins with a whole new batch of FI-ers descend on Thessaloniki. Next week, we’ll be back to our regular schedule, but in the meantime, Carl a.k.a. “Mr. 1500” wrote up a great summary of Week #1 on his blog. Check it out here.

Carl and I having a deep philosophical discussion about Greek toilets, I think.

This week, Brad and Jonathan from our favourite FI podcast ChooseFI have flown in.

Jonathan, trying to look as aggressively suave as possible.
Brad and Wanderer are OK too, I guess.

We’ll be back to our regular schedule next week, but again, in the meantime check out Mr. 1500’s report on Chautauqua here.

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9 thoughts on “Week 2 at Chautauqua Greece!”

    1. long term investing = stay the course. If you’re going to obsess over short term moves, don’t invest. That’s not how investing works.

  1. Question: How much do you get paid to give these talks? It doesn’t seem like a lot of attendees and I figure they give you free hotel stay. Meaning either they don’t pay you much or the attendees pay a lot of money to go. But, that would be counter productive to someone trying to achieve FI.

    1. The speakers get a small stipend and $1000 to cover the cost of travel. None of us are doing it for the money. I would agree that going to Chautauqua is not a cheap event, however, based on feedback and testimonials the value that the attendees get makes the cost worth it. The reason why we limit the number of attendees is to ensure the best experience and the deepest connection within the week. This is why life-long friendships form and so many Chautauquans meet up afterwards. We definite don’t recommend you come to Chautauqua though if you’re in financial trouble or have debt to pay off.

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