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After almost 2 years in the writing trenches, we are beyond excited to announce that our book, Quit Like a Millionaire is ready for pre-orders!

If you’re ready to get a copy and want the freebies that come with it, click here. Otherwise, read on.


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It’s being published by TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House, and will be coming to a bookstore near you on July 9, 2019! (As of right now, if you pre-order from Amazon and you’ll get a 31% discount!)

Now, I know I don’t get emotional often on this blog (because EW feelings), but I have to admit, giving birth to this book baby has teared me up more than once. Why? Because this book isn’t just a finance book—it’s a labour of love for some of our favourite people in the world…*drum roll*…you guys!

Seriously, every word, every sentence, every number has been inspired by this community and here’s my proof:


Through all your comments, e-mails, and reader cases, you’ve inspired us with your incredible stories. You’ve taught us just how much you can accomplish when you put your mind to something. From stories of readers who’ve moved to the other side of the world, doubled their savings rate, grew their net worth from 0 to 6 figures in a few short years after learning to invest, freed themselves up to spend precious time with their families, we’ve been impressed by, in awe of, and humbled by your stories.

There’s a piece of every single one of you in this book.

You’ve taught us that financial independence is a powerful tool that frees you from stress and lets you choose the life you want, and as a result, it can change the world.

That’s why we invested the last two years of our lives writing Quit Like a Millionaire to teach people how to become FI so they can live a better, stress-free, self-driven life.  

I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy. Even though we already gained the writing chops from our last children’s book, writing a non-fiction book required far more research. As a result, we went through countless iterations to make sure that not only is it factually accurate as possible, but also a killer read. It’s not often you have the left and right sides of your brain working as a team, but as math and art comes together, we believe this is the best thing we’ve ever written.

But don’t take our word for it, here are what other authors and influencers are saying about the book:

Praise for Quit Like a Millionaire


“Whoever said ‘don’t quit your day job’ might feel differently after reading this book.”

Publishers Weekly


“This book wants you to be rich: in money, in time and in life. With this book, you have come to the right place. Kristy and Bryce will take you through the process step-by-step. Actionable things that you can do no matter what your age, location, background or education.”

From the foreword by JLCollins, Bestselling Author of The Simple Path to Wealth


Quit Like a Millionaire is a step-by-step manual to early retirement, filled with practical tips and tricks that anyone can use to accelerate their journey to financial freedom. Shen’s story is compelling and her advice actionable. I’ve been reading and writing about personal finance for fifteen years but still learned a ton from this book.”

J.D. Roth, Creator of Get Rich Slowly and author of Your Money


“Kristy Shen, in a few hundred delightful, information-packed pages, shows exactly how she went from rags (in China) to riches (retired world traveler millionaire at 30). Her stories are fascinating, told in a no-nonsense style that busts through any excuses. Her and Bryce’s precise investment strategies, explained clearly, show you how to both get financially independent – and stay there. And they are hilarious.”

Vicki Robin, New York Times bestselling co-author of Your Money or Your Life


Quit Like A Millionaire is about so much more than making money, traveling the world, and retiring early (although it teaches you how to do all three insanely well!). It’s a new roadmap to living an awesome life! You don’t need to settle for status quo. Life’s too short for that. So don’t. This book will both inspire and entertain you, while actually giving you the steps and mindset to become a millionaire. Retiring early isn’t easy, but it’s never been easier in history to make it happen. There’s no fluff here. This is the real deal.

Grant Sabatier, Author of Financial Freedom and Creator of Millennial Money


and many more


And that’s not all!

Kickass Foreward

The Godfather of FI, JLCollins, has generously given his time to write one of the most unique, kickass forewards ever which will blow you away (trust me, read it and you will see).

And lastly, if you’re still not convinced, here are some more reasons why you want this book:

Brand New Content

Our contract with Penguin stipulates that we can’t copy more than 20% of the content from this blog into the book—so that means 80% of this book is brand spanking new content! And even the parts with content you think you already know has been completely revamped, rewritten, over and over again until it’s shinier than a diamond mine.

We’ve also included brand new interviews with experts like Mr. Money Mustache, Justin from RootofGood, Jeremy from GoCurryracker, and the leaders of the Worldschooler movement about how all this can be done with kids. So, this book will be useful for everyone—include those with families.

It’s Better Than the Blog

With over 400 posts, it’s pretty impossible to learn everything by binge reading this blog. This book makes it easier for you to digest the information in story format and the best part is that it has been edited and polished, so you don’t have to worry about typos (which long-time readers you know I’m extremely guilty of). Not only that, you can easily gift the book to a friend and family member who you feel could benefit from learning about FIRE.

Unlike Any Other Finance Book You’ve Ever Read

Now, I know I sound like I’m tooting my own horn here but believe it or not these are other people’s words not mine.

When our literary agent first worked on the book pitch to Penguin, I asked her to do a comparable (ie this book is like “Battle hymn of a tiger mother” meets “I Will Teach You To be Rich”) but her reaction was “Nope. There are no comparable books. I’ve sold many books and, in my experience, this isn’t like any other finance book out there. It’s one of a kind.”

I also got the same reaction from my friend and fellow author, Grant Sabatier. He’s read over 360 books and he said “this is unlike any other finance book I’ve ever read.”

Practical and Bullshit Free

Here at MR, you know we’re all about specificity, practically, and bullshit-free advice. Since we come from engineering backgrounds, we have no patience for woo-woo books about how to “think yourself rich” with no numbers or facts to back it up. That’s why this book is full of practical advice and we do a ton of “mathing shit up” to show you exactly how to become FI. There is zero room for bullshit so expect to get practical advice told through a breezing narrative. 

Here’s a taste:

Excerpt from Quit Like a Millionaire on Salon.com

Now, as you know, we’ve been sharing free sources like the investment workshop (which we get thank you e-mails about every day—including a couple who used the workshop and went from having $1000 saved to six figures!), and the reader cases. We do this for free to help as many people as possible, because as JLCollins says we want you to be ”rich: in money, in time and in life”.

If this blog has been helpful to you at all, please support us by pre-ordering Quit Like a Millionaire. The more pre-orders we get, the more visible it will be on Amazon in order to reach as many people as possible.

We wrote this book to show that financial independence can be accessible to everyone—regardless of your race, background, or lack of privilege.

The fact that I went from bottom 1% of the world, living with my parents on 44 cents a day in China to 1% of the world is living proof that you don’t need privilege to accomplish this. And with this book, I hope to bring as many people along with me as possible. Please help spread the word, by sharing this post with your friends, family and on social media. Once you’ve read the book, if you enjoyed it, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads, this will help us a lot in book rankings to make it more visible. 

Thank you for your support!

Free Shit for Being Awesome!

And guess what? Since we’re only one month away, to celebrate we are hosting a pre-order giveaway!

Here’s how it works. If you pre-order (or have already pre-ordered) our book, we have some extra goodies to thank you for your early support.

Excited? So am I! So here we go…

Exclusive Bonuses:

Level 1: Rebel

Everyone who pre-orders before July 9, 2019. will receive

  • A cool infographic called, “How to Retire Early in 15 Steps”.
  • An exclusive invitation to the Webinar “How To Quit Like A Millionaire & Travel Forever!” starring us (Kristy & Bryce) and Grant Sabatier, author of “Financial Freedom” with live Q & A.
  • Early access to one chapter of the book.

Level 2: Renegade

For the first 50 people who enter and have pre-ordered our book, you will also receive a signed book plate.

Fun, eh?

Level 3: Revolutionary

And finally, if someone out there is ordering on behalf of a school, library, book club, or any other community (or for whatever reason wants to build a fort with our books), anyone who orders 15 copies or more will get a 1-hour Skype consultation session with us! (limited quantity available). 

Buy Now

Giveaway Rules

To receive your goodies, pre-order a copy of Quit Like a Millionaire from any of the retailers listed below and send an email to firecracker.revolution@gmail.com. Please put ATTN: GIVEAWAY in the subject line, and in the email please include

  1. Your name and physical mailing address for delivery of the signed name plate
  2. Your order number(s)

Your bonus content should arrive in your inbox shortly thereafter.

If you don’t receive the content, add firecracker.revolution@gmail.com into your email contact list and then re-submit your proof of purchase. If you’re still encountering technical difficulties, send another email with the word HELP in the subject line and we’ll figure it out.

Other rules/regulations:

  • If you’ve previously pre-ordered (or bought a copy of Grant’s Financial Freedom), first of all THANK YOU. And second of all, you are still eligible for this giveaway! Simply email us with your info to enter.
  • The signed name plate is only available to readers in the U.S. due to shipping constraints, but all other pre-order items are available to international readers.

Buy Now

That’s it. As always, thank you for your support and helping us keep the Millennial Revolution going!

With love,

FIRECracker and Wanderer/ Kristy & Bryce



UPDATE: I want to give everyone who pre-ordered Quit Like a Millionaire a huge hug! Because of your support, QLM rocketed up the Amazon rankings to be #1 New Release in the “Intro to Investing” category in the US and #1 Bestseller in the “Economics” and “Budget Travel” categories in Canada! And the book isn’t even out yet! We have the best readers ever! 


And of course, I have to highlight some reader comments that made me tear up with joy:

“I just finished reading the 1st chapter of your book. It’s awesome! I could not wait to read the rest in July. To date, it’s the most interesting Finance book I’ve come across – and that’s just the 1st chapter…”


“The intro made me want to binge read the rest.”



97 thoughts on “Quit Like a Millionaire is Available for Pre-Order!”

  1. SWEET. You guys are an inspiration. And 80% new content? Heck yeah!

    Full disclosure: I haven’t bought any personal finance books. But I’ve pre-ordered this one. And I’m psyched.

    1. I haven’t bought any personal finance books. But I’ve pre-ordered this one.”
      Holy shit, I’m am honoured as f*ck. You are the best, Adam! Seriously. The best.

  2. Just preordered – can’t wait to read it. Thanks for all your work in the personal finance community!

  3. Will an audiobook version be available in the future? Cause I loved Simple Path to Wealth in audio form and would like to listen during my work commute.

    I’ll more that likely still buy the audio version after pre-ordering the paperback, lol.

    1. Oh yes, definitely. We’re actually heading to London with JLCollins in a few days to record it 😉 (stay tuned for behind-the-scenes details on the blog). So you will get to hear the Godfather’s golden voice again in the Foreword!

      The audiobook will be available from Penguin on July 9.

  4. WOOOHOOO!!! Congratulations on a labor of love and sharing it with everyone! Thanks to you both, I’ve been hooked on FIRE ever since I accidently stumbled upon your site and thought you two were another get-rich-quick-scammers selling your lemonade to the public for 3 easy payments of $99.99. But I was wrong, the more I read, the wider my eyes opened up. Quite honestly, I didn’t get any work done on that first day i found MR.

    Again, congratulations and may success and fortune continue always for you both, and your experience and knowledge always be shared and treasured!

    Thank you!

    1. LOL. If I were a scammer, I’d probably price the lemonade at $88.88….luckier that way 🙂 Also, the Chinese market is huge! 😛

      Glad discovering the FIRE community has helped you, Robert, and thanks for your support.

  5. WOOOHOOO!!! Congratulations on a labor of love and sharing it with everyone! Thanks to you both, I’ve been hooked on FIRE ever since I accidently stumbled upon your site and thought you two were another get-rich-quick-scammers selling your lemonade to the public for 3 easy payments of $99.99. But I was wrong, the more I read, the wider my eyes opened up. Quite honestly, I didn’t get any work done on that first day i found MR.

    Again, congratulations and may success and fortune continue always for you both, and your experience and knowledge always be shared and treasured!

    Thank you!

  6. Congratulations on the book! I think I found a possible error on your blog page about the book the page says “The more pre-orders we get, the visible it will be on Amazon… “.

    Shouldn’t it be “The more pre-orders we get, the(more) visible it will be on Amazon …”

    Just a thought thanks for the book and the blog.

  7. Congrats guys, hope it does well. Sadly it looks like Canadians are getting screwed over again – the book costs more and the discount is less at amazon.ca than at amazon.com 🙁

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure how the pricing system works on Amazon–unfortunately I don’t have any control over it. Maybe try the kindle version? Thanks for your support, Shaun!

    1. Funny you should ask, Andre 🙂 My literary agent is actually currently working with foreign publishers on translations. I’ll make an announcement once those details have been worked out.

      1. Awesome. So looking forward to have it in portuguese so I can buy some and gift to my blog’s audience in Portugal and Brazil !

  8. Perfect gift for my daughter! She will be 17 very soon and I wanted to introduce her to the principles of investing and FIRE so she starts her adult life equipped with the right knowledge instead of falling into the spiral of working/earning/spending. Can’t thank you enough for writing this book, you guys rock. I know she will love your clever, quirky storytelling, and your mathing shit up (or is it math shitting things up? Can’t tell, I’m French :D). Enjoy the launch!

  9. I can’t believe you guys are SOOOO close to sharing your inspiring story with the f***ing world. And knowing that you guys managed to write 80% of BRAND NEW content inside this book is just INSANE! (especially because I know how much useful / actionable / life changing content you already gave away for free on your blog). I can’t tell you how excited this makes me to get a copy of the book and dig into it.

    I am wishing you an epic / well deserved / pre-order month!

    1. Thanks, Mr. NN! I love sharing your story too 🙂 Thanks for being an inspiration. Hope to see you in Europe this year!

  10. So excited! Sad that as a Canadian I miss out on the bookplate. I will be your groupie at the Toronto launch hopefully with MB!

    1. I’ll be happy to sign your book in person the next time we’re in Toronto 🙂 (looking forward to meeting MB!)

  11. Congrats to you both! Will definitely support and pre-order. Thanks for all you do in sharing your no bull-shit approach to achieving financial independence. Your thoughtfully answered email 2 years got me on track to eliminating student debt faster (it’ll be gone this time next yr, if not sooner!), while also significantly increasing my savings rate to achieve a seven figure portfolio well before the standard retirement age. Many thanks again and best wishes to you both!

    1. Thanks, Chris! Wow, that’s so amazing you’re on track to eliminating your student debt this year! Glad we could be of service and hope you do some celebrating over this major milestone!

  12. For your Canadian fans, it is pretty expensive on amazon.ca i.e. $19.57.

    Can you arrange for a similar discount as on amazon.com?

    Thanks guys………YOU ROCK!!!

    1. Hi Al,

      Since the prices are set by Amazon and my publisher, I don’t have any control over it, but I’ll check with them.

      Alternatively, you could try the e-book, it’s $10.45 USD on amazon.com and $13.99 CAD on amazon.ca, which is the same when accounting for CAD to USD exchange rate.


  13. Big time, major leagues kudos!

    Well played and very well executed.

    I was given the opportunity to read an advance copy and, well, then I wrote the foreword. 😉

    I’m honored to have a small roll in what will be a great success for you and all those who read it.

    See you in London for the audio book recording session!

    And then on to Chautauqua UK 2019 🙂

    1. Getting the Godfather of FI to Foreword our book is THE highlight of our lives 🙂 Thanks for writing the best Foreword of all Forewords! Can’t wait to see you in London! Woohoo! Chautauqua! (funnily enough, we ran into a chautauquan randomly in Chiang Mai…what are the odds of that?)

  14. Ordered! Congrats on the completion! Will get the Audiobook on Audible when it’s out too!
    Have an awesome day!

    1. Thanks, Pierre! I’m off to record the audiobook in a week, so it’ll be available on July 9 too. Really appreciate your support!

  15. Hey,

    Thanks for letting us know about the book. Your blog is awesome and has me addicted to reading it, so I thought wow, sign me up for the book as well. Here’s a stupid question: Where can I find the order number? I have just pre-ordered the book on Google Play and I think that, since I can theoretically cancel it before July 9 (not that I want to), I do not have an order number?


    1. Thanks, A! The pre-order should be in an automated e-mail when you purchase, but if you can’t find it, just take a screenshot of the book on your Google play account and we’ll send you your goodies 😉

  16. Ordered! First time ever pre-ordering something. I’m quite excited for the 80% brand new content 😀

    I also sent you a spreadsheet with my giveaway e-mail haha

    1. Thanks, Y! I’ll keep an eye out for your e-mail 😉 You should get your pre-order goodies shortly.

  17. So excited for your book! Long time lurker, first time commenter. Just pre-ordered it and excited to meet you two in person someday. If you’re ever in SF, let me know!

  18. Ordered and emailed! I’m stoked for you (and for the read!)

    (also included a note in the email, hopefully it’s up your alley)

  19. Hi FIRECraker and Wanderer,

    I just finished reading the 1st chapter of your book. It’s awesome! I could not wait to read the rest in July. To date, it’s the most interesting Finance book I’ve come across – and that’s just the 1st chapter.

    Congratulations on publishing. I really like your writing style.

    1. This is the one of the best comments I’ve ever gotten 🙂 You rock, Grazie! All the hard work of creating a book baby is totally worth it with readers like you!

      If you wouldn’t mind writing me a review on Amazon once the book comes out, I’d really appreciate it!

      THANK YOU!

  20. Amazing! We pre-ordered the book! Super excited to read. The intro made me want to binge read the rest.
    We also sent out our “reader case” finally on Sunday! A bit complex but nothing you can’t handle I’m sure! Haven’t seen similar ones yet on the site 😉

    Keep it up and thank you for everything!

    1. Thank you so much, E+S! I’ll keep a look out for your reader case! Kudos for being brave and sending it to us!

  21. Congrats on the book! I’ve read the foreword on jlcollinsnh’s blog and must say I’m excited. It sounds like an epic story chock full of lessons and actionable tips.

    When’s the movie coming out? 😀

    1. Thanks, PikiLiving! Ha ha…yeah, I’m fortunate to have been included in the Playing with FIRE documentary, so jokes aside, the movie is actually already out! 😀 Have you seen it?

  22. Hey! Congrats guys! Long time reader – first time poster. I first heard you on a radio show in Ireland on my way to work and I hardly got any work done that day with the excitement of discovering this movement. I have read every post since and when I saw that the book has 80% new content I was sold 🙂 Can’t wait to read it. You even inspired me to start my own blog. I share your posts with others all the time. If you’re ever back in Ireland, give me a shout!

    1. Aww, so grateful for readers like you Meagan! I remember your blog–very cool and so good for those who are planning to FIRE in Ireland! We should definitely meet up the next time we’re in your neck of the woods!

      1. Oh wow! I’m so honoured you have seen my blog before! Totally fan-girling over here 🙂 It’s early days and tough to find time to research and write with a baby but hoping it makes a difference in some people’s lives for all the time and effort that goes into writing! PS: I just read the first chapter and really excited to binge read the rest when it comes out. I will be visiting my family in Canada at the time and will have someone to mind the baby while I hide and read xD.

  23. Thanks for publishing the book; I’ve pre-ordered it. I’ve read pretty much everything you’ve written on your mil-rev site. I’m no mil (I’m Gen-X) but like it seems is the case for the average reader case, after I MSUd my situation, I’ll retire a little over nine years from now. The biggest reason for getting the book is to share with my kids; my oldest just turned 17 last month and I’m going to get him to read this. The next oldest just turned 14; and I’ll have her read it when she’s a bit older.

    Well, I suppose I’ll read it first to see what that 80% is that didn’t come from the mil-rev site.

    Thanks again for everything you’ve done to help everyone who has hit upon your site and is benefiting.

    1. Thanks Phil! Ha ha, love the fact that you sprinkled so many MR-isms (MSU’d, LOL) all over you comment. Thanks so much for reading over the years. Really appreciate it. And how cool that you’re only 9 years from retirement! Nice!

      Hope your 17 year old enjoys QLM! Thanks so much for your support.

  24. Congrats on the book guys! You must be through-the-roof ecstatic!

    I’m sure it was a ton of work, so a double ‘congrats’ to you! 🙂

  25. Thanks, Mr. Tako! It’s been a lot of work (the retirement police are all up in arms, I’ m sure), but I’m relieved it’s finally done. The amazing comments from readers I’ve been getting so far (even just on the first chapter!) has been worth it.

  26. My pre order is in! Im excited to see what more you can offer us, I have learned so much from the blog.

    On an unrelated note, does anyone use Personal Capital to track their accounts? My Questrade accounts have stopped updating in my Personal Capital accounts and i’m getting anxiety about not seeing my graph line go up and down. Almost like i’m flat lining…….

    Tech support says they dont support Questrade now.

    1. Thanks so much for your support, Stuart! Glad the blog has been helpful.

      Yeah, sorry to hear about PC. They tend to not be very responsive regarding Canadian accounts. The good news is you can still follow the workshop without PC and just use Questrade directly.

  27. Dear FireCracker, may I know will it have a chance to have a translation of Chinese copy in future? Due to my English limitation it may not well understood by me in English version.

    Thank you!

  28. I’m another longtime lurker and first-time poster. There’s lots of us coming out of the woodwork at the excitement of your first FI book!

    I am no millennial and not too far off from actual retirement. But I’ve endured my share of yo-yo cubicle jobs in my long career (and been laid off 4 times in the last 6 years!). So learning to save and aim for FI at ANY age is just good for everybody. Your blog is chock-full of smart advice (#MSU), inspirational travel (showing the results of what FI can do for a person) and hilarious jokes. I just love following your story. Congrats on the book!

  29. Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment you have both achieved. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! Now go and relax…if your hectic schedule can permit it 🙂

  30. Congratulations!

    I’m so happy for you both. I pre-ordered a few days ago and am eagerly awaiting my paperback copy in the mail.

    ARB–Angry Retail Banker

  31. Hello! Looking right now for investment fund and found this one: https://www.kitv.com/story/40599924/blockchain-credit-partners-bcp-opens-first-investment-fund-for-the-fire-community Sounds good! What do you think about that?

  32. Just pre-ordered your book and looking forward to reading it.

    Per one point mentioned on your website to save up to 25x of your income, then you can retire. However, should that be 25x before considering retirement assets since you can’t touch that until 59.5 yrs old? By following the 4% rule for non-retirement assets, assuming $40K US, you need $1M non-retirement assets. If that’s the case, then I need to really play catchup. Another point is to understand that the retirement accounts have not yet been taxed yet.

  33. “Your Amazon.ca order of “Quit Like a Millionaire: No…” has shipped!”

    Going to have to schedule a sick day off work around Wednesday.

  34. Looking forward to listening to your audiobook. I can’t seem to find it on audible. Will it be available on audible?

  35. My apologies, but I’m trying to find links to references for the supplemental PDFs you mentioned in chapters 3 and 4 or your audio book version. Are those available anywhere? Thank you! Fabulous book!

  36. I have purchased your book on Audiobooks Now – and Love Love it. But, I cannot access the pdf chart for your costs on your around the world trip. Can you please email it to me?
    Thank you!

  37. Hi there, I have a fellow Canadia in a FIRE group here on facebook who wants to read the book but it is in English. Do you have a translation of the book in French? If so, do you have a link I can share with her so she can buy your book?

  38. Hi there, I bought the book at the bookstore last year and also bought one for my niece as well. Is it possible to get the “How to Retire Early in 15 Steps” sheet as well? I think it would be very helpful to us in breaking everything down into bite sized pieces.

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