Investment Workshop 04: Connecting Your Accounts

Hello and welcome back to the Investment Workshop!

Hopefully by now, you’ve gotten your first investment account all set up and ready to go. Great job!

While I love both Questrade and Vanguard as brokerage companies, the fact that you’re self-managing your investments means that their user interface is not going to be easiest thing to use, so the next thing we’re going to do is connect your brand new investment account to a visualization tool. As your portfolio grows in both size and number of accounts, it will be important to have a dashboard where you can see where all your money is at all times. After all, you can’t steer the ship if you can’t see the horizon.

Empower (USA)

We’ll start with the Americans, just to mix things up. You guys have a tool called Empower that we’re going to use. Specifically, a tool called the Empower Personal Dashboard. By gathering all your accounts in one place, we’ll be able to use it to track your portfolio performance. And best of all, it’s FREE!

Please click the image below to get started. It’s an affiliate link, so by using it you help us keep this workshop free.

Fill in your login details and register. You’ll have to verify your email to continue.

Once you’re done, you’ll be in a blank dashboard.

Start by linking your newly created investment account. Click the “Link accounts” button on the left.

Find Vanguard, and enter your credentials on your next screen.

Click through the screens afterwards to connect your account, and you’re done! Great job!

Passiv (Canada)

For Canadians, you have to use a different tool since Empower only supports American users. For us, we’ll use Passiv.

Passiv is a company that I’ve used for several years now, and I really like their philosophy and way of doing business. They started off as a simple visualization/rebalancing tool to help people manage an ETF-based investment portfolio (which, incidentally, is exactly the type of portfolio we’re going to be building), and they’ve since matured into very cool management tool that does neat things like track your dividends too!

Normally, Passiv charges $99 a year to unlock all the cool features, but they just happen to have a deal with a certain brokerage company named Questrade that makes it FREE for all Questrade users. Questrade users…like YOU!

So Passiv makes using Questrade way easier, and it doesn’t cost you a cent. There’s literally no downside to using them.

So let’s get started.

Start by clicking this link.

Again, this is an affiliate link, so by using it you help us keep the workshop free for all users, so it would be greatly appreciated.

You start off with a blank dashboard. Click “Get Started” and start connecting your Passiv account to your Questrade account.

Login to your account and authorize access.

Because you’re using Questrade, you automatically get free elite membership, so yay for that!

And with that, you’re done. It’ll ask you to select portfolio targets, but leave those blank for now, as we’ll be talking about that in the next article.


With your brokerage accounts set up and connected to your dashboard, we can now begin the fun task of designing your portfolio. Stay tuned, because that’s coming up next!

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How much does it cost to participate in the Investment Workshop? NOTHING. Because that's how we roll. All we ask is that you sign-up using the following affiliate links to keep it free forever:

For Canadians:

1) Questrade

2) Passiv

For Americans:

1) Vanguard

2) Empower

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