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Reader Case: Going Back To School In His 50’s

Usually when I read an email from someone asking for a case study, I can usually tell where it’s going within the first paragraph or so. This one, however, I must admit I started getting more and more alarmed the more I read. Our reader has made some…let’s say…expensive mistakes over their life, and as a result is writing to us at the age of 50 with no money and still going FURTHER into student loans. Needless to say, I wasn’t hopeful that we could pull him out of his financial nosedive, but people who know me know that I’m […]

Are You a Good Fit for FIRE?

“The saddest people are those who don’t know what they want” – Larry from the “Newness” movie. I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie “Newness” on Netflix. I’m guessing not many since it’s a movie about swingers (and no I’m not talking about dancers from the 1920s). We watched it only because we have friends in the swinger community (No. Not us, FRIENDS. FRIENDS!).   Anyhoo, so, basically the premise of this movie is about two millennials who use an online dating app (Tinder anyone?) to hook up. This happened after they both had crappy one-night […]

Is FIRE a Cult?

At every Chautauqua we always have a certain number of reluctant attendees which we affectionally call “Drag-Along Spouses.” We call them that because that’s precisely what they are: spouses of the FIRE enthusiast, who get dragged along, and are often deeply skeptical about spending an entire week with a bunch of money nerds geeking out over spreadsheets. This year’s was no different in that there were a number of Drag-Along Spouses present, but one thing that was different was the level of skepticism in those Drag-Along Spouses. One attendee in particular was apparently sent here by his spouses’ family who was convinced […]

Let’s Go Exploring! The Terrifying Love Story of Coimbra, Portugal

I thought Romeo and Juliet was the most tragic love story I’d ever heard. But then we went to Coimbra, Portugal, and discovered the story of Pedro and Inês. In 1340, Prince Pedro was betrothed (aka “forcibly married”) to Princess Constance of Spain. Back then marriages were less about love and more about king and queens pawning off their kids in an exchange for political alliances. And King Alfonzo wanted his son Pedro to produce a heir that’s half Portuguese, half Spanish so prevent their asses from being invaded. This loveless marriage of convenience would’ve been fine, except Princess Constance […]

Is there a Recession Coming?

The last few months have been spent in book promotion mode and as a result, we’ve been blissfully unaware of what’s been going on in the news, especially in the stock market. But just because I wasn’t paying attention doesn’t mean nothing was happening, because apparently… Global markets took a left hook to the chin on Wednesday, with the TSX Index shedding nearly 2% over the inverted yield curve. ~Danger, How to Invest After Wednesday’s Yield Curve Inversion, Yahoo Finance   Stocks and oil prices plummeted Wednesday, with the Dow Jones Industrial tumbling 800 points — the fourth largest daily point […]

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