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From Broke and Homeless to $100k in 1 Year

“Your book changed my life” That was the subject line of an email we recently got, so of course we had to read it. Inside was one of the most inspiring stories that have ever crossed our inbox, and the fact that our book had even a minor role to play in that was beyond humbling. So we reached out to the reader asking if they’d mind if we shared their story with our audience, and to our surprise they graciously agreed to be interviewed. This is her story. In 2019, you were in a pretty bad place. Can you […]

The Wealth Trap

During our normal nomadic existence (which we are super chomping at the bit to get back to any day now), we get to meet all sorts of interesting people: entrepreneurs, digital nomads, World-Schoolers, friends from the FIRE community. And because we had been travelling so long, we had gotten into the habit of thinking that was normal. But now that we’ve been back in Toronto for a year, we’ve become re-acquainted with a type of person that we thought we had left behind: Home Boners. Basically people who’ve bought way too much house, are leveraged up to their eyeballs in […]

Our 2020 Finances: How Much Did We Make?

(Click here for Part 1 to see how much we spent. Click here for Part 2 to see our portfolio performance)   Be an engineer. Don’t be a writer. Writers don’t make any money…. …except when they do. I never thought I’d ever make a livable income as a writer. Not when we first started writing in 2008, not when we signed with a literary agent, and not even when we got our first advance for our children’s book, Little Miss Evil. Despite my cynicism, I still framed our first $200 author paycheque smack dab in the middle of our […]

Our 2020 Finances: How Did Our Portfolio Do?

(Click here for Part 1 to see how much we spent this year.) Alright! 2020 is finally over! We made it! Just barely, but we made it! At the beginning of this year, we were hanging out in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We were riding high off the surprisingly strong stock market performance of 2019 that saw our 60/40 portfolio return a stunning 16%. And I was sitting in a cafe answering emails from readers asking how I could justify putting money into the stock market when valuations were at such nosebleed levels? My answer to them turned out to be […]

Our 2020 Finances

To say that 2020 has been challenging is an understatement. After the devasting news about Wanderer’s dad’s brain cancer diagnosis, we immediately cut our nomadic life short by hopping on the 2nd to last plane back to Canada from Taiwan, just before all the borders closed. With 2020 at an end, this means that we’ve been retired for over 5 whole years! Buying our time back has been the best money we have ever spent, and in no other year has that been more apparent than this one. Despite having our ambitious schedule of conferences, a Google talk, and filming […]

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