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Who’s FIRE’d up about the FIRE Movie?

Last year around this time, we attended FinCon for the first time, as you’ll remember from this post . That turned out to be a truly memorable experience, since we got to meet and hang out with many of our fellow FI bloggers, who we only knew online, in the flesh. People like my personal hero J.Money, Carl from 1500days, J.D Roth, etc. And the most memorable (and humbling) experience was being filmed for a movie by Emmy-award winning directors Travis Shakespeare and Scott Rieckens . If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s nerve-wracking giving a speech in front of a crowd, let […]

Reader Case Update: How Do I Stop The Bleeding 2

It’s Friday, so you know what that means: Reader case time! When we started doing Reader Cases a little over 2 years ago, we simply thought it would be a great educational experience to see some real life examples and get feedback from the MR community to help each other out. We had no idea the impact this would have on individual readers, as some of them have written in and updated us on their amazing progress. And recently, we had the biggest shock of our lifetime when read this e-mail detailing the complete 180 degree turn around in this […]

Who Should Contribute to a 529 Plan?

Continuing from my last article about saving for your kids’ college education, I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading, learning, and MATHING SHIT UP on this topic, and what I’ve discovered is that, as usual, while the Canadian college savings plan known as the RESP is relatively straightforward to understand and use, the American college savings plan known as the 529 is not. So today I thought I’d share my thoughts on how best to use a 529 plan to save for your kids’ college expenses. Should I Even Have One? The big question we have to ask for […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Iceland: Fire and Ice and Surprisingly Nice Part 2

In my last Iceland post, I talked about my first day in Iceland being just an appetizer of what this amazing country has to offer. Are you ready for the main course? Here we go. The Blue Lagoon Ethereal. Exclusive. Expensive Before coming to Iceland, I struggled with spending 8900ISKs or $85 USD each on what (I thought) was the biggest tourist trap of all. But this was The Blue Lagoon! How could we go to Iceland and skip the most well-known attraction of all? Dubbed as “the most impressive wonder of the world” by National Geographic and featured in […]

The Case Against FIRE

Ever since the New York Times featured the FIRE movement, our inbox has been flooding with requests from reporters all over the world, wanting to talk about FIRE. Needless to say, the flames have been fanned. The fire is spreading. And now the truth can’t be put out. But where there’s truth, there’s also hate. Because when it comes to going against the herd, an angry mob inevitably follows, torches and pitchforks in the air. Having dealt with haters for the past 3 years, none of this is new to me. I mostly view the hate now with a sense […]

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