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Will Runaway Inflation Derail The Recovery?

This past year has been a pretty bleak news year. Day after day we’ve all been inundated with scary headlines that basically boiled down to “Are we all going to die horribly today?” Thankfully, those days are starting to recede into the rearview mirror. The world’s biggest vaccination campaign in history is in full swing, California and New York just declared their economies open again, and here in Ontario we can now enjoy a drink on a patio without being tased by the po-po. Progress! So, in a way, it’s kind of nice to see the news go back to […]

How to Evict Your Tenant

Last Monday, we talked about “renovictions” and how a tenant took her landlord to small claims court and won. But just as there are bad landlords, there are also bad tenants. Today, we’re going to hear the opposite side of the story—a landlord who had to evict a tenant who hadn’t paid rent for over 6 months! As you know, it’s already a pain the ass to evict a bad tenant, but during a pandemic? That sound you just heard is the sound of landlords collectively screaming and pulling their hair out. Let’s find out from “Big City Landlord” what […]

Reader Case: Retiring Earlier as an Expat

A few days ago Canada recently announced that they’re removing quarantine restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers. We aren’t fully vaccinated yet (FIRECracker and I both have received only 1 shot), but that development has awoken the traveller part of our brain that has been basically lying dormant for the past year. FIRECracker is already back to furiously checking flights that we might be able to get on once we get our second dose. Dare we dream? Could our nomadic life be on the verge of coming back? Which fits in nicely with today’s reader case, who is also eyeing the […]

How To Sue Your Landlord and Win

One of the biggest complains from tenants living in expensive cities is “renovictions.” To recap, this is when landlords evict their tenants under the guise of “renovation” so that they can raise rent above guidelines. I wrote about this in a previous post and today, we’re going to see a real-life example of someone who actually sued their landlord and won in small claims court! I’m sure the comments below will be full of thoughtful and civilized discussions. *slides sharpened knives onto table while whistling nonchalantly* So, without further ado, let’s hear it from “Mrs.I-Fought-My-Landlord-And-Won:” 1) How long have you […]

Reader Case: Fur Baby FIRE

The longer I write this blog, the more I realize that there are multiple, sometimes completely unexpected pathways to FIRE. What started off as a purely frugality-based movement has splintered and broadened into so many different sub-types it’s hard to keep track. Now you have not only traditional Fat FIRE and Lean FIRE, you have Side-FIRE (FIRE plus a side hustle), Nomadic FIRE (FIRE via travel), and even Van…FIRE…hmmm…I’m going to have to work on that one a little bit. Well, today I have a new one for you: Fur Baby FIRE. What is Fur Baby FIRE, you may ask? […]

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