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Investment Workshop 49: Expat Insurance

Hello again and welcome back to the Millennial Revolution Investment Workshop! New readers, please click here to start from the beginning. Just to give everyone an update, our tireless research into a new home for all of our Workshop money continues after TD Ameritrade decided to screw us over. Thanks to YOUR suggestions, we’ve narrowed down our list to 2 or 3 possible brokerage companies, and whoever we end up going with will be the best choice for YOU, our readers. What that company is, though, we’re still deciding. Once we do, though, you guys/gals will be the first to […]

Don’t Let Comparisons Derail Your FIRE Journey

  “Comparison Is the Thief of Joy” – Roosevelt Clearly, Roosevelt did not grow up with Asian parents. If he had he would know comparison IS joy. A day without comparison in my Asian household is a day without sunshine. In our household, NOT being compared to a cousin, a friend, a classmate was like not eating, thinking, or breathing. “Look at your cousin Yi Wei,” my Mom would say. “She’s the perfect daughter. She never talks back to her mom.” “You should be more like your aunt Xi. She has a really high nose bridge. Not flat like yours.” “Our friend’s […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Scared Shitless in Bocas Del Toro

  When I first came face to face with a shark, my immediate thought was “Oh shit, that’s a shark!” closely followed by “Um, I think I’ll just drift in the opposite direction now. Do-di-do.” Before coming to Bocas Town in Bocas Del Toro, I always thought sharks were something you see way out in the middle of the ocean, hidden far far away, along with those scary ass squid with the football sized eyes that terrorized my nightmares. So imagine my surprised when, on a crystal clear blue day, while snorkelling around nearly deserted beach, we came within an […]

Investment Workshop 48: Rebalancing Your Portfolio

Hello again and welcome back to the Millennial Revolution Investment Workshop! New readers, please click here to start from the beginning. Right now, sitting in my inbox, are about a hundred emails all asking the same question: How do you calculate how to rebalance your portfolio? And I will freely admit, I haven’t been the best at answering this question. For the longest time, we’ve been calculating our buy orders using a lame-ass spreadsheet with lame-ass Excel formulas, and I’ve steadfastly refused to release them publicly because the entire thing is just hacked together and I don’t want that garbage […]

Scaling the Wall of Fear

  On the flight here to Dallas from Quito, we ran into heavy turbulence. And by that I mean, me white-knuckling the hand rest thinking “why oh why did I get on this plane?” while staring out the window, willing the plane to stay up type of turbulence. Even though the experience was harrowing and extremely NOT fun, the second I walked off that aluminium tub, I promptly forgot about the whole thing. And then once FinCon started, I barely remembered how scared I was. Even though at the time, the terror of being shaken like a rag doll while […]

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