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Quit Like a Millionaire: First Draft Done!

“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”–John Wayne I accomplish the most when I’m scared. Like the time I got my Scuba Diving Certification in Thailand, conquering my life-long fear of water. Or retiring from my job at 31 to travel the world, shedding the “computer engineer” identity I’d built up for the past 14 years. And now, sending our first draft to our Penguin editor. For every single one of those experiences, I felt the fear but did it anyway, proving the saying “bliss is on the other side of fear”. After 9 months inside the […]

Reader Case: Injured and can’t work, am I going be OK?

It’s Friday, and you know what that means. READER CASE TIME! Today’s case was especially difficult because it deals with something I have very little experience with: disability. I’ve (thankfully) never experienced it personally, nor has anyone in my immediate family. So I’m obviously not an expert at this at all, but at the past Chautauqua I had the privilege to meet several attendees who have struggled with this problem and how they navigated the system. I learned a lot from them, and as a result I have at least a base level knowledge in this, but again, I’m by […]

Technology is Making it Easier Than Ever to Become F.I.

Every so often, I wake up and there’s a brief moment of confusion where I have no idea where in the world I am. Wait, am I in Panama, or Greece, or Singapore? Oh wait, none of the above. I’m in Latvia. And that feeling is quickly followed by an overwhelming wave of happiness and wonder that this, travelling the world perpetually with my best friend and doing what we both love, is my reality now. When people remark about how lucky we are to become F.I. at such a young age, I make it a point to stop and […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Vilnius: The G-Spot of Europe?

“Vilnius: The G-spot of Europe. You don’t know where it is but once you find it, it’s amazing!”   This is not a joke. This is a real ad from the tourism board of Lithuania, and it was even featured on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, so you KNOW it’s legit.     I wasn’t even thinking of going to Vilnius, but after seeing this, I just had to. Before we came to Lithuania, we knew nothing about it. I couldn’t find it on a map and I never heard of its capital, Vilnius, either. We decided to go find […]

How To Get A Raise: The Less Traveled Path To Financial Independence

Remember how I said in this post that nothing makes me happier than when people work towards FI, follow their passions, and create happiness in this world? Well, today, I’m pumped to introduce you to Chautauquan Brandon, who did exactly that. When Brandon first came to Chautauqua UK last year, not only did he impressed us with this kickass video editing skills, he elevated the whole experience with loads of laughter (mostly my childish giggles). Case in point: we were eating an English dessert called “Spotted Dick” and Brandon went around the dinner tables snapping “Dick pics”: So you can […]

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