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Why Gamestop investors Should NOT Invest in Index Funds

After we covered the saga of the Redditors and Gamestop a few weeks ago, our prediction came true a few days later: the stock crashed in value from a high of around $350 all the way down to $40, for an 89% loss. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued on the Reddit forums while the rest of the investing world pointed and laughed. And then we all moved on with our lives to obsess over Meghan Markle. I had forgotten about these guys for a while, until one day I logged into my Questrade account. As I was poking […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Stockholm, Sweden: Dark, Twisted, and Beautiful

Note: this post was written before the pandemic. We’re still hunkered down in Canada, waiting for the borders to open so we can go back to our nomadic life. This post is written for everyone who, like us, can’t wait to explore the world again. I’ve wanted to visit Stockholm ever since I read Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” back in 2011. One of the main characters is Lisbeth Salander, a tattooed genius computer hacker who is my favourite anti-heroine of all time. And not just because she can throw Molotov cocktails and (spoiler alert!) sodomize rapists. […]

Should Student Debt Be Forgiven?

The last time I wrote about US politics right after the election, the comments section (and our inbox) immediately filled with rage-spewing MAGA people. Biden didn’t win! The media is corrupt! Something something George Soros! Well, sorry MAGA people. Biden did win. So let’s take a look at some of his crazy left-wing nutjob policies that will inevitably slide the US into a bankrupt socialist failed state. Specifically, his proposal to cancel part of everyone’s student debt. While right now, Joe Biden is focusing mostly on vaccinations and COVID-related stimulus, part of his agenda is to tackle the student loan […]

Reader Case: No Degree. No Problem.

Going through the reader cases in our inbox today, this one immediately caught my eye. Specifically, because of this sentence: “it may expand some reader’s horizons and remove the stigma towards tradespeople”. As someone who grew up being taught under no circumstances should I ever consider getting a certificate in the trades (apparently, I might as well be a prostitute) or blue-collar work (given that my Dad once worked in a factory, I find that a tad hypocritical, but you don’t question a man who’s survived a famine and 10 years in a labour camp), this reader’s story blew my […]

Is It Time To Buy a Condo?

This pandemic has really done a number on the housing market. Busy metropolitan cities like New York, London, and Madrid that were previously red-hot became radioactive as the pandemic shut downtown cores down. The closing of amenities like cafes, restaurants, and gyms and the shift to remote work made thousands of people look around and ask “Why am I paying so much to live here?” And it’s not just the pandemic messing things up. Here in Toronto, condo prices have historically been made artificially expensive by real estate speculator/investors who would snap up dozens of units at a time and […]

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