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How Not to Deplete Your Portfolio in Retirement

We’ve written extensively about the 4% rule, and we’ve also written about how to guard against an unluckily timed market crash screwing over your portfolio right as you retire. And to recap, the way to guard against this (called Sequence of Returns Risk by finance wonks) is to do the following: Swing your portfolio towards fixed income assets to establish a “Yield Shield” Build up a 3 year cash cushion outside the portfolio Identify ways to cut your expenses to below the Yield Shield if a market crash happens. Travelling to low cost countries is our preferred method. “If shit […]

Guest Interview: Life and Money Lessons from Jail Part 2

Last Monday, I talked to Billy B, a friend I met at FinCon who has one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever heard. You can read his story in Part 1 here. As promised in Part 2 our guest interview, we’ll find out: How he managed to save $40K in 2 years on a $9/hour salary stacking boxes How he managed to build his quarter million net worth in just 5 short years, and What advice he has for people who are stuck in bad situations they don’t think they can get out of Take it away Billy B! […]

Reader Case : Need Help with my Tiger Mom!

Chinese parents believe that their kids owe them everything. –Amy Chua, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother If you’ve ever read Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother, you’ll no doubt have heard of her claims of “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” and why it is through her “Tiger Mother” teachings that her daughters managed to get so far in life. As a controversial best seller, it’s easy to see why this book is divisive. On one hand, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the extreme measures she goes to mould her kids into grizzled champions, like not […]

Investment Workshop 51: Transfer-Palooza In Progress

Hello again and welcome back to the Millennial Revolution Investment Workshop! New readers, please click here to start from the beginning. Hi everyone! Just wanted to provide an update as to what’s going on. Last week, we decided to transfer our workshop portfolios from TD Ameritrade to Vanguard because of the recent changes they’ve made to their fee schedule. Basically, they removed the low-cost Index ETFs we were using to invest from their commission-free ETF list, meaning that the sweet sweet zero-cost investing we’ve been doing is going away. Note: After an outcry from not just us but EVERYONE, TD […]

Guest Interview: Life and Money Lessons I Learned from Jail

If you were sentenced to prison for 10 years for “Reckless Homicide By Delivery of a Controlled Substance”, what lesson would you learn from it? 1) Don’t do drugs. It’ll ruin your life. 2) Why did this happen to me? Life isn’t fair. 3) I can use my story to save someone else’s life. For Billy B. from Wealth Well Done, it’s #3. Back in 2002, Billy was a 21-year-old college dude who loved to party. One night he brought some drugs to a party, got high, and then went home to sleep it off. The next day, he called […]

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