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Reader Case: Fellow Poverty Sibling

Time for another reader case! This one really jumped out at me for reasons that will become obvious in a minute. Hi Kristy and Bryce, I want to first say y’all are awesome!  I’m writing after finishing the book and I pretty much related to every chapter regarding your upbringing Kristy. Your can of Coke for me was Chikifila. My parents would give me gas money every month and if I was lucky I would have some money left over to buy Chick Fil A during exam weeks. I stopped eating-out recently because 1 it’s expensive and 2 because I’m no longer getting the same dopamine hit […]

Let’s Go Exploring (with a baby)! Merida, The Safest City In Mexico

Continuing from where we left off last time, after Cancun we headed to Merida. Since this was the first time we travelled with a baby, I was reluctant to go anywhere that required a long bus ride. A 5-hour bus ride for a couple is a breeze. A 5 hour bus ride with a shrieking 5-months old who refuses to nap and constantly threatenes to unleash Montezuma’s revenge into his diaper is a nightmare. But then I read about Tren Maya. I had first read about Mexico’s new train on a travel blog back in December when we were still […]

May Portfolio Update

FIRECracker and I do periodic reviews of our investments as part of our normal financial health check, and on our wall of to-do items, there’s a big, bright, yellow reminder that says “Q1 Portfolio Review!” But this year, we kinda, sorta forgot. Having a baby is a very personal experience for everyone, and depending on who you talk to, becoming a parent is either a joyous part of the human experience, or a complete shitshow that nobody should ever attempt. However, one thing that every parent agrees on is that babies are distracting as HELL. I can’t count how many […]

Reader Case: Making our money make babies so we can travel

It’s time for another reader case! This one caught my eye because of the title “making our money make babies”. That’s exact how investing works. Your money can work harder than you because it never needs to eat, sleep, or workout. If only I could do this the whole parenting thing would be a breeze! I’ve also been thinking of how investing is related to babies lately, and there are so many ups and downs when it comes to parenting on a day-to-day basis, that it really does remind me of the stock market! The good thing is on the […]

How to Claim Tax Treaty Benefits to Avoid Double Taxation

“We’re going to need to see a Japanese tax return.” “You want a what?!?” I sputtered. There are lots of things FIRECracker and I pictured when we started down the path of becoming published authors. Coffee-powered days (and nights) of writing and editing? Sure. Media interviews and book tours? Why not. But reading and re-reading the dense, obscure legalise of international tax treaties until our eyes bled? That didn’t show up anywhere on our becoming-a-writer BINGO card. When we first published Quit Like a Millionaire back in 2019, our agent extraordinaire Andrea Somberg went around selling translation rights to about […]

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