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How To Build Your Own All-In-One Fund Using Passiv

All-in-One funds, also called asset allocation or wrapper funds, have exploded in popularity over the past decade with practically every bank or fund company offering them. They’re marketed as a one stop shop for building your portfolio. The premise goes, why manage a portfolio of 3 or 4 ETFs like how we teach people to do in our Investment Workshop when you can just buy this one fund? It’s a somewhat appealing pitch because who doesn’t want more simplicity, and you can’t get any more simple than a single fund, right? So when people email me asking whether it’s a […]

Reader Case: Not Your Typical FIRE Couple

It’s Friday again and guess what that means? Reader Case time! This one really caught my eye because it’s from a reader who’s not your typical FIRE enthusiast: Hi, Really dug your book and online resources and I was encouraged to do this since my fiancé (45) and I (39) are at a crossroads of burnout and don’t fit the typical profile of people we see on the site.  A reader had mentioned wanting to see more non-typical FIRE examples. We are two of your favorite professions in burnout–a plumber (awesome POT) and an acupuncturist/musician (horrible POT- luckily I had […]

Should Governments Meddle with the Rental Market?

One of the most common arguments against renting over owning is the “renoviction” problem. Basically, this happens when a landlord uses the excuse of a “renovation” to kick out their existing tenants so they can raise rent above guidelines. This isn’t so much of a problem in small towns and suburbs but tends to happen in big cities where jobs are plentiful and, as a result, stiff competition and low vacancy drives everyone into a hunger games style fight for rentals.    Oddly enough, we’ve never run into this problem in the 9 years that we lived in Toronto, the […]

Reader Case: Van Living

It’s Friday, so you know what means: Another reader case! Today’s reader case jumped out at me from the pile because it touches on a topic we recently discussed, nomadic van-living. While the movie NomadLand focused mostly on aging Boomers who were forced into the lifestyle for financial reasons, there are a certain number of FIRE people who genuinely enjoy van-life, and want to incorporate it into their post-FIRE lifestyle. Today’s reader is one such person. Enjoy! Hi Kristy & Bryce! I hope this message finds you well.. turbulent times, hoping these vaccines will provide a light at the end […]

Are Unemployed People Refusing to Work?

When the U.S. Department of Labour posted their job gains data for the month of April, it sent a shock wave throughout the financial industry. As the pandemic recedes and the US economy reopens, economists at Bloomberg were widely expecting a hiring spree of around 1,000,000 jobs. Instead, they got about a quarter of that, or 266,000 full-time jobs added to the payroll. Normally, this wouldn’t be that interesting of a story. Financial eggheads get their math wrong, whoop-de-freakin-doo. But the real interesting bit is in the underlying details. Why did hiring miss targets so badly? Because this time, it […]

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