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Let’s Go Exploring! Sydney, Australia: Worth all the Hype?

When your flight attendant friend tells you Sydney is their favourite city in the world, you pay attention. Having flown around the world for work for the past 18 years, it takes a lot to impress Clover. So of course, I had to go to Sydney to find out what all the hype was about. I’m usually skeptical about well-known travel destinations because my brain can’t fathom how it could possibly exceed my expectations when so many have been there before and there’s so much hype. This was the case for Machu Picchu but it still blew my mind. I […]

Reader Case: Nomadic Superfans!

Today’s reader case comes from two self-professed superfans who are trying to pull off this awesome awesome nomadic lifestyle, so how can I say no to that? Hi Kristy and Bryce, My husband and I have both consumed your book (favorite personal finance book btw) and your blog. We’ve had the dream to quit our jobs and travel the world as nomads for years, so when we found your book, it spoke to us as a blueprint to success. We love your approach to FIRE, you guys are badass.  We’ve made some serious and honestly kind of tough changes to […]

Lazy Girl Jobs: Gen Z’s alternative to Financial Independence?

Now that I’m an elderly Millennial, I’m no longer cool enough to start trends or incite revolutions. All my pop culture references are “cheugy”, my beloved Harry Potter books are “for old people”, and my Instagram account is so 2019. So now I have no choice but to look to Gen Z for inspiration when it comes to trends. And the newest one trending on TikTok, with 17 million uses, is the #lazygirljob. Being the ignorant Millennial that I am and not being on TikTok (sorry China, you’re not stealing my data), I had to go down the online rabbit […]

Canada’s Inflation Hits Target, US Close Behind

As the summer months bring temperatures soaring, one thing that’s been moving in the opposite direction has been inflation. After massive government spending to fight COVID all around the world spiked inflation to double digits, central banks have been desperately spiking interest rates to bring inflation back down. The theory was that by increasing the cost of money, the amount of spending in the economy would go down, resulting in less demand and therefore lower prices. In practice, this meant repeatedly taking a baseball bat to anyone holding a variable (or in Canada’s case, even fixed-rate) mortgage, spiking their monthly […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Melbourne, Australia: Coffee and Sporting Capital of the World

My first thought going from the airport to our HomeExchange in Melbourne, was “are we in Toronto?!” My second thought was “did we just fly 22 hours only to end up back in Canada?” Approaching downtown gave me an odd sense of déjà vu, even though we were clearly on the opposite side of the road and as geographically far away from North America as humanly possible. Something about the road signs and the concrete jungle in the distance felt oddly familiar. That feeling, however, disappeared as soon as we were inside the city centre. Unlike the North American car-obsessed […]

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