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Does the Yield Curve Inverting Mean a Recession is Coming?

The past few days have been filled with breathless media reports, all of which admittedly sound scary. “Yield curve inversion: recession sign sparks panic” The panic over yield curve inversion, explained,   Now that one of the most reliable recession indicators in the market got triggered, investors across the globe are starting to worry if this could mean the U.S. economy is slowing down. The US bond yield curve has inverted. Here’s what it means, NBC That’s because on Friday, March 22, 2019, the US Treasury yield curve inverted. And because the yield curve inverting has historically signalled an […]

Are Robots Stealing Our Jobs?

The last time we were in Toronto in August, we noticed more self-checkouts and less cashiers. We noticed the same thing in cities in the UK and Europe. Gone are the days where you had a smiling cashier asking you whether you want plastic or paper. Now, you simply scan your own groceries and bag it yourself as a cheerful looking avatar smiles approvingly from the screen. And it wasn’t just cashiers either. I also noticed machines replacing wait staff, driverless cars replacing drivers, and robots replacing factory workers. This got me thinking, are machines stealing our jobs? According to […]

Reader Case: Can’t Wait to Travel

Singing: “It’s Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday…” Rebecca Black’s lyrics aside, I actually had no idea it was Friday until I got pinged from my asana to write a Friday post. That is one downside to early retirement—it’s really hard to figure out what day of the week it is! But now that we know it’s Friday, you know what that means? Time for a reader case! We get a lot of reader cases and this one really popped out at me because I was so impressed with what this couple has accomplished in just 10 months! You’ll […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Madrid, the Food or Food Poisoning Capital of the World?

I closed my eyes, resting my face on the cold bathroom tiles. The tremors in my stomach had temporarily subsided, but the room was still spinning. Oh God, why oh why did I order that stupid seafood tower? After what felt like hours, I knelt on the bathroom floor shivering and covered in cold sweat. Oh crap, I thought, as another wave of nausea hit me. With shaky hands, I crawled over to the toilet and started puking again. So how did we end up here? Let me back up a bit. Before we came to Madrid, we were both […]

Reader Case: Is it EVER OK to Buy a House?

    It’s Friday, so you know what that means…Reader Case time! Today’s reader jumped out at me because of the provocative subject line: It is EVER OK to buy a house? Now, we here at have taken some strong positions on housing, but don’t get us wrong. We’re not against HOUSING, we’re against massive, unsustainable DEBT. After all, the decision to buy a house has to be weighed against the cost of rent. If it cost $1,000,000 to rent every month, yet buying cost $1, then obviously it would makes sense to buy. So there’s a balance point […]

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