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The Return of Underwater Mortgages

In a previous life, my mom used to be a real estate agent, and she often shakes her head at the crazy behaviour of “kids these days” buying houses over Zoom, getting into massive bidding wars, and the signing condition free offers. Back in HER day, people would make their offers conditional on financing, or selling their existing home. They would insist on home inspections! And they definitely would want to see the damned thing in person before plunking down their entire life savings! However, there is something from “back in the day” that might be making an unwelcome return: […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Please Don’t Go to the Azores

After 2 years of having our wings clipped, we’re finally freeeeeeeee! Before the pandemic, our passports were our most prized possessions. We never went anywhere without them, constantly worried about losing them, and every now and then took them out of their protective travel cases and flipped through their pages lovingly, admiring all the visa stamps. In the past 2 years, they’ve been sadly gathering dust in a drawer, neglected, and forgotten. I didn’t think they’d ever see the light of day again. In fact, after we bought our plane tickets recently, I nearly tore apart my Toronto rental apartment […]

Wise: A Multi-Currency VISA for Travellers

Hey, remember travelling? Yeah, I sure do. As the world continues to drop COVID-related restrictions for travellers, tourist operators have reported a surge in bookings. Clearly, the world misses international travel as much as we do, and while it may still take some time for the international tourism sector to recover, I’m more than happy to contribute to that recovery. Accessing Money Abroad Used To Suck When FIRECracker and I took our first trip together to the Caribbean waaaay back in 2006, I distinctly remember having a wallet stuffed full of…wait for it…travellers checks. They were these slips of paper […]

Making Work From Home Permanent

Before the pandemic, hustling was seen as a badge of honour. People went to cubical farms, put in long hours, swore, and got stuck in traffic during their commutes, rushed through family dinners, woke groggily to a 6am alarm, only to repeat the entire cycle again. But then the pandemic happened, putting the pause button on everybody’s crazy hectic lives. Working from home was suddenly mainstream, not just for weirdo digital nomad types. Employees finally had more autonomy and time to themselves without their dreaded commute. Priorities shifted, and employees started picking their family, health, or free time over a […]

How to Invest When the World is on Fire

Has the news been freaking you out lately? Has the war in Ukraine been making you seriously question your portfolio choices? Have you been thinking of pumping the brakes on investing, or moving everything to cash? You are not alone. I’m not sure how this happened, but our inbox has become an interesting sample of broad investing sentiment. When times are going great, our inbox fills up with emails asking “Stocks are too expensive, what do I do?” When times are going not so great, our inbox fills up with emails asking “Stocks are falling! What should I do?” These […]

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