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Reader Case: Should I Rollover my 401(K)?

Before we get started on today’s reader case, we just wanted to let you know that we’ll be attending the Travel Summit in Toronto from Oct 28-29, 2022! If want to come, you can use our affiliate code “MILLENNIAL” to get $50 off: Now onward to the reader case! Today’s reader case poses an interesting dilemma that isn’t typical of our usual early retiree questions, so I was immediately intrigued. Check it out, yo! Hi Firecracker & Wanderer, I recently left my job and could use your guidance to decide whether to rollover my 401k to an IRA or […]

Meet Billy and Akaisha, Who FIRE’d 30 years ago!  Part 2

Continuing from where we left off last week, let’s find out from Billy and Akaisha about their housing situation and healthcare: 9)  You mentioned on your blog that when you’re not travelling, you’re home basing it at your “manufactured home.” What is that and how is it different from a house or condo? RetireEarlyLifestyle:  A manufactured home is often located in Master Planned Communities, or Active Adult Resorts. While one can purchase the land on which this home is placed, we choose instead to simply pay “Lifestyle Fees” and rent the land. Also, since our particular manufactured home is taxed through the Department […]

Meet Billy and Akaisha, Who FIRE’d 30 years ago!

One of the biggest criticisms of the FIRE movement is how we can’t possibly know if this financial strategy will work in 30-50 years, given all the unexpected calamities that life can throw at us. We’ve lived through 5 bear markets now through the past 7 years of retirement, but will that continue working in the next 10, 20, or 30 years? Short of having a crystal ball, there’s no other way for us to see what the future holds… Or is there? Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming Akaish and Billy to the blog, a couple who FIRE’d […]

Chautauqua is Back, Baby!

Hello there, internet! We are writing this from Villa de Leyva in Colombia where, after an excruciatingly long involuntary hiatus caused by…you guessed it, COVID-19, Chautauqua has finally returned in 2022! The pandemic disrupted all our lives in a profound way, and for two years it seemed like the long-promised return to normalcy was never going to happen. But pandemics don’t last forever, and as the world got vaccinated and the virus receded, the things that made life worth living have gradually returned. Chautauqua is back, and FIRECracker and I are incredibly honoured to play our small part in bringing […]

Reader Case: Should I go To Grad School?

One of the reasons I love doing case studies is because our readers come from such a wide and varied background. Sometimes they’re tech entrepreneurs, sometimes they’re non-traditional earners such as actors or artists. Today’s case study is from someone still in school and wondering what the right move is to set themselves up for a FIRE-friendly career, which is an excellent questions that I wished more people asked at that stage of their careers. So without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we? To Grad School or not to Grad School… That is my question! I absolutely adore your […]

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