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Why Opportunities Are like Poker Chips

Opportunities are like poker chips. You never know you’re going to get another one. And when you can cash one out for something really big. When we started writing, we had no idea that writing would lead to this blog, and this blog would lead to a Hollywood actress reading it, which in turn would lead to Penguin publishing deal. We also had no idea that through Chautauqua, we’d meet Alan and Katie, who we are now talking to about making a FIRE boardgame together. And I know we’re going to do it too, because when you hang out with […]

Let’s Go Exploring! The Real Reason Why the Berlin Wall Fell

Most people, myself included, don’t remember exactly how the Berlin Wall came down. We attribute it to some sort of heroic uprising, or maybe with the inevitable era of democracy that swept through the west, the Communists had no choice but to retreat. This is what I assumed before we went to Berlin. Turns out we were completely wrong. As we found out through one of the most engaging walking tours ever, the real reason the Berlin Wall came down was actually due to.. …a completely fluke. The year was 1989. After 30 long years of the wall remaining standing, […]

What We Learned Playing Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Board Game

Recently we were in Jolly Old England with our friends Alan and Katie. As FIRECracker mentioned in her previous Chautauqua post, we flew 4000 miles to freeze our butts off in the UK for our Chautauqua reunion and it was 100% worth it! Even though we hadn’t seen our Chautauquan family since last August, we picked up exactly where we left off. And after a memorable week spent with our favourite peeps, we headed for Basingstoke (aka “Amazingstoke!”) to stay with Alan and Katie, our Chautauqua organizers, and while we were there, ended up recording an episode of the ChooseFI podcast along […]

We Signed a Book Deal!

We’ve been sitting on a bit of exciting news for a few weeks now, mostly because we were still deep in contract negotiations up until a few days ago, but now that we’ve officially signed the papers, we are proud to announce: We just signed a book deal with Penguin Random House! Specifically, we’re at the same imprint (TarcherPerigee) as… Nomadic Matt’s “How To Travel The World on $50 a Day” (which we wrote about here) Napolean Hill’s best-selling self-help book “Think and Grow Rich” Chris Guillebeau’s “The Art of Nonconformity” Regular readers may remember us stating at the beginning […]

Friday Case: I Love My Job, Should I Bother Becoming Financially Independent?

Hi peeps! It’s Friday again, which means…time for another Reader case! This reader writes to us from the GTA, and is wondering whether FIRE is right for them since they enjoy their jobs, and don’t see the point of retiring. Now, I’m glad they mentioned this, as I’ve said before, Financially Independence isn’t about retiring. It’s about freedom. You get to CHOOSE whether you want to work or not. Love your job? Keep working. Love your job but want more free time, work part-time or switch to a contract. The choice is completely up to you. But before you can […]

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