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Keep Your Rent: A Real Estate Investor’s Perspective (Part 1)

A few weeks ago where we talked about the growing movement Keep Your Rent movement that was spreading around the world. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go back and read that article, but the gist of the movement is that because this damned pandemic is keeping millions of people from working, and governments have banned evictions, they should stop paying their rent. April 1st came and passed as the world watched and waited to see if these angry renters would put their (lack of) money where their mouth was. And what happened? On April 11, CNN reported […]

Investment Workshop 57: Tax Loss Harvesting

Today we’re going to go over a strategy that can be used to reduce your future tax bill on your investment portfolio, which just so happens to be super relevant right now: Tax Loss Harvesting. What Is Tax Loss Harvesting? When you’re still working your way towards your FI target, you’ll generally by only buying ETFs. Even if the market goes wonky and your target allocations go out of whack, you should be able to rebalance back to target by redirecting your monthly cash injections towards assets that have gone down. This is generally the right thing to do, because […]

Reader Case: New York Doctor Dreams of Nomadic FIRE

Hi friends, our inbox has been exploding with reader cases and since we’re in isolation anyway, I thought it would be a good time to pick one. This one comes to us from a New York primary care doctor, who, before we get started, I just want to extend my sincerest thanks. Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic on the front lines, coping with mask shortages, and a medical system stretched to the brink, they’re fighting this unrelenting virus day in and day out, We salute you, brave soldiers of medicine. Thank you for saving our lives. (note: e-mail has be edited […]

The “Keep Your Rent” Movement: Are The Rent Strikers Freeloaders?

As the conoravirus cases mount around the globe, world governments have struggled to manage not only their health care systems, but also the ballooning economic cost. The US government recently passed an historic $2 Trillion stimulus bill, and the Canadian government passed their version as well. But some have responded that the measures in those rescue bills still aren’t enough, and have decided to take matters into their own hands. Allow me to introduce you to the “Keep Your Rent” movement. What is the “Keep Your Rent” Movement What was started by a local tenant’s advocacy group in an obscure […]

In a Crisis, Cash Flow Is King

Hello again from the end of the world! Ha, just kidding. It is not the end of the world. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very, very serious health crisis the world is dealing with right now, and everyone should be practicing good hygiene, washing their hands, and practicing proper social distancing, unlike these idiots who are deliberately going around coughing on old people because they think it’s funny. Morons. I am continually amazed by how quickly the world can turn on a dime. Just a few months ago we were sitting on record stock market gains and debating […]

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