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How to Negotiate Rent Part 2

Following my last post on negotiating rent on a new place, here’s how you negotiate rent on your existing place: Do you pay rent on time? Take good care of your rental? Don’t nitpick on every light bulb that needs to be changed and bombard your landlord with endless demands? Congrats! You’re a dream tenant.  Just like employers who value existing employees that they trust, rather than take on new, untested employees that they need to train, landlords value existing trustworthy tenants.  That’s why you’re more likely to get a discount from your existing landlord, who knows and trusts you, […]

Reader Case: Dentist in Debt

Gross/net annual income – ~$125000 USD. I recently got a job in the public sector, but am hoping to get a part time job in the private sector to supplement my income. Monthly spending Rent – 1225 (just moved to a cheaper place. I live in PDX.) Disability Insurance – 216 Cellphone service – 36 Internet – 38 Electric – 70 Hulu – 1.99 Renter’s Insurance – 11 Car Insurance – 66 Malpractice – 82 Gas – $90 For “fun” spending, I try to keep it between $1200-1400 per month (I’m working on curbing that more…mostly reducing clothes shopping) Debt Dental […]

How to Negotiate Rent

  “Toronto Rents are Down a Whopping 20% Since Last Year”  “San Francisco’s 35% Plunge in Rents Shows Effects of Tech Fleeing City” “Manhattan Rents Drop To 10-Year Lows”   One of the (very few) bright spots of the pandemic is the precipitous fall of rents in big cities—places where rents were once thought to be on a never-ending trajectory to the moon! But with tourism shut off, office workers logging in from home, and zero immigration, vacancies have skyrocketed, and rents have plummeted. Well, you know what that means. Time to take advantage! You may have noticed that we, […]

Can the Gamestop Saga Crash the Stock Market?

On a wall in our apartment is a section covered with post-its that both FIRECracker and I use to store potential article ideas. On one pink post-it are the words “Robinhood + Gamestop” I had put up there a few weeks ago when I had noticed something strange happening on the financial markets. Back then, there was a strange amount of chatter and interest in a random stock, Gamestop, for seemingly no reason. Similar things had been happening to other companies like AMC and Blackberry, and it was causing their stocks to spike to the complete surprise of the people […]

From Broke and Homeless to $100k in 1 Year

“Your book changed my life” That was the subject line of an email we recently got, so of course we had to read it. Inside was one of the most inspiring stories that have ever crossed our inbox, and the fact that our book had even a minor role to play in that was beyond humbling. So we reached out to the reader asking if they’d mind if we shared their story with our audience, and to our surprise they graciously agreed to be interviewed. This is her story. In 2019, you were in a pretty bad place. Can you […]

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