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The Parenting Trenches: Newborn Edition

“Say goodbye to sleep.” “You won’t be able to travel anymore. You’ll definitely have to settle down then.” “It will stress your marriage to the breaking point.” For many years, I didn’t understand why parents have this need to complain incessantly to their child-free friends about how hard their lives are. Maybe they were bitter, or sleep-deprived, or jealous of our care-free nomadic lifestyle, but somewhere in between an ex-coworker describing his children as “endless agony” and another friend slipping me the business card of his divorce lawyer “just in case” when the topic of kids came up, FIRECracker and […]

Reader Case: When Your Best Laid Plans are Derailed

It’s time for another reader case! This one is about how no matter how carefully you plan your path to FI, sometimes things come along unexpectedly and derail you. Kind of like parenting actually. No matter how carefully I plan my day, Little Matchstick has a knack for turning it all upside down and you just have no clue he’s going to do next. So, without further ado, (and before my baby boy wakes up and takes over my day), let’s get to it! Ok, first of all, given that we lost Wanderer’s dad to cancer less than 4 months […]

Saving for Our Kid’s Education with the RESP

Because it’s us, the first thing I did after Little Matchstick was born was apply for his passport. The second thing I did was apply for his Social Insurance Number so I could start opening new trading accounts. They say that the joy of parenthood is its own reward, but you know what’s even better? The joy of parenthood PLUS sweet-ass tax breaks! Saving for your kids’ future education costs is like any other investment goal. The sooner you get started, the better, because then you’ll have time on your side to give your investments that sweet compounding effect that […]

The Cult of Breastfeeding

There’s a dirty, shameful word in the parenting community that, once uttered, condemns you into the annals of bad motherhood forever. The F word. That word is… Formula. If you choose to feed your child formula instead of breastmilk, be prepared to be shamed within an inch of your life. Ever since the World Health Organization declared breastmilk to be the gold standard, feeding your kid formula became seen as lazy or not caring enough about your progeny. Because apparently, only breastmilk can give them immunity. Formula just makes them fat. Before becoming a mom, I had naively thought breastfeeding […]

Does Gen Z Have it Harder Than Millennials?

“I am so sick of you people bashing Boomers…” I was going through the usual bag of hate mail our site attracts, and was about to hit delete on yet another angry ranting Boomer when something he said caught my eye. “Millennials won’t be young forever, you know. Enjoy getting old and becoming the butt of everyone’s jokes!” He does have a point. Time marches forward, and one day we would get older, and maybe then the next generation would see us as antiquated as Boomers do to us. I just didn’t expect it to start happening so soon. The […]

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