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Will COVID Change The Nature of Work Permanently?

“I’ve never been allowed to work from home, but with the pandemic, it’s now mandatory. For the first time ever, as graphic designer, I can work from home full-time! Maybe I’ll move to Barbados and work from there!” “I went to visit my parents in Nova Scotia before everything locked down.  After shit hit the fan and businesses started locking down, my Toronto employer told me to work from home. After spending several months here in nature, I’m not going back.” “I’m so glad we moved from Coronado to Bend, Oregon. Our housing costs are much lower and as a […]

Reader Case: FIRE in the Oil Patch

Today’s reader case hails from the Canadian oil patch. Albertan reader cases are always interesting, in that Alberta has experienced such a boom-bust cycle in the oil sector that it’s affected nearly every person who lives there. Let’s find out how. Hi Guys, First off thanks for sharing your book and inspiration! This was the first “Finance/Investing” book I had read in quite awhile.  It was inspiring, entertaining, engaging and presented in a way to be easily implemented.  What a breath of fresh air!  And your Blog takes it to another level!  What a wealth of information and experience. Several years back my wife […]

Is FIRE for Everyone?

A friend of mine recently went back to work after retiring, because he found retirement boring, lonely, and lacking purpose. He’s not the biggest fan of his job, but according to him “it still beats sitting around all day with your thoughts.” Another FI blogger/author, Anita, a lawyer who retired in her 30s, also recently wrote about her bouts of depression and the difficult time she’s having in retirement. Having gone through anxiety and depression myself back when I was working, my heart goes out to her. This year has been retirement/travelling/life on hard mode, but for some it’s been […]

Investment Workshop 60: Should Questrade Users Sign Up For Passiv?

Passiv is a company that I’ve been aware of for some time and have been wanting to partner with us for years. Basically, Passiv looked at the challenges that people face trying to DIY manage a passive, index-based ETF portfolio like the one we teach in our Investment Workshop and said “let’s make an app for that!” Taking all the repetitive tasks of tracking multiple accounts and rebalancing and wrapping it all up into a cool visual GUI, Passiv always intrigued me as something that would help our readers, but what always irked me was their price. To unlock all the […]

Reader Case: Immigrant on FIRE

Today’s reader case is a member of two demographic groups that particularly resonate with me: immigrants (for obvious reason) and fans of our book (for even more obvious reason). Greetings Kristy/Bryce… We are fellow Canadians currently residing in a small town in Ontario.  Family of 3 – ages 46, 42 and 12.   While skimming through your blog materials looking for specific DIY info, we came across your book.  We picked it up and instantaneously fell in-love with Kristy’s life story! Specifically, with her being a Chinese immigrant, the atrocities she faced at a young age, how her upbringing shaped […]

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