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Reader Case: Condos and Crypto

It’s Friday, and you know what that means: Reader Case Time! Today’s reader writes to us from our old stomping grounds of Toronto, and as with all things Toronto, her questions centre around that all-encompassing topic that every Torontonian is obsessed with: Housing. Also Bitcoin. Anyway, there’s a lot going on here, so let’s jump in! It’s going to be a fun one. Hi Firecracker, I have to say discovering you site was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. It was right along the time I was waiting for my house to be closed and I […]

How to Travel the World Before Becoming FI

Today, I’m super excited to introduce y’all to my friend Clover, over at Clover and I met at last year’s Chautauqua, and we immediately clicked. Not only did we both grow up in Canada, we had to deal with the pressures of living in a high cost city with a crazy housing market, and both of us got bit with the travel bug! But while I slogged away at my engineering job for a decade, hit FI, and then started travelling the world, Clover had a much, much faster solution that let her do it even sooner than me, […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Malaga, an Ancient City with Castles and Beaches

Ever since we started exploring Europe, I’ve wanted to find a place that had the unique combination of warm weather, beaches, hiking, and castles. Luckily we didn’t have to look for long. That place, my friends, is Malaga, Spain. When we arrived in Malaga, we were immediately greeted by sunshine, oceanside views, and of course, that famous Andalusian friendliness and hospitality. Our Airbnb host thoughtfully left helpful little notes all over the apartment anticipating our every need. (“extra blankets in here, just in case you get chilly”, “an extra heater in case you need it”, “bought some groceries for you […]

Ultrashort Bond ETFs

Today I’m going to talk a bit about an asset class I recently started using, which are Ultrashort Bond ETFs. The name makes them sound like something that invests in companies that produce extreme board shorts or something, but it’s actually far more mundane. What are Ultrashorts? Remember that there are two basic asset classes in an investment portfolio: Equity and Fixed Income. Equity generally invests in companies, while fixed income generally invests in bonds. I know there are more esoteric things like Preferred Shares (which we write about here), but let’s keep things simple for this example. When picking […]

Reader Case: Stuck with a Crappy Investment Advisor

It’s Friday, and you know what that means: time for another Reader Case! Today’s contestant is just starting out, but he’s run smack dab into a problem that we all face when attempting to achieve financial independence: the finance industry. Hi FIREcracker, My wife and I discovered your blog and feel that we are in a position to achieve financial independence and early retirement. We’ve traveled the world for six months and want to make it a part-time reality. We’ve read from MMM that you should have 25x your living expenses before you retire. We believe that we could retire […]

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