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Investment Workshop 59: Are Robo-Advisors Compatible With FIRE?

If you’d like to follow along with our Workshop and you’re interested in trying out Robo-Advisors, please click the below banner to open an account. While our Workshop is free, we use affiliate links to support the site so that we can keep offering this for free. Plus, you’ll get your first $10,000 managed for free! Over the past few weeks, we’ve examined Robo-Advisors, what they are, how they work, and we even took one out for a test drive to see what the user experience was like. So today, as we wrap up our Robo-Advisor investigation, let’s try to […]

Reader Case: Grounded in Vancouver and Dreaming of FIRE

Lately FIRECracker’s developed the bad habit of scrolling through our old travel photos (and by “old”, I mean from like 3 months ago). “Hey, cut it out!” I’d say whenever I caught her doing it. “You’re just going to make yourself feel bad.” And then she would look up at me, her lip quivering and a single tear rolling down her cheek. “I want my smokey chicken.” Well, it looks like we’re not the only one feeling this way. Hello FIRECracker and Wanderer, Greetings from here in lockdown Vancouver. Everyone says it’s so nice here, but when you’re stuck inside […]


Hello and welcome back to our FIRE series! In my quest to find out whether FIRE still works in a bear market, I’m interviewing people on different parts of the FIRE journey in our community. Today, I want to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs Chaos, a couple with 4 kids, whom we met at the Greece, Chautauqua. Trying to get to FI is already hard enough, but to do it with 4 kids?! Yikes! Mrs. Chaos is what we refer to in the FIRE community as a “drag along spouse”. Mr. Chaos having just discovered FIRE in early 2018, […]

Reader Case: Financial Independence After a LayOff?

Since we’re no longer travelling, it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of the days. Thankfully Google Calendar was on the ball and reminded me it’s Friday today. You know what that means. It’s time for a reader case!   Hello, I LOVED your book and am a big fan of your philosophy. With the recent pandemic, my company, decided to implement a RIF (Reduction in Force). I was subject to the casualty and after 24 1/2 years with the company, they decided to let me go with a severance package that’ll pay me through the end of November. […]

Real Estate Agent Gets Crushed by Real Estate Math

Yikes, what a week it’s been in the news. It’s never a dull moment these days, is it? And this week is a real kicker. Just as the COVID pandemic made, and broke, the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths in the US, riots are breaking out around the world because of the long-simmering tensions between overly militarized police and Black Americans and people of colour. So I thought I’d give everyone a break from all the divisiveness and nastiness that we’re being bombarded with in the news and allow us all to focus on something that unites us all: Laughing […]

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