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How to Withdraw From Your Portfolio In Retirement

This year, we did our first ever portfolio withdrawal. It’s been a wild few years to say the least. In the first year of our retirement, the oil crash of 2015 happened which screwed our portfolio over and forced us to execute one of our backup plans: eating into our cash cushion. Then in 2016 things recovered as an Obama-led economic recovery took hold and ushered us all into an era of safe, stable prosperity. Then Trump got elected. Which briefly made the Dow plunge 500 points, but then inexplicably, start going up. And up and up it’s gone. Against […]

How to be on FIRE in Brazil

So the other day an email popped up into my perpetually-exploding inbox, and it read: I’m a huge fan of your blog. Unfortunately it’s only in English and our Brazilian community in majority don’t speak the language. I’d like to request your permission to use translated parts of great posts like this Please please please…that will be so useful for our small but growing FIRE community in Brazil !!! We’ll give M-R the credits and link to your post for sure! Thank you so much! To which my response was: There’s a FIRE community in Brazil?!? Turns out: yeah! There’s […]

Let’s Go Exploring! Zakopane: Are We In Poland or the Canadian Rockies?

What can walk 10kms, use their own hiking poles, without whining, bitching or complaining? Little Polish kids. That’s right. Specifically, tiny Polish kids as young as 6-years-old, happily trotting alongside us. My feet were starting to blister, I was sweating, and it seemed like I’d been walking forever, but I didn’t see a single kid complain. Most kids I know would’ve been screaming bloody murder by now. Turns out the Poles hike so often with their kids, the kids even have their own hiking poles. I had no idea that in Zakopane Poland, hiking is basically a national sport. We […]

Investment Workshop 53: Wrapping It Up

Hello again and welcome back to the Millennial Revolution Investment Workshop! New readers, please click here to start from the beginning. Yeesh, has it been a year already? And Holy Shit, WHAT a year it’s been. A completely topsy-turvy presidential election, repeated attempts (and failures) to kill Obamacare, 3 devastating hurricanes, and that’s just in US news. When we started this Workshop we were sitting on a beach in Cambodia, and now we’re sitting in a coffee shop in the Frozen North. Through it all, we’ve been posting these Investment Workshop articles, and slowly but steadily built up an investment […]

Don’t Let Fun Hold You Back

I recently read an article on BudgetsAreSexy called “the Triad of Hustling”. To summarize, the Triad of Hustling is something J.Money came up with when he was on the verge of burning out. With too many projects to choose from and limited hours in the day, he decided that he was going to evaluate projects based on these 3 criteria: 1) Time 2) Money 3) Fun If the project didn’t take up too much time, made lots of money, and was fun, he would work on it. Otherwise, forget it. What I like about this criterion is that it let’s […]

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